Kanipakam Temple

Kanipakam Temple

About Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple :

Sri Swayambhu Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy in Kanipakm, Chittoor Dt, Andhra Pradesh. Foundation Story of Kanipakam Temple: Temple is situated in a little town called Kanipakam.

History Of Kanipakam Temple :


Kanipakam is a little town on the bank of Bahuda River.


"Kani" implies wetland and "Pakam" implies stream of water into wetland. As indicated by the legend of the sanctuary there were three siblings and every one had an impair. Viz., Dumb, Deaf and Blind. They were acquiring out their employment by developing a little real estate parcel.


In bygone days water was drawn from the well by method for 'Piccota System'. As one of them used to flood the field through the channels, the other two used to employ on the Piccota. On one such task they found that the water in the well got evaporated and they could never again proceed with their activity. One of them got into the well and began uncovering it. He was shocked see the iron execute hitting a stone like development.


Afterward, he was stunned to see blood overflowing out from it. Inside in almost no time the whole water in the all around, turned crimson in shading. Hence, startled by this perfect sight, all the three wound up ordinary disposing of their disfigurements. When the villagers came to think about this supernatural occurrence, they thronged to the well and attempted to develop the well further. Yet, their endeavor demonstrated purposeless on the grounds that the 'swayambhu' icon (oneself showed) of Lord Vinayaka rose up out of the twirling waters.


At last they offered many number of coconuts with all supplications humility stooping before the new symbol manage "MAGALHARATHI" and so forth. They announced the perfect of "SWAYAMBHU" and offered number of coconuts. The coconuts water streamed into the channel to a separation of mutiple and a quarter sections of land. The sign of this prompted the adjustment in the use of the Tamil word "KANIPARAKAM" and later articulated as KANIPAKAM. Indeed, even today the icon is in the first well and the springs of the well are enduring and the interminable. Amid the stormy season, the sacred water from the well floods even today.


Another striking and interesting element of the icon is that it is as yet developing in size. At present, we can see the knees and the midriff of the symbol. Smt. Lakshmamma, an enthusiastic fan had offered a 'Kavacham' (Armor) to the Lord, fifty years back however today it is out of size and doesn't fit the icon. The blessed water from the well is offered to the lovers as theertham.


The legend behind Bahuda River 


Long prior there lived two siblings Sankha and Likhita. They were on a journey to Kanipakam. As the adventure was tiring, the more youthful sibling Likhita felt hungry. Slighting the guidance of the senior sibling he culled a mango from the mango forest. Sankha felt terrible and revealed this to the leader of that zone and argued for discipline for the wrongdoing submitted amid the journey. Along these lines Likhita was rebuffed seriously being denied of the two arms.


Later they cleaned up in the stream close Kanipakam sanctuary. Lo Behold! The hacked arms were reestablished to Likhita when he had a plunge in the hallowed waters of the stream. These occurrences lead the ruler to rename the stream as 'Bahuda' (Bahu implies human arm). Accordingly the waterway next to Kanipakam sanctuary is currently known as 'Bahuda River'.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka as up-holder of 'Truth'


The swayambhu symbol of Kanipakam is the up-holder of truth. Everyday debate between individuals is settled by taking a 'unique promise'. The general population in the debate take a heavenly plunge in the sanctuary tank and swear before the ruler. It is fully believed.


There are occasions when the individual who submitted that transgression willfully concurs when he had the plunge and much before entering the sanctuary itself. It appears the Lord gardens imperceptibly on the miscreant and influences him to apologize and feel remorseful for his evil deeds.


In this way the brilliance of Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka spread far and wide and the decent courts maintain the 'extraordinary promise' in their legal professions.


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Kanipakam Temple Darshan Timings :


Seva Darshan Timings
Suprabatham, Binduteerthaabishekham  4.00 A.M to 5.00 A.M
Nijaroopa Darshanam 5.00 A.M To 5.30 A.M
Special Abhishekam 5.30 A.M To 6:00 A.M
Sarva Darshanam  6:00 A.M To 7:30 A.M
Ksheerabhishekam  7:30 A.M to 8:00 A.M
Sarva Darshanam 8.00 A.M To 9.00 A.M
Special Abhishekam 9.00 A.M To 10:00 A.M
Sarva Darshanam  10:00 A.M To 11:00 A.M
Special Abhishekam 11:00 A.M To  12:00 P.M
Sarva Darshanam  12:00 P.M To 4:30 P.M
Nijaroopa Darshanam 4:30 P.M to 5.00 P.M
Pramanaalu 5.00 P.M to 5:30 P.M 
Suddi (cleaning) 5:30 P.M To 5:45 P.M 
Ksheerabhishekam  5:45 P.M To 06:15 P.M
Maha Harathi 06:15 P.M To 6:45 P.M
Sarva Darshanam 6:45 P.M To 9:00 P.M
Ekantha Seva  9:00 P.M To 9:30 P.M


Other Temples Darshan Timimgs :


Sri Manikanteswara Samy Devasthanam(Shivalayam)


Darshan& Sevas Timings Ticket Price
Suprabatham 5.00 A.M to 5.30 A.M Rs 25/- (Per Head)
Abishekam 5:30 A.M to 6:00 A.M


The devotees will be given 1 seshavastram and 5 laddus. Devotees should get the pooja samagri

Prodoshakala pooja        -----


This is done twice a month that is day before Pournami and day before Amavashya. One person or couple allowed

Pournami pooja    --- Rs.50/-
Rudra Homam ---- 


 ( One person or couple allowed )

Chandi Homam ----


 ( One person or couple allowed )

MahaHarathi ---


  (one person is allowed)

Archana ---


 ( one person is allowed )

Kumkuma Arachana ---


( One person or couple allowed. The devotees will be given 1 blouse piece and 2 laddus )

Sarpa Dosha Pooja ---


 ( One person or couple allowed )


Sri VaradaRajaSwamy Devasthanam


Darshan& Sevas Timings  Ticket Price
Suprabatha Seva  5.00 A.M to 5.30 A.M


(One person will be allowed)

Sahasranamarchana 5.30 A.M to 6.00 A.M


 ( This is done on everyday except on Thursday)

Thomalaseva  6.30 A.M to 7.00 A.M


 ( This is done Only on Thursdays.One person will be allowed)

NityaKalyanam  Everyday 10.30 A.M Onwards


( 2 persons will be allowed. The Devotees will be given 5 laddus and 250 gm pulihora )

Snapana Thirumanjanam Every Fridays


( One person or couple will be allowed. The Devotees will be given 5 laddus and 250 gm pulihora)

SudarshanHomam 7.00 A.M to 8.00 A.M


(One person or couple will be allowed )

Sri Satyanarayan Swamy Vari Vratham Between 9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon


(One person or couple will be allowed)

MahaHarathi ---- Rs.25/-
Archana ---- Rs.5/-



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How To Reach Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple :

1. APSRTC Runs Direct Buses to Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple,Which is About 70km From Tirupati.

2. Even Devotees Can Reach Kanipaka Vinayaka Temple Fron Chitoor is 12km

3. Trains are Available From Tirupati Chitoor But with less Frequently and Chitoor Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple is Easily Reachable

4. Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple Opening Timings 4:00 A.M To 9:30 P.M


Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple Address :


Sri Swayambu Varasidhi Vinayakaswamy 
Vari Devasthanam,
Kanipakam, Irala Mandal
Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh


Google Map :




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