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Bangalore, the name once brought a grin onto anyone's face who had been here previously. The once excellent city, alluded to by such a large number of enconiums, for example, 'Garden City', 'Retired people' Paradise', and so forth is today yet a poor expression of remorse to that memory. In the expressions of Dinesh Nayar and David Ramesh, the advertisers of Utopia, "Bangalore, today, is unquestionably not the city we experienced childhood in!".


Olde Bangalore attempts to re-make a portion of the lethargic polish and laid-back vibe of a time passed by. Set in the magnificently green environs of Utopia, the building blows your mind by its neighborly and inviting straightforwardness, and its innovative utilization of huge, open spaces – all of which appear to admonish its supporters to simply come over and unwind! Planned by engineers, Chitra Vishwanath and Martin, the Olde Bangalore building is a brilliant report in the calming impact of environmental duty in a smashed ocean of consumerist free for all!


All the mud exhumed from the cellar was sun-prepared nearby to wind up the blocks that constructed the vast structure, accordingly saving money on colossal measures of a non-sustainable, non-renewable energy source like Coal. The inventive utilization of open spaces, wide halls and the setting back of western dividers have all gone into guaranteeing that the temperatures in this building never surpass 27-28*C whenever, accordingly deterring the requirement for tons and huge amounts of cooling. Add to that the yearly reap and utilization of lakhs of liters of rain-water alongside the reusing of waste-water (without power) and one starts to see the tremendous conceivable outcomes that hold out seek after our beleagured planet!