About Aarni

Aarni has been depicted as a cutting edge metal band from Finland, which comprises principally of Master Warjomaa and, at times, some session performers. Albeit numerous sources guarantee the presence of other band individuals, these might be anecdotal characters and incorporate a French include brought into the world the seventeenth century,a animation character with a T-shirt with Aarni's logo and an elderly person. 

Aarni's music bears similitudes to burial service fate metal and has at times likenesses to people metal.Their style has been depicted as relatively universal fate metallish Lovecraftian-Jungian Kalevala cutting edge music. The band themselves once in a while utilize the term Chthonic Musick. The verses of Aarni incorporate fluctuated topics, for example, Finnish legends, transhumanism, Lovecraft, agnosticism, parapsychology, psychoanalytical speculations and folklore. The verses have been sung in English, Finnish, Latin, and periodically in Enochian, Ancient Egyptian, Ouranian Barbaric, Swedish, and Glossolalic.

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