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About Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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                                            Lalbagh-Botanical Garden

                           240 acres of sprawling garden, Never Ending Peace.


Location-              Lalbagh, Bangalore.
Timings-               6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Entry fee-              Free for walkers.
                              INR 20(above 12 years old)

Camera Charges- INR 50

Lalbagh-botanical Garden is one of the oldest gardens and one of the major tourist attractions in India. This never peace is due to the unique process of its kind, with glasshouse, planned routes, and ornamental flowers that have been growing properly throughout the property. This idea was planned by our famous majestic ruler Hyder Ali and was initiated by his son Tipu-Sultan. Many exotic flowers were planted and trees were imported from different countries like Arabia, France, Persia, etc...This is the first historical place where we can witness different flowers that are never seen in India. Trees that are imported by the Tipu sultan over 100 years back are still growing in this place. Apart from these, Many rare birds like Myna, herons, moorhen, Brahminy kites, parakeets, common egret stands as a great attraction on this site.
                                              One of the oldest rocks, gneissic rock(approx 3000 million years old) found in the center of the garden makes this place unique. The flower show at the garden during National days like Independence Day and Republic Day stands for the attraction from all over the world. The concept of horticulture is cultivated and promoted in this garden under the protection of the Directorate of Horticulture.


This garden is referred to as Rose Garden till 1858, the initiation of Hyder Ali was inspired by his father Dilawar Khan who is passionate about the garden setting. The figure for the Lalbagh thought was taken from Sira which is 120km away from Lalbagh.The garden area enlarged from 45 acres to 75acres(extended 30 acres)in 1874 ,then 165 acres in 1891.The foundation for glassdoor was laid by John Cameron in the year 1898 from the image of London's Crystal Palace. The watchtower on the old rock was built by Kempegowda, the founder of Bengaluru who is also passionate about nature.

         Thanks to the efforts of these legends who gave us a rare and beautiful garden.

The layout of this art::
 240 acres of this garden has lots of species in it. Even from medieval times, it has exported rare species and care takes from this generation are still including many different species to this flourishing plant collection.As this place was inaugurated during the Mughals, it reflects their astonishing art and a well-sorted planned irrigation system. The garden is planned with such an irrigation system that water reaches every pond, pool, floral, and lawn. More than this, every tree and plant has a label providing information, can be identified easily.


Unique spots in this garden engage you the whole day with lots of knowledge and peace. Floral Clock welcomes you to the garden standing at the entrance of the park. You get amazed with the 20 million-year-old coniferous tree(a tree fossil). Glass Hose, a magnificent piece of glass art. A lecture hall where horticulture classes were held during the old days. You can also have fun with Deer paddock, Aviary, Lalbagh House, Lalbagh West Gate Gaurd Room, Lalbagh Lake, and the directorate building. A Museum with a wide variety of artifacts, pigeon house, Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar Statue amuses you. An aquarium building with lots of interesting illusions of water life can be found. Apart from these, They also share knowledge by offering you courses in post-harvest technology, horticulture training, ikebana classes, Bonsai, and mushroom cultivation.

Tips for visiting::

1. Four gates are available for the flower show to enter.
2.Online ticket booking availability for the flower show.
3. Cloakroom availability. Disposal bottles are not allowed.


Lalbagh Botanical Garden Address

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Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


Lalbagh Botanical Garden Timings

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Day Timing
Monday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday 9am–6pm
Sunday 9am–6pm

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Entry Ticket Price

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Adult Entry Fee: 25.00 per person
Child Entry Fee: NA
Foreign Nationals Fee: NA

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