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We are 'Authorised Travel Agents' for Govt.of Telangana Tourism! We are 'Authorised Travel Agents' for Wonderla. So we provide 100% Confirmed Entry Tickets. Bestbus is 100% Safe for Online Transactions!

Book Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Tickets with Bus & Rs. 30 Discount

About the Tour Package ID: TP0003

Book Now is an Authorized Online Booking Travel Agent. We provide Wonderla Entry Tickets for all 3 Wonderla Amusement Parks including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochin. We provide Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Tickets Booking at Same Cost.

Welcome to Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad Entry Tickest Booking:

Wonderla! As the name denotes it is a land of wonders filled with craziness, fun and wonder water rides considering the craziest part of the city. It is located near the Nehru Outer Ring Road, Ravirala, Hyderabad. It’s a place to experience astonishing wonders, breathtaking high-thrill rides and just simply laze around the pools. You’ll be fascinated with the thrilling rides, challenges, and many more wonders! We are offering a reasonable Wonderla Ticket Prices for weekdays and weekends separately.

Important Note: Now Bestbus providing Non-A/C Bus Transportation Facility to Wonderla-Hyderabad Park on weekends i.e every Saturday & Sunday and also providing Cab Services on Daily Basic (means cab available on all 7-days)

How to Book Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Tickets in Bestbus?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Book Now' and Select anyone Wonderla Entry Package and No.of Passengers and Proceed for Payment.
  • Step 2: Fill Passenger details (Only 1 person details enough) and make payment. After Payment, your tickets will be confirmed, and you will get confirmation SMS & Email.
    • Differences B/w Normal & FastRack: In FastRack package, less Queue(Q's) and less waiting time will be there at every Ride whereas for Normal Package you have to wait in queue to take ride. Waiting time will depends on the day crowd.

Why to Book Wonderla Entry Tickets in Bestbus?

  • As we are Authorized Business Associate for Wonderla Amusement Water Parks, you will get 100% genuine tickets and by booking entry online you can avoid the Rush, Long Queues Standing and save time, and also you will have wide range of Payment options like Debit/Credit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallets, QR-Code Scan & pay and more.
  • Entry Tickets price is same for online and direct bookings.

Note 1: To Availing child ticket height should be between 85cm to 140 cm.

Note 2: Senior citizen - Guests over 65 years of age are advised not to visit the park.

Wonderla Amusement Park Timings:

Days Land Rides Water Rides
Weekdays 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Weekends / Holidays 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad Entry Prices:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday): Between 01-Feb-2024 to 31-Mar-2024

  • Normal Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.1349
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1079
  • FastRack Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.2159
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1727

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday): Between 01-Feb-2024 to 31-Mar-2024

  • Normal Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.1349 + 260 = 1609
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1079 + 208 = 1287
  • FastRack Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.2159 + 416 = 2575
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1727 + 332 = 2059

Special Days Like Festival Holidays: Between 01-Feb-2024 to 31-Mar-2024

  • Normal Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.1349 + 260 = 1609
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1079 + 208 = 1287
  • FastRack Package:
    • 1 Adult: Rs.2159 + 416 = 2575
    • 1 Child: Rs. Rs.1727 + 332 = 2059

Note 1: Above, all prices are Inclusive of 18% GST

Note 2: Special Days for Hyderabad Park: 

Note 3: For any School/College Vacations or Corporate Group Bookings(more than 30+), we provide special packages. For more information, contact our customer care.


Important Note: There is NO CANCELLATION/No Prepone/No Postpone for Wonderla Entry Tickets. So please Re-verify Visit Date while booking Entry Tickets.

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Special Discount Coupons!

Findout our Special Discount Coupons!

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Entry Package Coupon Code No.of Persons Discount
Normal Package WNHYD30 1 to 10 pax Rs. 30 / person
Normal Package WNHYD50 11 to 20 pax Rs. 50 / person
Normal Package WNHYD70 21 to 30 pax Rs. 70 / person
Note: You need to 'APPLY' any of the above coupon while making booking. Automatically discounts will not be applied.

Wonderla Entry Packages

Find list of Wonderla Day Tour Packages

Wonderla Entry Tickets
Normal Package
  Normal Entry For All Rides
  All Rides Allowed
  Food Not-Included
  Weekends & Festival Days Price will increase

Adult Price   1349 Including GST
Child Price   1079 Including GST
Child Ticket: Height should be 85 Cms to 140 Cms only
Below 85 Cms No Entry Ticket needed
Wonderla Entry Tickets Booking
  FastRack Entry For Rides
  All Rides Allowed
  Food Not-Included
  Weekends & Festival Days Price will increase

Adult Price   2159 Including GST
Child Price   1727 Including GST
Child Ticket: Height should be 85 Cms to 140 Cms only
Below 85 Cms No Entry Ticket needed


Take a glimpse of how we planned your tour

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Itinerary of STT Travels :

Reaching to Wonderla Park:

