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Ramoji Film City Studio Tour

A journey into the land of Cinema

Ramoji Film City Tour - Studio Tour

There exists another world behind the walls of Ramoji studio!

Ramoji Film City the place of wonders renowned as the largest film studio on the entire planet! Thousands of tourists flock to Ramoji Film City and get loads of entertainment, luxurious stay, holiday joy and much more in this magical world of Ramoji Rao, salute to this legendary personality for creating the magnum opus of wonders in India. There are many aesthetic sets you in this land and this is the best adventure vacation for all ages of people.  Ramoji Film City is famous for the huge movie shooting sets that are created in life-size to mesmerize tourists. Take a quick jump into the magical location sets in the Ramoji Studio Tour.

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North Town

To resemble the north part of the country, a beautiful set is created exactly to bring the charm of a typical north state, including the particular colours of the walls, buildings and even the localities every little aspect is considered to bring the exact look of the North-Indian City look. Many Punjabi movies are shot here and tourists are seen in huge crowds during any serial and movie shooting and one of the best sets created in the film studio.

Princess Street

Princess street is the best example of why Ramoji Film City is ranked as the best recreation set in the world. It is the exact mirror image of an international cityscape and gives the feels of an international city. The fabulous London streets with huge mansions in suede colours are beautifully lined in between exotic landscapes is the most visited set in the film city. With the tall buildings elevated in modern architecture brings the charisma of British states

Bhagavatam Set

Remember watching our mythological epic Bhagavatam series telecasted in ETV channel? Well, though it was shot years ago, the management preserved the sets of Bhagavatam and opened it to tourists. Every kid of the 90s now visiting now this set will recollect the hit episodes of the series. The ancient courtyard during the time of Bhagavatam is recreated with the help of professional art designers including all the elements to bring the persona of epic Bhagavatam.

Hawa Mahal 

The iconic attraction of Ramoji Film City in the exotic gardens is the majestic Hawa Mahal. Surrounded by the beautiful greens, flora and the little bushes carved out to create some structures enhances the beauty of Hawa Mahal. Hawa Mahal is sculpted to bring the historical charm in the land of Ramoji with white marble and at the entrance, two beautiful white sculpted elephants welcome you to the iconic mahal. The way to the Hawa mahal is lined up with elevated vintage bright lamps. The fascinating Hawa Mahal is the perfect place to have some splendid joy with family and is also the famous picked choice to celebrate your wedding.

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Railway Station Set

Railway station in the Ramoji Film City has boarded many heroines to their love of life and displayed a happy end card to the movies. The famous Railway station has witnessed many Telugu movies that created a benchmark in Tollywood like Attarintiki Daredi and the famous Bollywood movie Chennai Express scenes have been shot here in the railway sets of Ramoji. You can recreate the scenes of DDLJ and take a bunch of pictures to have fun at the sets.

Central Jail Set

Do you really think our famous stars go to jail to take a single shot in the movies? Well, it is shot in the famous Ramoji film city Central Jail setting. The set is so real and no one actually believes it until they see it in the film city. The entrance of the central jail set is huge and the walls are so high to the reality of the jail. Tourists are taken in the vintage red bus to the set and people really keep watching the sets of central prison and recollect their artists in the favorite blockbuster movies.

Airport Set

The most exciting set for movie shootings in the majestic Ramoji Film City is the Airport set which is undoubtedly a great initiative taken by Ramoji Rao. To bring the exact look of an airport they have used many elements and materials to give the aesthetic look of the airport. You can also witness a few planes and helicopters at the sets and the best part is you can take selfies sitting in the plane and in the locales of the airport set of the Ramoji Film City and you can see passengers in the airport for movie shootings and the entrance of the airport is also created precisely to the reality. Take your tour to the most exciting set of Ramoji Film City Tour!

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