GOA with Shirdi Ajanta Ellora by Bharat Gaurav Train from Kolkata
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GOA with Shirdi Ajanta Ellora by Bharat Gaurav Train from Kolkata

About the Tour Package ID: TP0367

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Bestbus provides online booking facility for IRCTC Ltd's organized the "GOA with Shirdi Ajanta Ellora by Bharat Gaurav Train" package, offering travel via the Bharat Gaurav Tourists train in comfortable 3AC and SL classes. This tour package encompasses the mesmerizing Ajanta-Ellora Caves, the sacred destination of Shirdi, and the enchanting sands of South and North Goa. Each of these destinations holds profound spiritual significance and promises a delightful experience for travellers.


  • Duration: 10 Nights/11 Days
  • Tour Date: 13.08.2023 to 23.08.2023
  • Tour Itinerary: Ajanta Caves - Ellora Caves - Shirdi - Goa
  • Train Itinerary: Ajanta Caves - Ellora Caves - Shirdi - Goa
  • Boarding / De boarding Stations: Kolkata - Bandel Jn - Barddhaman - Durgapur - Asansol - Dhanbad - Chandrapura - Bokaro steel city - Muri - Ranchi - Rourkela - Jharsuguda - Raigarh - Champa - Bilaspur - Raipur - Durg - Raj Nandgaon - Gondia - Nagpur.

Destinations and visits covered:

  • Aurangabad: Ajanta Caves
  • Aurangabad: Ellora Caves
  • Shirdi: Shirdi Sai Baba, Shani Shingnapur.
  • Goa: South Goa and North Goa

Different Prices List:

  • Economy (Sleeper Class): 
    • Adult or Child: Rs. 21,050/- per head
  • Standard (3AC): 
    • Adult or Child: Rs. 31,450/- per head
  • Comfort (3AC): 
    • Adult or Child: Rs. 34,500/- per head

NOTE:The seating arrangement will be confirmed one week before departure, and there is no guarantee of being allocated a lower berth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is mandatory for visiting temples and sightseeing monuments. Passengers must carry vaccination certificates either in hard copy or on their phones throughout the tour.


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Fare Details

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Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train Service : EZBG04
Adult: Rs.21050
Child: Rs.21050 ( Child Policy )


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Itinerary of IR-Tours :

Tour Itinerary:

    • Day 1: 13.08.23:
      • Train Boarding from below stations:
        • Kolkata (KOAA): Morning
        • Bandel (BDC): Morning
        • Barddhaman (BWN): Afternoon
        • Durgapur (DGR): Afternoon
        • Asansol (ASN): Afternoon
        • Dhanbad(DHN): Evening
        • Chandrapura (CRP): Evening
        • Bokaro Stl City (BKSC): Evening
        • Muri (MURI): Evening
        • Ranchi (RNC): Night
        • Rourkela (ROU): Night
    • Day 2: 14.08.23:
      • Jharsuguda (JSG): Night
      • Raigarh (RIG): Night
      • Champa (CPH): Early Morning
      • Bilaspur (BSP): Morning
      • Raipur  (R): Morning
      • Durg (DURG): Morning
      • Raj Nandgaon (RJN): Morning
      • Gondia (G): Afternoon
      • Nagpur (NGP): Evening
    • Day 3: 15.08.23:
      • Manmad (MMR): Full Day in in train
    • Day 4: 16.08.23:
      • Aurangabad (AWB): Morning
        • Arive Aurangabad Railway Station. Visit Ajanta cave and Night stay.
        • Visit Ellora Caves. Evening departure to Shirdi.
    • Day 5: 17.08.23:
      • Sainagar Shirdi (SNSI): Early Morning
      • Arrive Shridi. Visit Sai Temple and Shani Singnapur and departure to Vasco-Da-Gama.
    • Day 6: 18.08.23:
      • Vasco da Gama (VSG): Afternoon
      • Arrive Vasco-Da-Gama (VSG) Railway station. Evening enjoy at Mandovi river cruise.  Night stay.
    • Day 7: 19.08.23:
      • Visit North Goa- Aguada fort, Sinquerim beach & Candolim beach, Baga Beach. Night stay.
    • Day 8: 20.08.23:
      • Visit South Goa-Basilca of Bon Jesus Chruch Old Goa, Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Miramar beach.Return departure to Kolkata.
    • Day 9: 21.08.23:
      • Full Day in in train
    • Day 10: 22.08.23:
      • De-boarding the train in below stations:
      • Nagpur (NGP): Early Morning
      • Gondia (G): Morning
      • Raj Nandgaon (RJN): Morning
      • Durg (DURG): Morning
      • Raipur  (R): Afternoon
      • Bilaspur (BSP): Afternoon
      • Champa (CPH): Evening
      • Raigarh (RIG): Evening
      • Jharsuguda (JSG): Night
      • Rourkela (ROU): Night
    • Day 11: 23.08.23
      • Ranchi (RNC): Night
      • Muri (MURI): Night
      • Bokaro Stl City (BKSC): Early Morning
      • Chandrapura (CRP): Morning
      • Dhanbad(DHN): Morning
      • Asansol (ASN): Morning
      • Durgapur (DGR): Morning
      • Barddhaman (BWN): Morning
      • Bandel (BDC): Morning
      • Kolkata (KOAA): Afternoon

                        Tour End with beautiful memories..! 

    Note: The itinerary is subject to change for smooth and timely train operations. Final timings will be determined based on the train order received from the railways.

