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About Yaganti Temple

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Yaganti,in the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh in India, is a mainstream vacationer site that is acclaimed for its Sri Yagantiswamy Temple, which is committed to Lord Shiva and is the ideal method to get a vibe of the Andhra Pradesh the travel industry. The temple talks significantly about our rich culture and conventions even today. Yaganti houses the symbol of Shiva and Parvathi, called Ardhanareeswara. This captivating icon is cut out of a solitary stone and is a magnificent symbol of the divinities to see. The celebration of Maha Shiv Ratri which falls around October or November every year is commended with extraordinary grandeur and show at the sanctuary. Travelers and particularly lovers of Lord Shiva run to the sanctuary in colossal numbers amid this time.


Additionally known by the name of Uma Maheshwara Temple, the antiquated Sri Yagantiswamy sanctuary goes back to the fifth and sixth hundreds of years. The development of the sanctuary was finished effectively with the commitments from Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and Vijayanagara rulers. The temple additionally got a critical commitment from Vijayanagara Kings Harihara and Bukka Rayalu, who are credited with having completed the development of a few conspicuous structures in and around the sanctuary.


There is an intriguing truth about the Nandi symbol, which local people put stock in. It is trusted that there is a perpetual increment of the Nandi symbol. There is likewise a logical clarification behind it which expresses that the stone with which it is fabricated has an innate property of developing and the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has built up that it grows 1 inch like clockwork. The visit to Yaganti is very captivating for visitors and which demonstrates why it is a noteworthy vacation destination. Vacationers can visit the Yaganti sanctuary either from Kurnool or from the scandalous Belum Caves.


Yaganti Temple Address

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Temple Gopuram, Yaganti Rd, Yaganti, Andhra Pradesh 518124


Yaganti Temple Timings

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Day Timing
Monday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Tuesday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Wednesday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Thursday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Friday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Saturday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M
Sunday 6:00 A.M To 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M To 8:00 P.M

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Adult Entry Fee: 0.00 per person
Child Entry Fee: NA
Foreign Nationals Fee: NA

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