ISKON Temple in Hyderabad

ISKON Temple in Hyderabad

ISKON is known all over for being some of the most beautiful, active, spiritual and religious centers in the country. One such ISKON temple can be found in the Nampally region in Hyderabad. The main deity in the temple is Lord Krishna. One can also see idols of Sri Gaura-Nitai, Sri Jagannatha Baladeva-Subhadra and Sri Radha Madana-Mohana. The temple carries out programs of Pujas and Aartis every day while on Sundays, special programs are organized.

The architecture of this temple is magnificent. The steps of the temple have various halts that lead to further ends of the temple. By side, there are shops and beautiful fountains add to the spirituality of this shrine. Inside the shrine, the sight of idols makes one muse over the godly world. Draped with rich clothes and jewelry, the idols are decked with great delicacy and care. In the center hall, one can always hear the heavenly tune of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Many devotional lectures and addresses are arranged for the benefit and spiritual nerve of devotees. 
Also known as Sri Sri Radha-Madana-Mohana temple at Nampally Station Road this temple serve everyone as a center of the cultural, spiritual, educational and social activities given to raise the lives of people here. The followers hold sessions in institutes, corporates, etc., to teach the techniques of spiritualizing daily life.


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