Cafe Mondegar, Mumbai

Cafe Mondegar

Cafe Mondegar (a.k.a. Café Mondegar and Mondy's) is amongst the first (along with Leopold Cafe) and most iconic restaurant and bars in Mumbai, India. Cafe Mondegar is the first restaurant in Mumbai to house a jukebox.

The restaurant is a popular landmark and touristic attraction of Mumbai. Famous Indian cartoonist and painter Mario Miranda painted murals (his cartoons) on all inner walls and entrance ceiling of the restaurant. 

History :

Cafe Mondegar was started in 1932 by Iranian Zoroastrians (Parsi settlers in India) as an Irani café. The current building (Metro House), then housed a hotel called Apollo Hotel and the café was started in the reception area of the hotel. By the mid 20th century, the café introduced a jukebox, (first in Mumbai) and was simultaneously converted into a restaurant. By the 1990s, Cafe Mondegar was refurbished, Mario Miranda's murals were painted on the walls & ceiling, and the restaurant was converted into a bar. Café is owned by Yazdegardi family and Rusi Yazdegardi / Hoshang Yazdegardi are the Managing partners of the business.