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Destination Weddings in Ramoji Film City

The best way to celebrate your wedding day is here!

Destination Weddings in Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is famous for being the most expensive wedding destinations in India. Ramoji Film City with the biggest film studio in the world has set up the thematic wedding sets, Filmy weddings, Royal Weddings that make your most memorable day, even more, brighter and more colorful with the most beautiful sets which you never dreamt of a destination wedding

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Ramoji Film City, the largest studio in the world is the perfect landmark for the Destination wedding and will blow your mind with its variant of Wedding venues in the studio. It is located in Hayathnagar with various means of transport from every part of the city. Wedding in Hyderabad is so luxurious with the thematic destination wedding venues in Ramoji Film City, be it Bollowyset, Royal wedding set or outdoor sets you dream wedding planners can make your dream come true. Ramoji Film City brings you variant wedding themes as Limelight, Mughal Gardens for Big fat wedding capable for more than 2500 people, Sun Fountain, South Town. Thematic sets like Maharaj and Maharani, Badshah and Begum in Hawa Mahal, customized location sets and many more. Ramoji Film City is a perfect venue for the grand and rich royal weddings.

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Thematic Wedding Services

perfect venue to make your wedding dream

Thematic Wedding Services

1. Maharaja and Maharani in a Period Set

If you want your dream wedding to be more royal and experience how Maharajas and Maharanis would get married in ancient times, we have got you the thematic wedding plan with the perfect royal wedding sets to make you feel and get treated as Raja and Rani tying the knot in the Palace to start their new life with the royal wedding bells. This the perfect venue to make your wedding dream come true with splendid lovely moments to remember forever.

2. Hero and Heroine in Bollywood Night

Many couples always have a dream to get married in a filmy style and feel to be their favorite Hero and Heroine. Yes, Ramoji Film City wedding has designed you the romantic filmy sets and the bride and bridegrooms are dolled up as their famous and favorite Hero and Heroines in the dreamy night lightings and Bollywood songs playing in the background while you tie the knot with your loved ones to make your big day the memorable one!

3. Shehzaada and Mallika

Get treated as the Royal Nawab of the Mughal Era and praise your Mallika with the enchanted Royal sets at the wedding. Revive the culture of Mughals and Royalness while you walk through the red carpets as your mistresses welcome you along the way showering with beautiful roses. Enjoy the treat of your Royal Wedding and shower the happiness and love to your life partners. Your dream of Royal Mughal Wedding destination comes alive with wedding at Ramoji Film City.

4. Chandragupta and Chandramukhi Wedding

Most of the 90s kids' favorite history series was Chandragupta and Chandramukhi whose love story got imprinted on everyone's childhood. If you are one of the couples to get dressed in Chandragupta and Chandramukhi Royal attires and honor your big day with the recreation of the epic Chandragupta and Chandramukhi wedding set to be your destination wedding in Ramoji Film City. Ramoji Film City Destination wedding package cost benefits you if you book the set in prior.

5. Badshah and Begum in Hawa Mahal

The epic love story of Badshah and Begum is still heard everywhere in the city of Hyderabad and the heritage is passed to generations in a majestic way of spreading the love! Celebrate your wedding as a Badshah and Begum in Hawa Mahal and spread the love to the world honoring the glory of the Mughal era.

6. The Village Theme

Getting to the roots of our authentic Indian Culture and tying the knot in the ambiance of beautiful Marigold flower decors and serving the guests with authentic food recipes in a banana leaf with love is the most beautiful thing you can do on your wedding. A beautiful wedding destination at Ramoji Film City will set up the most beautiful and authentic village theme with traditional Indian attire the wedding stage decorated with flowers and Mango leaves that brings out the beauty of our culture at your destination wedding.

7. State-Wise Theme

State-Wise Theme is a popular theme to celebrate your dream wedding at Ramoji Film City. It is a privilege for every couple to get married in their State theme following the rituals and traditions of their State. The forbidden tradition of any state will become live with the thematic set of the state. Beautifully representing the attires of your state, mark the date of your wedding at Ramoji Film City.

8. Customized Theme:

You dream it, we make it! Ramoji Film City has the best designers in the world to create your imaginary world to reality. Many customized themes are made according to customer needs and like to satisfy them on their wedding.