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Inclusions of IR-Tours :

  • Train Journey, Night Stay, Wash & Change and Transport will be provided as under:
  • Economy:
    • Train Journey by : Sleeper Class
    • Night Stay in budget hotels as per itinerary: Non-AC Rooms as per occupancy
    • Wash & Change in budget hotels as per itinerary: Non-AC rooms on Multi sharing (maximum 4-5 pax per room)
    • Transportation: Non A/c vehicle
  • Standard:
    • Train Journey by : 3AC
    • Night Stay in budget hotels as per itinerary: AC Rooms as per occupancy
    • Wash & Change in budget hotels as per itinerary: Non-AC rooms on Twin/Triple sharing
    • Transportation: Non A/c vehicle
  • Comfort:
    • Train Journey by : 3AC
    • Night Stay in budget hotels as per itinerary: AC Rooms as per occupancy
    • Wash & Change in budget hotels as per itinerary: AC rooms on Twin/Triple sharing
    • Transportation: A/c Vehicle
  • Morning tea, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all meals. 
  • One Non-Veg option will be available at the destination i.e. Aurangabad and Goa.
  • Travel insurance coverage for the passengers.
  • The presence of professional and friendly tour escorts to assist you.
  • Ensured security on the train.
  • Continuous support and assistance from IRCTC Tour Managers throughout the journey..
  • All applicable taxes are included.
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Exclusions of IR-Tours :

  • Meals are provided, but there is no option to choose from a menu.
  • Any requests for room service will incur additional charges.
  • Cost of sightseeing, entrance fees, and local guides are not covered in the itinerary.
  • All tips to drivers, waiters, guides, representatives, and fuel surcharges are not included.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, wines, mineral water, and food or drinks not listed in the regular menus provided by us are not covered.
  • Any items or services not mentioned in the list of inclusions are not included.
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Package timings

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Package Timings of Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train :

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Important Information

Please Read Below Information

  • Mandatory Documents: All guests must carry their Voter ID/Aadhar Card and a Covid-19 final dose certificate.
  • Please note that some hotels in selected locations may not have lift facilities available.
  • The itinerary provided is subject to change or modification based on the smooth and timely running of the train. The final timing will be determined by the train order received from the railways.
  • The operation of the Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train is contingent upon a minimum number of passengers being booked.
  • Under unavoidable circumstances, IRCTC reserves the right to alter the itinerary. Please note that IRCTC is not liable for any natural calamities, strikes, train cancellations, delays, or any other uncontrollable incidents during the tour period.
  • Passengers are advised to undergo a proper medical check-up with their doctor before boarding the train to ensure fitness for travel. IRCTC will not be held responsible for any mishaps or health-related issues, including restlessness, anxiety, breathing problems (for asthmatic individuals), or any other physical ailments. Please note that natural death of passengers is also beyond IRCTC's control.


Please go through the following points to make your journey better and comfortable: 

  1. Install and utilize the Aarogya Setu App, both for staff members and tourists.
  2. It is recommended for tourists to wear face masks and hand gloves.
  3. Practice regular and thorough handwashing with soap for a duration of 40-60 seconds, even when hands appear clean. If soap is unavailable, employ alcohol-based hand sanitizers for a minimum of 20 seconds whenever possible.
  4. Disinfect your luggage upon arrival at the reception or boarding point.
  5. Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  6. Comply with the mandatory health advisories issued by the local administration or the respective states you are visiting.
  7. Minimize the use of other tourists' personal belongings such as phones, water bottles, and umbrellas.
  8. Maintain social distancing during activities like boarding and deboarding trains, visiting monuments and pilgrim places, and group lunches or dinners.
  9. Avoid loitering and overcrowding in train corridors, gates, cabins, hotels, etc.
  10. Spitting is strictly prohibited in trains, tourist places, buses, hotels, etc.
  11. Refrain from touching statues, idols, holy books, etc., in religious or tourist places.
  12. Inside religious establishments, abstain from engaging in physical offerings such as distributing Prasad or sprinkling holy water.
  13. A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is mandatory for visiting temples and sightseeing monuments. Passengers must carry vaccination certificates either in hard copy or on their phones throughout the tour.
  14. It is advised to avoid physical contact while greeting each other.

  Tour Manager

  • The Tour Manager serves as your primary source of information during the tour. It is important to adhere to the guidelines provided by the Tour Manager throughout the trip.

During Train Journey

  • Refrain from pulling the emergency chain without a valid reason, as this is considered a punishable offense.
  • Conserve water and avoid any unnecessary wastage during your journey on the train.
  • Always prioritize safety and never attempt to cross railway tracks. Utilize designated foot over bridges for crossing purposes.


  • Respect local customs and dress appropriately during your visits to various places.
  • Be mindful of the cultural sensitivities and avoid clothing that may offend the local community or visitors.
  • When visiting holy shrines, kindly follow the guidelines and remove your shoes as required.


  • Please ensure that you use polite language and show respect to your fellow passengers on the train and other visitors at the shrines or places you visit.
  • Avoid engaging in rude behaviour or getting involved in arguments with the locals. If you have any concerns or questions, please address them with the Tour Manager.
  • It is important to stay together in groups and adhere to the designated timings provided by the Tour Manager when visiting various locations.
  • Keep in mind that certain places may have restrictions on photography. Please comply with the local regulations to avoid any violations.
  • Kindly note that IRCTC reserves the right to remove any passenger from the tour who is causing disruptions or discord according to their judgment.


  • The provided itinerary may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Kindly adhere to the instructions given by the Tour Manager.
  • IRCTC will not be held liable for any accidents or incidents resulting from negligence or failure to comply with given instructions.

Safety and Security

  • Ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the tour.
  • Remember to bring a Photo Identity Card, such as Voter's ID, Passport, PAN Card, etc., for security purposes.
  • Provide the Tour Manager with the contact information of the person(s) to be reached in case of an emergency.

Places Covered

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Places Covered By IR-Tours :

This Operator does not provided Places Covered information

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