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How To Reach Ayodhya By Train From Hyderabad

Guide To Reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir From Hyderabad By Train

Ayodhya is the recent celebration across the country because of the successful establishment of Bala Ram Mandir. There is a huge crowd filled with devotees visiting this recently built popular shrine. Devotees from all over the country are paying a visit here. To reach Ayodhya there are multiple transportation options from every state. Devotees from Hyderabad can also commute to Ayodhya easily as well by train transportation. This article will show you the detailed information of how to reach Ayodhya by train from Hyderabad.

Guide To Reach Ayodhya Ram Mandir By Train From Hyderabad

There is a train to Ayodhya from Kacheguda railway station(Hyderabad) and is the only train from Hyderabad. This train boards from Yeshwantpur and travels up to Gorakhpur. It is called the YPR-GKP Express with the train number 15024 and has 28 halt stations.

To board this train, you have to reach Kacheguda railway station from your boarding points. After dropping the train at Ayodhya Dham Jn railway station, you need to take an auto rickshaw to reach the Shri Ram Janm Bhoomi Mandir (Ayodhya Bala Ram Mandir) which is situated at the closest distance of around 1.3 KM from the station and it takes just 5 minutes to reach.

It arrives at Kacheguda in the morning at around 10:40 AM, halts for 10 minutes and departs at 10:50 AM. The journey lasts for around 29 hours and 34 minutes. It drops at Ayodhya Cantt railway station at 3:35 PM the next evening. Later it drops at Ayodhya Dham jn railway station, which is the nearest station to the Bal Rama mandir at around 4:24 PM. For instance, if you board the train at Kacheguda on Friday morning, you will drop off the train at Ayodhya on Saturday evening.

Hyderabad To Ayodhya Train Ticket Price

The YPR GKP Express(15024) has sleeper, AC 3 tier, AC 2 tier and AC First Class coaches. 

  • The sleeper coach has a ticket price of Rs.680 per person
  • The 3-tier AC coach has a ticket price of Rs.1810 per person
  • The 2-tier AC coach has a ticket price of Rs.2625 per person
  • The First Class AC coach has a ticket price of Rs.4470 per person

Children above 12 years are considered adults and will have full ticket fare as the adult fare. Children whose age is between 5 to 12 years will have the half ticket fare that is half of the adult fare. Children below 5 years old will be carried free. They don’t require a ticket.

This way of reaching Ayodhya goes through an unassisted tour if you are going to visit the temple for the first time as you will not have any idea about the place or language. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at times. As Ayodhya is so far from Hyderabad, it takes time for the journey. So, it is a good decision to visit the nearby popular shrines along with the Ayodhya temple. All this is possible by booking a tour package to Ayodhya and nearby temples. We are operating a Ayodhya tour package from Hyderabad by train. This tour drives you to the temple visits like Konark sun temple, Puri Jagannath temple, Gaya Vishnu Pada temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Kashi Vishalakshi temple, Annapurna Devi temple, Ganga Aarti seva, Ayodhya Ram Janma Bhoomi, evening Aarati at Sarayu river and Triveni Sangam. We ensure food, accommodation and round trip transportation in our package. Cover all these popular places at a time with our tour schedule and enjoy your vacation visiting multiple places through our single Punya Kshetra Yatra package.


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