Dream Venues

Perfect venue to celebrate your wedding

Ramoji Film City Dream Venues

1. Limelight:

All set high to celebrate your wedding at Ramoji Film City in the Limelight. Open vast gardens dressed up with manmade gardens and fountains, carved lawns, beautiful green landscapes, Limelight is the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding in the breezy fresh air of the Limelight. Honor the big day with the memories to spread the love of your entire life.

2. Mughal Gardens:

Mughal Gardens in Ramoji Film City is the perfect venue for destination marriage to celebrate your special day with the Gardens hitched up with Royal Mughal sets bringing out the era of the Mughal empire. As per the saying, Marriages are made in Heaven, wedding at Ramoji Film City on the sets of Mughal Gardens will make you feel the same to carry your memorable moments throughout life!

3. Sun Fountain

Sun Fountain in Ramoji Film City is the perfect option for outdoor weddings in the heart of nature with beautiful landscapes, carved gardens. Sun Fountain with the horses in the middle of the gardens will stay as the highlight of the wedding and is a prop to capture pictures at the wedding. Book the place and make your special day even more special at Ramoji Film City.

4. South Town

The mood of colors mixed with the ambiance of the Southern-style designed Town along with the well built small houses exactly created as to get the perfect South Town set to live as seen in the south movies. Couples who fantasize about the filmy sets of the south town, this set is a goal for you to celebrate the most important day in your life with your loved ones at Ramoji Film City.

5. Big Hall:

Big Hall decorated with illuminated lights, decorated with the grand lights and lawns is the perfect venue for destination weddings. The hall accommodates a huge number of guests with a separate dining area with the best themes and the red carpet entries of the bride and groom is an eyeful experience for the guests. Wedding house decorations are done in a grand way according to the sets designed for the couple.

6. Customized Locations:

Life has many desires, it's a human thing, one among them is to celebrate your wedding in an extravagant way that dreamt of. Wedding planners at Ramoji Film City will bring your fantasies to come alive with their creativity. Be it the glorious Golconda set or the symbol of love Taj Mahal or the Jaipur Palace, we plan to make your special the most memorable in everyone’s life.


Wedding Services at Ramoji Film City

The first thing to do to plan a wedding

Wedding Services at Ramoji Film City

1. The Face of Marriage:

India is the place of traditions and emotions where marriage is given utmost importance. The first thing to do to plan a wedding is to invite guests and that is the face of the marriage and we bring the most out of your emotions carried in the most beautiful way on a card. We are best in bringing the traditions wrapped in a card to the modern way of invitations, we ensure to make your wedding cards speak your emotions.

2. On a Joy Ride:

We provide a group of vehicles for the easy move in the ceremonies throughout the Film City and we also have the services to offer travel throughout the country with the best facilities.

3. Let the Relationship Bloom:

Flowers are the symbol of celebrations be it marriage or festival. We have all the varieties of flowers bought from different parts of the world on the eve of your special day. On your big day, let the epitome of the flower enhance the beauty of your wedding and fill the air with the magical essence of flowers. We also have flower artists to make the floral decorations in a big way to enchant the surroundings with the flowers.

4. The Spa Centre

Weddings are not only to have the joy but it brings a lot of anxiety and stress to the couple as it is very common for everyone to face once in life. Do not worry, we have the best spas to relax you and calm your stress to make you feel glowy at your wedding. Get indulged in the best treatments of spas to soothe your anxieties to enjoy the dream wedding to the fullest.

5. Customized Save the Date Cards

To make sure you want to witness your loved ones attend your wedding with your life partner, we have created the best save the date cards to ensure your loved ones do not forget the date of your wedding and make you more happy with their presence!

6. Trousseau Packing:

Weddings mean a lot of shopping, gifts, sweets, and savories sent to their lovely daughters during the time of her farewell from the home. Our Trousseau experts have the well presented packing ideas to make your daughter's gifts even more special sent to her new home!


Food Fiesta at Ramoji Film City

The customized menu at Film City

Food Fiesta

Food has an important part to play in Indian weddings to make a strong bond between the two families with the delicious food served by the bride's family to the bridegroom will always be the special one at the wedding. Our experience specialized in international and national cuisines serves the guests with mouthwatering food. The customized menu at Film City wedding will mesmerize you with the names for instance, ‘Tina bua ka dal tadka’ is a dish that gives magical taste and the divine drinks served here will make you enjoy the feast. 

Wedding at Ramoji Film City is famous for the thematic culinary and cutlery services. The presentation of the food is more important along with the taste. Indulge in the delicacies of the Royal wedding having delights of the menu

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