Chennai City Tour

Chennai City Tour



Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is home to Fort St. George, built in 1644 and now a museum showcasing the city’s roots as a British military garrison and East India Company trading outpost, when it was called Madras. Religious sites include Kapaleeshwarar Temple, adorned with carved and painted gods, and St. Mary’s, a 17th-century Anglican church.


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Famous Tourist Places in Chennai :


Golden Temple,Sripuram :


The Golden Temple was built in a short span of 7 years. It was inaugurated on August 24, 2007. The consecration ceremony was witnessed by thousands of devotees. Since then, the temple has attracted hundreds of thousands of devotees; often breaching the 1 lakh mark on special occasions. The temple has also changed the face of  Thiruamalaikodi village and the nearby town - Vellore. In the coming years, the temple envisages to create a positive influence on the society and ultimately bring about a change.


Golden Temple Timings  :  4:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M


Mahabalipuram Temple :


The Mahabalipuram History is two thousand years old. It was the port city of South Indian dynasty of Pallavas during 7th century. The Pallavas ruled Mahabalipuram from 3rd century to 9th century. Located 60 km south of Chennai this town is enriched with a number of heritage monuments. These historic monuments were constructed during the 7th and 9th centuries, and have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. During the early 18th century Mahabalipuram grew as the pilgrimage center, now a days it has become the favorite place of tourists where they get relaxation and enjoy sea bathing. At a nearby place from here it has an atomic plant.


Mahabalipuram Temple Timings : 6:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M 


Time Required  : 1-2 hrs. 

Mahabalipuram Temple Entry Fee : 


  • Indians : Rs.10/-
  • Foreigners : Rs.340/-
  • Children (below 15 years) : Free. 


Kanchipuram Temple :


Kanchi Kamakshi temple is situated at about 5 acres of land and has four entrances. The main entrance of the temple has a Kalabhairavar deity on its left and the Mahishasura Mardini deity on the right. On the centre of the entrance you can see a huge Dwajasthampa. Moving further to the entrance of the Kamakshi deity you can see a Vinayaga deity. Moving on a straight line further, Goddess Kamakshi is visible. Goddess Kamakshi is surrounded by deities of Ayyapan, Saraswati, Annaporani and Adisankaracharya on its outer prakaram. The Goddess also has Varahi, Arupalakshmi Kalvarperumal (one of the 108 Divya Desam of Vaishanavities), Roopalakshmi and Arthanariswarar deities surrounding the sanctorum of Goddess on its Gayatri Mandapam. There is Santhanasthampam inside the prakaram of Goddess which is called the Nabisthan of the Goddess. There is a Srichakra Yantra (Sri Kamakoti Peetam) established by Jagadguru Sri Adisankaracharya in front of the Goddess deity. There is also a temple tank inside the premises. Kamakshi temple has a close relation with the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and its successive Sankarcharyas. The temple has a gallery of Adisankarcharya's Life history inside the temple premises itself. Goddess Kamakshi is the main deity and the temple is one of the fifty one Shakti peetas. The temple is spelled as Nabisthana - Ottiyana peetam. The temple also has a golden Gopuram on the sanctorum of the Goddess Kamakshi deity which is visible to all devotees.

Kanchipuram Temple Timings :  5:30 A.M  to  12:15 P.M - Afternoon closed - 4:00 P.M to 8:15 P.M


Kanchipuram Temple Entry Fee :  Free


Marina Beach :


Marina Beach is a natural urban beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, along the Bay of Bengal. The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south, a distance of 6.0 km, making it the longest natural urban beach in the country.


Marina Beach Timings : 24 Hours


Marina Beach Entry Fee : Free



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Elliot's Beach :


Elliot's Beach is located in Besant Nagar, Chennai, India. It forms the end-point of the Marina Beach shore, and is named after Edward Elliot, onetime chief magistrate and superintendent of police, Madras. It has the Velankanni Church and the Ashtalakshmi Kovil nearby In the colonial era, it was a fairly exclusive place limited to white people. As of 2016, there are many restaurants near the beach.


Marina Beach Timings : 24 Hours


Marina Beach Entry Fee : Free


Arunachala Temple :


Arunachala refers to the holy hill at Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. The hill is also known by the names Arunagiri, Annamalai Hill, Arunachalam, Arunai, Sonagiri and Sonachalam.

It is one of the five main shaivite holy places in South India.The Annamalaiyar Temple, a temple of Lord Shiva is located at the base of the hill. Every year in the Tamil month of Karthigai,the Karthigai Deepam (Light) is lit atop the hill.

It is also an important place for devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi, with Sri Ramana Ashram situated at its foothills.


Arunachala Temple Darshan Timings ‎:  ‎5:00 A.M to 9:30 P.M    


Sri Parthasarathy Temple :


The Parthasarathy Swamy Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams, is said to have been renovated by a King of Pallava dynasty. "Brindaranya" is the traditional Puranic name of Thiru-Alli-Keni now known as Thiruvallikeni or modern Triplicane. It is said that for at least five thousand years, it has been a resting place for pilgrims who had come down from Thirupathy to have a bath in the sea on the days of Solar and Lunar Eclipses and on other auspicious days it being in a direct line to Thirupathy, Thiruthani and Trivellore and the route being free from swamps.


