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AS Peta Dargah is situated around 60 km from Nellore city. This is an antiquated dargah otherwise called Khaja Rahamatulla Dargah is visited by individuals of all religions from various parts of the nation. Urs is commended each year in the midst of a substantial number of devotees.Khaja Rahamatulla Dargah, A.S.Peta (Anuma Samudram Peta) This antiquated dargah is situated at around 60 KM from Nellore city. It is one of the interesting spots where Hindus and Muslims mix together and remain as an outline of National honesty. Enthusiasts from various parts of the nation visit this place without refinement. The fancy work of the vault is prominent. Consistently Urusu is commended where vast number of lovers accumulate here for endowments.

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