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Ananthagiri Hills Haritha Valley View Resort Price, Address, Contact Number, Amenities

Complete Details of Telangana Tourism's Ananthagiri Hills Haritha Valley View Resort

Haritha Valley View Resorts is a branch of Haritha Hotels on the hill in Ananthagiri Hills.It has rooms with all the essential amenities and is suitable for devotees to freshen up before reaching the Anantha Padma Nabha Swamy Temple. This resort is surrounded by greenery on the hills which is attractive with a fountain at the entrance and a play area for children. The open space around the resort is quite beautiful and the view from the hill is fascinating.


The Valley View Resort is situated at62Q6+ GPW, Guest Houses Path, Anantagiri, Anantagir Mountain Range, Andhra Pradesh 535145.


The AC Suite rooms, AC Standard rooms and Executive Suite AC rooms are the rooms available in a total number of 30 rooms. These rooms have a starting price of Rs. 3,100 per AC executive room, R.1500 per AC Standard room and Rs.5000 per Executive Suite AC room. 

Persons Per Room

A maximum capacity of 2 adults and 2 children can be there per room.


 The check-in and check-out times are standard in this hotel. The check-in must be done at 1200 PM and the check-out must be done at 1100 AM.


Reach out to us at 9811872515 for booking rooms and for any other queries like room availability and hotel facilities.


The Haritha Valley View Resorts has a restaurant, laundry, parking space, games room, kitchen, a swimming pool and rooms with air-conditioners, LED TVs and comfortable mattresses.


These are the photos of the resort for a view of rooms, facilities and outer view.

Famous Places Near Haritha Valley View Resort

Parks, Temples, River and Lakes are the places to be visited near the resort.

  • Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple - 1.6 km

  • Ananthagiri Hills - 1.8 km

  • Bugga Ramalyam - 6.9 km


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