Sri Parthasarathy Temple Timings : 5.50 A.M To 9:00 P.M    


Sri Parthasarathy Temple Entry Fee : Free


Kapiliswarar Temple :


One of the sacred shrines in Tamil Nadu is Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore, in Chennai City.It is a Siva Temple, and the name of the Lord is ARULMIGU KAPALEESWARAR. The name of the Goddess is ARULMIGU KARPAGAMBAL.It is a loverly temple with a Stately Spire or ‘Gopuram’ as it is called. There is a big tank on its West. The temple and the tank are surrounded by Broad streets on the four sides. The view of the temple and the tank is picturesque.Mylapore is on the sea coast and the shore is away by half a mile of thickly populated residential area.


Kapiliswarar Temple timings : 05:00 A.m To 09:00 P.M


Kapiliswarar Temple entry fee : Free


San Thome Cathedral Basilica :


San Thome Basilica is a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Santhome, in the city of Chennai, India. It was built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, over the tomb of Saint Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. In 1893, it was rebuilt as a church with the status of a cathedral by the British. 


San Thome Cathedral Basilica timings : 6:00 A.M –9:00 P.M


Govt. Museum :


Government Museum or Madras Museum is a museum of human history and culture located in the neighbourhood of Egmore in Chennai, India. Started in 1851, it is the second oldest museum in India after the Indian Museum in Kolkata. It is particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections. It has the largest collection of Roman antiquities outside Europe. Among them, the colossal Museum Theatre is one of the most impressive.The National Art Gallery is also present in the museum premises. Built in Indo-Saracenic style, it houses rare works of artists like Raja Ravi Varma.


Govt. Museum Timings : 9:30 A.M –5:00 P.M


Friday Closed


Govt. Museum Entry Fee :



  • Adults - Rs.15/- 
  • Child (below 12y)-Rs.10/-
  • Rs. 5 (Students and teachers in group with prior permission) 
  • adults (Foreigners) : Rs.250/-
  • child (Foreigners) : Rs.125/-
  • Rs.75/- (Students and teachers in group with prior permission) 
  • Camera Fee: Rs.200/- (still photography), 
  • Rs 500 (video camera)

Valluvar Kottam Temple :


Valluvar Kottam was built in the year 1976 to honour the great classical Tamil poet and saint Tiruvalluvar who wrote the famous Thirukkural. Three thousand stone blocks were used to create this memorial. All the 133 chapters of his work Thirukkural have been inscribed in the front hall corridor. 

A life-sized statue of the poet is mounted inside the monument which has been built in the shape of a temple chariot (39 meter high). The place also boasts of a huge auditorium which can accommodate around 4000 people and is believed to be the largest auditorium in Asia.


Valluvar Kottam Temple Timings :   8 A.M to 6 P.M


Valluvar Kottam Temple  : closed on Fridays and Public Holidays.


Duration Time   :   1-2 Hours


Valluvar Kottam Temple Entry Fee :


  • Adult - Rs.3/- per Person
  • Children - Rs.2/-


 Vadapalani Murugan Temple :


Vadapalani Andavar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is located in Vadapalani, Chennai.It was renovated in the 1920s and a Rajagopuram was built during that time. The temple has grown in popularity, which is believed to be in part due to the patronage of cinema stars.

Vadapalani Murugan Temple Timings : 


The gates of the temple are open from 5:00 A.M till 12:00 P.M and again from 4:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M every day.


Vadapalani Murugan Temple Entry Fee :   Free


V.G.P. Golden Beach :


VGP Golden beach is one of the most sought-after destinations in the area by family and friends. This beach is a part of the VGP Universal Kingdom, which is a famous amusement park and lies on the East Coast Road. This mesmerising beach is an appealing part of the Bay of Bengal, with its smooth and silver sand situated on Marina, the second longest beach in the world. The surging waves of the beach and the swaying wind are like music to ears adding to the charm and beauty of this place. The place is also regarded as safe for one to indulge in the act of bathing and swimming in the fresh water shower. Due to its pristine beauty and picturesque landscape this beach is highly preferred by the masses and is also used as a shooting location for movies frequently.


Monday to Friday - 10.00 A.M to 6.30 P.M 


Saturdays and Sundays - 10.00 A.M to 7.30 P.M

Madras Light House :


The Madras Light House is a lighthouse facing the Bay of Bengal on the east coast of the Indian Subcontinent. It is a famous landmark on the Marina Beach in Chennai, India. It was built by the East Coast Constructions and Industries in 1976 replacing the old lighthouse in the northern direction.


Madras Light House Opening Days :  Tuesday - Saturday


Madras Light House :  closed on Monday


Madras Light House Timings : 10 A.M To 1:00 P.M  and 3:00 P.M – 6:00 P.M


Thousand Lights Mosque :


Thousand Lights is a multi-domed mosque in Anna Salai in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is one of the largest mosques in the country and is a revered place of worship and azadari for Shia


Thousand Lights Mosque timings : 05:30 AM to 8:30 PM


Thousand Lights Mosque Entry fee : Free


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