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Ramoji Film City Gardens

Get Ready to explore some of the most beautiful Gardens

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Bow to the law of nature exploring its beautiful carvings@Ramoji Gardens

Taking you to the tour of exploring the beauty of mother nature, beautifully crafted and carved gardens in Ramoji Film City. Film City in Hyderabad is the hub for a variety of beautiful gardens that takes nature lovers close to the beauty of Earth. Every garden has its own specialty with lush green landscapes. Let’s hop on to nature’s paradise created by Ramoji Film City.

Askari Garden


The very first exposure to nature is by visiting Askari Gardens, beautiful landscapes surrounded by pleasing weather calms your mind with the view. Perfect scenery occurs when the gloomy weather lets splashes of raindrops fall from the snowy clouds. This Garden has attractive structures of greenery surrounded by various floral plants.

Japanese Garden


To symbolize the peace in humanity, Ramoji Film City has set up the magnificent  Japanese style Garden with the symbolic Pagoda tower situated in the center of the garden is the most iconic place in the garden. Selfie lovers always find this place so dramatic to click a couple of pictures for their Instagram posts. You can relax and spend an ample amount of time in the tower and wander in the landscapes to feel rejuvenated.

Sun Fountain Garden


Take a glimpse of a magnificent view of the gushing fountain architectured in Italian style with the horses drawn from the chariot ready to run in the race. This is the most beautiful place and many people organize outdoor weddings near the fountain and the people take pictures keeping the sun fountain in focus is the best thing to do in Sun Fountain garden. Filled with serene water fountain and beautiful floras blossomed into vibrant colors, Sun Fountain Garden is the must-visit garden in Ramoji Film City.

Mughal Garden


To revive the heritage of Mughals and wander in their gardens, you are so fortunate to make your wish true by visiting Ramoji Film City. Teleport to the Mughal era and live the dream of rich heritage by viewing the colorful plants and carved trees that bring elegance to the film city.

Bonsai Garden


Strolling in these beautiful gardens in the film city you will be amazed to see the Bonsai Gardens amidst the city. A bonsai tree is a creative, little tree grown with thick barks and fully grown leaves with deep roots drown into the pot gives an exceptional view to the visitors. Growing Bonsai trees in an artistic way originated in ancient China and Japan. These Bonsai trees are grown and taken care of by certifies Bonsai experts and many varieties of floral, decorative and fruit trees are found in Bonsai Garden.

Sanctuary Garden


This is the most beautiful yet creative place of all the gardens in Ramoji Film City with beautiful carves grass in the shapes of Elephants, Peacocks, Giraffes, Deers in the green sanctuaries is the spot you can’t wait to view with loads of enthusiasm.

Angel’s Fountain Garden


The last scenic spot of beautiful gardens which tops among all for its iconic fountain gushing out water is the eye-catchy spot of Film City. You will be interested in viewing the beautiful fountain featured in many of your favorite south Indian cinemas. The fountain reminds you of the Roman architecture with the beautiful carvings on the outer view of the fountain surrounded by beautiful floral gardens that make the angel fountain the most fountain.

Leg Garden


Leg Garden in Ramoji Film City is the largest one and has the most beautiful landscapes incorporated with elegant flora in the gardens. Leg Garden is one of the innovative approaches of Ramoji Group to create a unique and magnificent form of an art piece in the mid of the gardens to give a magnificent and creative look to the landscape. This can be seen for the first time in the entire country. The art piece situated in the gardens is intricately carved out of white marble stone and made into a human body lying on the green land, the twist is that the upper half of the human-like sculpture is situated on the other side and the lower side of the sculpture that includes leg is carved in an enormous size and that is the attraction of the gardens.

Puzzle Garden


The idea of creating puzzles by carving bushes is noteworthy and it is the kid’s favorite spot to play in the gardens. The green thick bushes are sculpted in the form a puzzle from sides so that a person enters from one way into the puzzle must reach the center of the green serene puzzle and from the same way have to reach the end of the garden and that’s how the puzzle garden game is designed to attract tourists to have some fun in the middle of the city tour.

Charisma Gardens


As the name denotes, Charisma gardens really hold the real charm of nature and are the most beautiful gardens of Ramoji Film City. Embracing the natural grown green trees with the western gardening style of trees makes the gardens more serene. With the blocks of gardens giving way to the beautiful element of architecture created with stones in the middle of gardens surrounded by the thick green bushes with scented flora is surreal to watch in the gardens. The beautiful part of these gardens is they change colors according to the movie shooting requirements and we can see many SouthIndian movies are shot here. No matter whatever the season it is, charming gardens blossoms throughout the day and year with little care and love from the people. This is the best place to take some fresh breathe in the mid of the gardens and spend ample time with your family. And yes, this is the best place to take selfies for photo freaks!

Make your visit to Ramoji Film City and explore the beauty of nature!

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