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Holiday Carnival in Ramoji Film City

Make your mark at the grand feast of Ramoji film city

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Holiday Carnival in Ramoji Film City

Holiday Carnival in Ramoji Film City is always a grand feast that draws an infinite number of people to the enchanted event of the Film City. People from different parts of the world visit Ramoji Film City. 

Ramoji Film City has curated an indulgence of a grand event of the festive year, the crackles of Holiday Carnival are heard in every corner of the Film City in the hot summer. You can resist yourself from freaking out in excitement when you glimpse the hues of dancing troops, running riots, flashy dances, breathtaking stunt shows will raise your excitement level this summer to beat the heat. From the video games and thrilling rides, from fundustan to bird parks Summer Carnival is more special to set up the unexplored fun and magic for kids. 

Ramoji Film City draws thousands of visitors every day throughout the Summer Carnival with amazing offerings and spectacular stay suites for the special treat of its guests from all over the world. Especially the Restaurants inside the Ramoji Film City gives u the best stay with all modern amenities and delicious cuisine to indulge in is the best add on who visits Ramoji Film City Tour for Summer Carnival to fill their summer holidays with the unlimited joyous moments spent during the Holiday Carnival.

Evenings in Ramoji Film City will make you astonish as if you are Alice in Wonderland, the city filled with so many bright lights, decorations as the carnival parade begins your mood accentuates seeing the graceful dancers making moments, stilt walkers, live performances and stunt shows will raise the bars of most memorable and joyous moments in the film city. 

Viewing the action cinema sets live in the studio is a mesmerizing feel to experience is the hottest happening of summers. You always feel the magic is alive here and all the shows and happenings you view are true to existence despite your mind feels it is the illusion happening around us to take us to a magical world.

This summer as the temperature increase and so the Holiday Carnival is getting more brighter and merrier than ever to enchant its visitors to the sky with the illuminated film city getting ready with the impressive live shows, breathtaking stunt shows, not to exaggerate but the sound and light show will definitely lift up your mood to spend more time in the film city of wonders. The flashy lights and live music with full sound on will make you go crazy and step up with the gracious dancers dressed up in vibrant colored costumes that will brighten up this season of hotness. Gardens are lightened up with the beautiful string lights crafted in the shape of trees and you can wander in the streets of film city to view the most amazing live shows and flash dances.

Do not procrastinate to book your slot of excitement for this spectacular and splendid Summer Holiday Carnival happening in the season of this year with huge fun and entertainment. Check out some amazing stay packages in the film city and can also book your slots for the precise Summer Carnival to make the most out of the joyous moments in the Carnival parades.

Special Carnival Shows at Ramoji Film City

S.No Show Location Timings
1 Rajasthani Drummers & Dance Hawa Mahal Every 20 Mins
2 Geisha Dance (Japanese) Japanese Gardens Every 20 Mins
3 Telangana Singidi Dance Askari Garden Every 20 Mins
4 Manipuri Dance Discovery Pond Every 20 Mins
5 Mock Shoot Princess Street/ Railway Station Every 20 Mins
6 Live Stage Show Eureka Fort 5:45pm to 7:00pm
7 International Performance Eureka Plaza / Alampana Theater  
8 Carnival Parade Sun Fountain / Angel Fountain 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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