Sudha Cars Museum, Hyderabad

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About Sudha Cars Museum:

Sudha Cars Museum located in Hyderabad is an automobile museum where you can see all the wacky and crazy cars popular across the world. Sudha cars Museum is the brain child of Mr. Sudhakar who is famous for Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest Tricycle for the first time ever in the world. Besides, being discovering the worl’s largest Tricycle he also created the world’s smallest train with a capacity of 10 people and 19 feet long in 20 days. His journey started when he created his first ‘simple Rider bike’ at the age of 15 years and his museum have a huge collection of vintage cars, creative vehicles, Train with its compartments in the jewelry shapes, cars in the shapes of handbags, lipsticks and you can experience some very creative and crazy collection of vehicles at the museum. The Museum stands out for its genius knowledge and creativity.

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