Paigah Tombs Hyderabad

Paigah Tombs Hyderabad


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Paigah Tombs or Maqhbara Shams al-Umara, are the tombs belonging to the nobility of Paigah family, who were fierce loyalists of the Nizams, served as statespeople, philanthropists and generals under and alongside them. The Paigah tombs are among the major wonders of Hyderabad State which known for their architectural excellence as shown in their laid mosaic tiles and craftsmanship work. The Paigah's necropolis is located in a quiet neighbourhood 4 km southeast of Charminar Hyderabad, at Pisal banda suburb., down a small lane across from Owasi Hospital near Santosh Nagar. These tombs are made out of lime and mortar with beautiful inlaid marble carvings. These tombs are 200 years old which represent the final resting places of several generations of the Paigah Nobles.


At first, Paigah Tombs may look deserted and totally uncared for, but on a closer look you will find the place quite enthralling. With marvelous carvings and motifs in floral designs and inlaid mosaic tile-works, the tombs are exquisite to walk around. The tombs and their walls are delicately carved and enclosed in pierced marble facades, some of them in rows and some with beautifully carved screens and canopies.


The place is easily approachable and is set amidst a labyrinth of concrete houses built around the 30 acres of property in which the tombs are nestled. They are almost obscure and a marvelous piece of artistry in marble lost in time. The Indo-Islamic architecture is a mix of both the Asaf Jahi and the Rajputana styles of architecture. You will also see décor in fabulous stucco work, representing the Mughal, Persian and Deccan style too. The geometrical designs with their perforated screens are unique in their make and craftsmanship.


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Paigah Tombs Entry Fee


No Fee

Paigah Tombs Hyderabad Timings 


Monday         :    10.00 A.M   To    5.00 P.M  

Tuesday         :    10.00 A.M   To    5.00 P.M 


wednesday     :    10.00 A.M   To   5.00 P.M 


Thursday        :    10.00 A.M   To   5.00 P.M 


Friday             :    10.00 A.M   To   5.00 P.M 


Saturday         :    10.00 A.M   To   5.00 P.M 


Sunday           :    10.00 A.M   To   5.00 P.M 


Paigah Tombs Contact Number :


1800 4254 6464


Paigah Tombs Address :


Qalender Nagar Rd, 
Santosh Nagar, Kanchan Bagh, 
Hyderabad, Telangana 500059.



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