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How To Reach Ramoji Film City From Hyderabad Airport

Modes To Reach Ramoji Film City From Hyderabad Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is at a distance of 40 km from Ramoji Film City, and it takes 41 minutes of journey time. There are multiple modes of transportation to travel to the film city. 

Reach Ramoji Film City From Airport by Bus

  • There are no direct buses from Hyderabad Airport to Ramoji Film City. You should travel by changing multiple buses. Firstly, you have to move on to the Shamshabad bus stop from Airport. At the bus stop pick up the 251 B bus and drop off at Koti Women’s College bus stop. After that, take the 207 bus from Koti Women’s College to Ramoji Film City. 
  • You can also travel up to L.B. Nagar and move on to the film city.

Book Airport To Ramoji Film City

Reach Ramoji Film City From Airport by Car

  • You can take a taxi to the film city at a fare starting from Rs.900 to Rs.1100 and takes 36 min for the journey time.
  • You can book a cab from online booking apps like UBER, OLA & RAPIDO. They are also providing rental cabs. You can also avail of that service. The rides are having a fare of around Rs.1000 to Rs.1800. The rental cabs are at a price of Rs.1600 to Rs.3000. 

Reach Ramoji Film City From Airport by Metro Train

  • You can have a journey to Ramoji Film City by metro train. The nearest Metro Station to Hyderabad Airport is Shamshabad metro station. The nearest metro station to Ramoji Film City is L.B. Nagar metro station.
  • You can shift from Shamshabad metro station to L.B. Nagar metro station. Later on, you can take a taxi or a bike or a bus from L.B. Nagar to the film city. 

Reach Ramoji Film City From Airport by Pushpak

The Telangana Government introduced a bus from Shamshabad Airport called Airport Pushpak. It will go up to L.B. Nagar, the nearest bus stop from Ramoji Film City. The bus departs from the Airport. From that stage, you can change to another bus to the film city. Otherwise, you can book other modes of transport.

The bus and Airport Pushpak services are easy ways to reach Ramoji film city from Hyderabad airport. But, you need to wait to board the bus and need to wait to board the return bus at the end of the day as well. If you hire a taxi you need to hire one forward journey and another for return journey as per the tour ending time.

Solve all these hurdles by booking our Ramoji film city transportation package. In this package, we provide a vehicle for to and fro transportation i.e, from Hyderabad airport to film city and back to Hyderabad airport from film city after the tour ends. There should be a minimum 10 passengers in the vehicle to avail this package. Now there’s no need to shift transportation or to wait for the transportation, and it will be a safe and pleasant journey.


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