About Ammapattinam

Ammapattinam is a seaside town in Pudukkottai area of Tamil Nadu, India with an only Tamil-speaking Muslim populace. 

There are two fundamental boulevards called "South" and "North" which each have various augmentations and satellite villas. Muslims dwelling in the south road and its expansions and villas are supporters of the Hanafi school of Islamic law; the individuals who live in the north road and its augmentations and villages are devotees of the Shafii school of Islamic law. Albeit both communicate in Tamil, they endlessly vary in custom. They are for the most part customary Muslims. Thowheed Jamat is making progress in the two roads, generally among yougsters. Thowheed Jamat has its own mosque situated in the north road.

As opposed to different towns in this territory, there is no film theater, no alcohol shop and no cash moneylenders. Until the ongoing past, even the police required Jamath's authorization to enter the boulevards of this town. Excepting a couple of social abnormalities, this general public is for the most part quiet. Ladies have a separated existence and don't wander out amid the day without a male gatekeeper. Luckily, nowadays young ladies also are permitted to be instructed. Prior, most guys' training was constrained. The ongoing age is set apart with change, and the greater part are graduating. 

South and North roads alongside Avudyarpattinam have its own Jamath board of trustees which regulates Waqf properties and resolves minor debate among them. Relatively 75% individuals are occupied with the basic need business in and around previous composite Thanjavur area. These days, they go far away to Cumbum in Theni area and Sathiyamangalam in Erode region..

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