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Telangana Temple Tour

Telangana Temple Tour

Telangana Temple Tour

Sanctuary is a structure held for religious or otherworldly customs and exercises, for example, supplication and forfeit. It is regularly utilized for such structures having a place with all beliefs where a progressively explicit term, for example, church, mosque or synagogue isn't commonly utilized in English. These incorporate Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism among religions with numerous cutting edge adherents, and additionally other antiquated religions, for example, Ancient Egyptian religion.

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Telangana Temple Tour Fare Details:

A/c/Hi-Tech/Mini Coach:

  • Adult: Rs.2299/-
  • Child: Rs.1839/-

Non A/C:

  • Adult: Rs.1999/-
  • Child: Rs.1599/-


  • Adult: Rs.2499/-
  • Child: Rs.1999/-


  • Child -  5 to 12 Years Except
  • with Transport & Non A/C Accommodation only.

Cancellation Policies:

  • Less Than 24 Hrs. No Refund/No Postponement/No Cancellation.
  • Between 24 Hrs and 48 Hrs.50% On Other Facilities deducted.
  • More Than 48Hrs.Rs.100% On Tours & 10% On Other Facilities deducted.
  • Full Postponement/preponement Only Once. Further No Postponement/ No Preponement/No Cancellation.


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