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Movie Theatres in Hyderabad


100 Best Theatres in Hyderabad

The theater is a community type of compelling artwork that utilizes live entertainers, regularly performing artists or on-screen characters, to show the experience of a genuine or envisioned occasion before a live group of onlookers in an explicit place, frequently a phase. The entertainers may convey this experience to the crowd through blends of motion, discourse, melody, music, and move. Components of workmanship, for example, painted landscape and stagecraft, for example, lighting are utilized to improve the physical, nearness and quickness of the experience.

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List of Theatres in Hyderabad 

  1. Imax Prasad Cinemas
  2. AMB Cinemas (Sharath City mall)
  3. PVR Cinemas Hyderabad Central Mall 
  4. Cine Planet Multiplex
  5. Asian Cinesquare Multiplex Sree Hemadurga Mall
  6. Asian Cinemas M Cube Mall
  7. INOX GVK One Mall
  8. PVR Cinemas Forum Sujana Mall
  9. Tivoli Cine Complex
  10. Asian Laxmikala Cinepride
  11. Asian Cinemas Radhika Mall 
  12. Cinepolis Mantra Mall
  13. PVR Play House (Next Galleria Mall) 
  14. Talluri Cine Complex
  15. PVR RK Cineplex 
  16. PVR ICON (Hyderabad Next Galleria Mall) 
  17. Carnival Cinemas
  18. Cinepolis CCPL Mall 
  19. PVR Cinemas Inorbit Mall
  20. SVC Cinemas
  21. Asian Cine Town 
  22. Cinepolis Manjeera Trinity Mall 
  23. Asian GPR Multiplex
  24. Cinepolis Sudha Cinemas
  25. Big Cinemas, Ameerpet
  26. Sheesh mahal Cinema Hall
  27. Gokul Cinema Hall 70mm 
  28. Sensation Insomnia Cinema Hall 
  29. Vimal Cinema Hall
  30. Sri Ramulu Cinema Hall
  31. Vijetha Cinema Hall 70 Mm
  32. Sri Sai Pooja Theatre
  33. Amba Cinema Hall 70MM 
  34. Galaxy Cinema Hall 70 MM
  35. Prashant Cinema Hall 70 MM
  36. Manju Cinema Hall 70 Mm
  37. Kalyani Movie Max Cinema Hall 
  38. Priya Cinema Hall
  39. Anjali Movie Max
  40. Glory Cinema Hall 
  41. Rajeshwar Cinema Hall  
  42. Manju Theatre  
  43. Mukta Ramakrishna A2 cinemas  
  44. Santosh Cinema Hall  
  45. Sandhya Cinema Hall  
  46. Shanti Cinema Hall  
  47. Br Hitech Cinema Hall 
  48. Sapna Cinema Hall 
  49. Sudarshan Cinema Hall  
  50. Sandhya Cinema Hall  
  51. Devi Cinema Hall  
  52. Indra Cinemas Ramakrishna Cinema Hall 
  53. Sri Sairaja Cinema Hall 
  54. Sapthagiri Cinema Hall  
  55. Sree Mayuri Cinema Hall  
  56. Asian Jyothi Cinema Hall  
  57. Alankar Cinema Hall 70 Mm  
  58. Sridevi Cinema Hall 
  59. Ranga Cinema Hall
  60. Tarakarama Cinema Hall 
  61. Kumar Cinema Hall 70mm  
  62. Venkataramana Megaplex   
  63. Suresh Cinema Hall  
  64. Krishna Cinema Hall  
  65. Aaradhana Cinema Hall  
  66. Sree Ramana Cinema Hall  
  67. Bhujanga Cinema Hall 
  68. Metro Cinema 
  69. Sree Rama Cinema Hall  
  70. Vishwanath Cinema Hall  
  71. Asian Gpr Multiplex  
  72. Shiva Parvathi Cinema Hall 
  73. Arjun Cinema Hall 70mm 869     
  74. Sri Sairam Cinema Hall    
  75. Sree Ramana Cinema Hall  
  76. Yakut Mahal Cinema Hall  
  77. Bramaramba Cinema Hall 
  78. Narthaki Cinema Hall  
  79. Mallikarjuna Cinema Hall 
  80. Raghavendra Cine Complex 
  81. Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Cineplex 
  82. Vyjayanthi Cinema Hall  
  83. Megha Cinema Hall 
  84. Konark Cinema Hall  
  85. Venkatadri Cinema Hall  
  86. Shama Cinema Hall  
  87. Asian Ganga  
  88. Miraj Shalini Shivani Cinema Hall     
  89. Yadagiri Cinema Hall 
  90. SVC Cinemas   
  91. Asian Cine Town  
  92. Srilatha Cinema Hall 
  93. Sridevi Cinema Hall  
  94. SVC Cinemas  
  95. Jyothi Cinema Hall 
  96. Sai Ranga Cinema Hall  
  97. Sri Sai Pooja Cinema Hall  
  98. Sharada Cinema Hall  
  99. Asian Cinemas Radhika Mall  
  100. Satyam Theatres

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