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Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Price, Address, Contact Number, Photos, Amenities

Complete Details of Telangana Tourism's Haritha Hotel Jannaram

Haritha Eco Resort is one of the best Haritha Hotels in Jannaram which is an ideal destination for tourists visiting attractions nearby. This hotel is surrounded by greenery and near Tiger Reserve. The hotel has attractive statues at the entrance and plants along the pathway. It offers a friendly reception with a huge parking space. It provides all the essential amenities along with a play area for children and cottage rooms.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Address

The Haritha Hotel Jannaram can be found at 4XFX+2F8, Jannaram Adilabalad, Telangana 504205.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Price

The AC rooms, non-AC Cottages, non-AC Dormitory 6 bedded rooms and non-AC rooms in this resort are with the availability in a total of 15 rooms. The room price of AC rooms starts from Rs.1450 per room, non-AC rooms price starts from Rs.950 per room, non-AC Cottage rooms price starts from Rs.950 per room and non-AC Dormitory 6 bedded rooms price starts from Rs. 1600 per room.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Persons Per Room

The AC rooms, non-AC rooms and non-AC cottage rooms have a maximum capacity of 2 adults and 2 children per room. Whereas, the non-AC Dormitory 6-bedded rooms have a maximum capacity of 6 adults and 2 children per room.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Timings

The check-in time and check-out time are standard here. The check-in is scheduled for 1100 AM and the check-out time is set for 1000 AM.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Contact Number

You can kindly reach us at 9811872515 to book rooms and to clarify your queries about room availability or facilities in the hotel.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Amenities

The Haritha Eco Tourism Hotel has facilities like a restaurant, restrooms, a car parking space and a play area for children. Whereas, the rooms have a dressing mirror, windows with an outer view, attached bathrooms, comfortable beds and a seating area with two chairs and a table.

Jannaram Haritha Resort & Hotel Photos

You can view the photos of the Haritha Eco Resort for a glance here. 

Famous Places Near Haritha Eco Resort

Jannaram Haritha Eco Resort has a rehabilitation centre and a sanctuary nearby. 

  • Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary or Tiger Reserve - 350 m
  • Deer Park or Deer Rehabilitation Center - 2.2 Km


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