About Ammapattinam

Ammapattinam is a coastal village in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu, India with an exclusively Tamil-speaking Muslim population.

There are two main streets called "South" and "North" which each have a number of extensions and satellite hamlets. Muslims residing in the south street and its extensions and hamlets are followers of the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence; those who live in the north street and its extensions and hamlets are followers of the Shafii school of Islamic jurisprudence. Although both speak Tamil, they vastly differ in custom. They are mostly orthodox Muslims. Thowheed Jamat is gaining ground in both streets, mostly among yougsters. Thowheed Jamat has its own mosque located in the north street. There are seven mosques: three for Hanafi, three for Shafii and one for Thowheed Jamat.

In contrast to other villages in this province, there is no cinema theater, no liquor shop and no money lenders. Until the recent past, even the police required Jamath's permission to enter the streets of this village. Barring one or two social aberrations, this society is mostly peaceful. Women lead a secluded life and do not venture out during the day without a male guardian. Fortunately, these days girls too are allowed to be educated. Earlier, most males' education was limited. The recent generation is marked with change, and almost more than half are graduating.

South and North streets along with Avudyarpattinam have its own Jamath committee which administers Waqf properties and resolves minor disputes among them. Almost 75% people are engaged in the grocery business in and around former composite Thanjavur district. Nowadays, they go far away to Cumbum in Theni district and Sathiyamangalam in Erode district..

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