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Light and Sound Show at Ramoji Film City

An extraordinary show!

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Light and Sound Show at Ramoji Film City

What are you crazy about? Flashlights or full-on sound? What if you have a chance to get both, yes, Ramoji Film City brings you the extravagant Light and Sound Show at Ramoji Film City. In the early winters, where the fog in the air gently passes your hair and the cool breezes welcomes you to the most beautiful time of year to experience the astonishing Diwali Celebrations at Ramoji Film City.

Visit Ramoji Film City with your family and loved ones to take this Diwali festivity to another level of celebrations with this great chance to take part in the incredible Carnival atmosphere filled with festive air to celebrate auspicious Diwali with Light and Sound Show as the evening turns the entire Film City into a fairy-tale as you get to glimpse the fireworks swashing in the air with amazing neon colors and the spluttering uproars of the band round the Film City will make you go crazy in the carnival night.

The streets of the city dazzled up with bright fairy lights and you will be mesmerized to watch the staggering carnival parade with crazy uproars, DJ’s remixing beats to raise your pulse beats and the grandeur show will make you fall short of words to praise!

Diwali at Ramoji Film City is always an incredible moment of celebration for decades with all the grandeur revelry and you never get a feel of missing home celebrations of the festival. With all the colorful lights, running riots in grace, the DJ’s music will ensure you make most of the fun in the light and sound show. All the stunning sets in the Film City including the giant Bahubali Set is lit with the fairy lights as if you are in a wonderland bringing life to the sets will leave you awestruck.

The Carnival Parade happening in the evening after the lights are lit is a praiseworthy experience in everyone’s life. It is a dream living moment watching the colored themes spluttering in the air, high-hatted stilt walkers entertaining people with their live acts and the jugglers gracefully balancing multiple objects in the air, clowns with their funny live acts continuously make you giggle the entire show. All you can in the show is the colorful spectacles displaying live acts with amazing uproars, music, and dances that will surely draw your attention to the great carnival light and sound show.

You should not be in a delay to visit Ramoji Film City in this peak time as the eve of Diwali shines the entire city and people visit the place from different parts of the world during this time to experience the incredible shows happening in the world’s largest film studio, while every kid and adult make their own space for finding their joyous moments of celebration.

Ramoji Film City has made all arrangements to doll up the incredible studio to accommodate its gracious guests all over the world offering amazing stay packages, star packages, offers and accompanied by various 5star and 3star Hotels at Ramoji Film City and budget accommodations for its guests. Extended visit hours is an amazing opportunity offered especially at this time is a cherry on the cake!

Believe it or not, the fun and entertainment you experience is always a memory worth taking home carrying the unstoppable joy you had here in the sets of Carnival light and sound shows.

Here up we have a small announcement to peeps who can’t make to be at Ramoji Film City for Diwali, there is another golden chance awaiting you to celebrate the new year in an astonishing with all the grand arrangments set to celebrate the most electrifying New Year Party to lit your party mood with the terrific sets at Ramoji Film City.

Come visit the incredible Ramoji Film City on the eve of this auspicious Diwali to celebrate the festival with the stunning and eternal show in the film city and take eternal memories home with you!

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