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In this 1 Day Local Hyderabad Sight Seeing package, we will cover 10 best tourism places in Hyderabad in a Single day. This Tour will begin from morning 9 A.M at Birla Mandir (Birla Temple) Followed by residual spots. What's more, visit will be ended by 6:30 or 7:00 PM at NTR Gardens (or may other place depending on the circumstances.)


Note 1 : Friday Tour won't be Available.

Below are the places covered in this tour:
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Places Availability

S.No Place Condition
1 Birla Temple Will cover all 6 days
2 Golconda Fort Will cover all 6 days
3 Salarjung Museum Will cover all 6 days
4 H.E.H Nizam Museum Will cover all 6 days
5 Charminar Drive through only & view from outside only
6 Sudha Cars Museum Will cover all 6 days
7 N.T.R Gardens Will cover all 6 days
8 Lumbini Park Drive through only & vew from outside only
9 Hussain Sagar Drive through only& vew from outside only
Note: If any Place is not Open due to Festival (or any reason), Please co-operate with Tour Operator(Guide) Book Now