Patala Ganga

Patala Ganga

About Patala Ganga :


Close to the Srisailam Mallikarjuna Temple is the Patala Ganga, the sacrosanct place in the backwaters of River Krishna. The guests visit the Patala Ganga to take a dunk in the blessed water of River Krishna. For the guests to get into the water and shield them from the solid power of the waterway, the place gives steps and iron chains.


This place gives you a diagram of the wide supply and the glorious mountains secured with the greenary of the Nallamala woods. It is the best place for the best perspectives of River Krishna. Topographically, it is situated behind the Srisailam Dam and the conduits can be seen from that point.


You can take a drifting ride to Akkamahadevi caverns from that point. Other than sculling, other real exercises incorporate the ropeway. The ropeway works from the Haritha Hotel to reach Patala Ganga. It is an amazing background.


A few pioneers scrub down in River Krishna at Pathala Ganga before visiting the god of Srisailam Temple. Around 500 stages from the Hanuman Temple (Haritha Hotel) should be trekked down to reach Pathala Ganga. A rope way is worked from Haritha Hotel (Rope route focus) to reach Pathala Ganga. Taking the rope way is one of a kind involvement with stunning perspectives of the backwaters of Srisailam Dam and the encompassing slopes. The ventured pathway to Pathala Ganga was built by Reddy King Prolaya Vema Reddy in fourteenth century.


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Patala Ganga Rope way Timings : 6 A.M to 5: 30 P.M.


Patala Ganga Rope way Cost :


  • Adult - Rs. 50/- (two ways)
  • Child - Rs. 35/- (two ways).


Boating is also available at Pathala Ganga and the duration is usually around 20 minutes. Boating here is a pleasant experience.

Speed boats are also available (duration - 5 minutes).


Patala Ganga  Speed Boats Cost :


  • Adult - Rs. 50/-
  • Child - Rs. 35/-


Patala Ganga  Speed Boats Boating Timings :  9 A.M to 5 P.M.


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