About Ahobilam

Ahobilam is situated in the Kurnool area of Andhra Pradesh in the midst of the extraordinary slopes of the Eastern Ghats extend. It is here that the Supreme Personality of Godhead embodied Himself as Lord Narasimha to murder the evil spirit Hiranyakashipu and spare His incredible enthusiast Prahlada. This is one of the real journey focuses in South India and is one among the 108 divya-deshams. 

The whole Eastern Ghats run is contrasted with Sri Adi Sesha – the incredible snake bed of Lord Vishnu.The Brahmanda Purana expresses that Ahobilam was the royal residence of the evil spirit ruler Hiranyakashipu who was executed by the Lord. Over a time of quite a while, this royal residence changed over itself into a mountain. 

At the point when the Supreme Lord embodied as Lord Narasimhadev – the half-lion and half-man, he tore separated Hiranyakashipu into pieces. Seeing this superb side interest, the mythical beings applauded Lord Narasimhadev as 'ahobala' signifying 'the extraordinary quality'. 

Another significance of ahobilam is 'superb give in', a collapse which Garuda thought and accomplished the gifts of the Lord. 

So as to have darshan of Lord Narasimhadev, Garuda mulled over one of the mountains in the Nallamallai slopes run for a large number of years. Being satisfied by his reflection, the Lord showed Himself in a buckle adjacent. Garuda was then educated about the area of this give in. He came to here and had darshan of the Lord. He revered the Lord with the chose stanzas and in the wake of having darshan of the Lord and having loved Him, Garuda viewed himself as favored and hence this place came to be known as Ahobilam. The mountain on which Garuda performed starknesses came to be known as Garudachala, Garudadri and Garudashailam.

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