    • How to Reach?: You have to reach Wonderla Park by your own way of transportation, either by your own vehicle or through TSRTC buses also available across the city. Below are the some of the bus routes.
    • Route 1: Lingampally X Roads to Wonderla Hyderabad: Starting point – Lingampally X Roads Time: 8:00 AM
    • Route 2: New Bowenpally to Wonderla Hyderabad: Starting point – New Bowenpally: Time: 8:00 AM
    • Route 3: JBS to Wonderla Hyderabad: Starting point – JBS, Time: 9:00 AM
    • Note 1: Pick-up and Drop-off charges will be depends on TSRTC
    • Note 2: There is no online booking for Bus Pick-up and drop off services. You need to contact any nearest TSRTC bus station.
    • Note 3TSRTC reserves the right to change the bus pick-up and drop charges, boarding point, departure time and frequency of buses without prior notice.
    • After reaching Wonderla Park, please show your PDF confirmation sent at the time of booking.
    • Park will open at 11:00 AM

Enter into Park & Enjoy the RIDES:

    • After enter into Park, You can take Paid lockers facility for keeping your belongings safe, and you can Enjoy all Land and Water Rides (subject to the availability)

Reaching back to Home:

    • You can use same TSRTC bus services to reach home or by your own vehicle.
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Know what best we have for you

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Inclusions of STT Travels :

  • Both Normal Package and FastRack Package includes all rides.
    • Normal Entry (Queue Line) for Normal Package people
    • FastRack Entry for FastRack Package people


  1. Bestbus is an Authorised Travel Agent Partner for Wonderla Amusement Water Parks.
  2. Book Wonderla Entry Tickets Online to avoid Rush & Long Queues. Book here to save your time.
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Checkout the exclusions, it’s important!

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Exclusions of STT Travels :

  • Transportation charges not included
  • Both Normal and FastRack packages does NOT include any food
  • Snack and Beverages not included
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Important Information

Please Read Below Information

  • Online Transactions in bestbus are 100% Safe & Secure and your transaction details were encrypted.
  • Bestbus is Authorized Business Associate of Wonderla Amusement Parks, and we will provide Online Booking for Wonderla Entry Tickets,  Wonderla Resort (Bangalore) Booking, School/College Students Special Packages, Corporate Packages, Events in Wonderla
  • We assure 100% genuine confirmation of Wonderlay entry tickets at same prices.
  • Book your Wonderla Tickets online to avoid the Rush, Long Queues Standing and save time.
  • Passengers are requested to contact the Tour operator or Driver for boarding point or vehicle-related queries on the morning of the trip date.
  • If you also book bus transportation on Bestbus, Once you are about to enter Wonderla, please make a note of the vehicle number and driver contact number for the return trip.
  • Passengers are requested to keep their luggage at Wonderla luggage counters and do not forget to collect them in return.
  • Important Note: At morning time, after reaching Wonderla, driver will announce the Evening Bus Departure Time. So, we request all passengers to be reach on-time without fail. In case they fail to reach on-time, bus will not wait because other co-passengers can not wait and they angry on bus driver. 
  • Note: If you have any out-station planning, please do not book tickets based on the Drop-off timings, because based on the day Wonderla Closing timings/traffic/any other reason drop-off may get delay. 
  • In case of any sudden breakdown or unforeseen incident, the Bestbus/Tour Operator will not be liable for any compensation or damages. Not withstanding the above, the service provider/company will initiate all possible prompt and appropriate action to recover the situation there upon.
  • Child - Children under 10 years of age are advised not to visit the park. Availing child ticket height should be between 85cm to 140 cm.
  • Senior citizen - Guests over 65 years of age are advised not to visit the park.
  • Allowed Dress Code: The appropriate outfits for our water rides are T-shirts, shorts, bermudas, three-fourths, swimsuits. The permitted clothing materials are made of 100% nylon or synthetic material.
  • No-Allowed Dress Code: Clothes that put you at risk! The following types of outfits can put your health and safety at risk and are prohibited for water rides. Sarees, salwar, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, burkhas, shawls, scarves, school uniforms, jeans, three-fourths, cargoes, loose garments and anything other than the aforementioned list of permitted outfits.
  • What's allowed What's not allowed


  • Bestbus will not be responsible for any natural or social calamities.
  • Note: If less bookings service will get cancelled and full amount will refunded. (Usually, weekdays we will not get enough bookings)

Package Details

Check out the Package Details...!

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Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Tickets Online Booking at

Now, you can book transportation from Bestbus easily, we provide various transportation packages for Wonderla Hyderabad as such Wonderla package, Wonderla bus booking, Wonderla pickup & drop services, Wonderla car services,

Cab booking services and Wonderla entry tickets, Wonderla tickets, Wonderla one-day tour package tickets.

Wonderla Bus Booking is easy at

The Rides of Change:

If you are a gang of friends or family and want to experience something new and thrilling together, then Wonderla is the best visiting place in Hyderabad to make you go through all wonders. Don’t miss out on any rides and make sure that you check out all the water rides, pool rides, and Wonderla water park and many more fun shows.

Always have a glance at the various timings of other fun programs across the Wonderla amusement park. After the completion of the tour, also visits One day Hyderabad City Tour Just Rs 499/-.

The Unmissable:

We're sure you'll treasure all of our rides, yet there are some that HAVE to an association. Guarantee that experience energizes at its peak with these rides.

Recoil Challenge:

You’ll experience the heights of thrills and adventure in this ride challenge by dexterous gravity of 80 Kmph. Take safety measures from the adventure guides and just get set and go!


This ride is meant for the people who love creative and crazy rides, you’ll go back and forth with high speed to have a crazy and thrilling encounter of ride in Wonderla Hyderabad.

You can also find some exciting yet thrilling rides in Wonderla Hyderabad like Twin Flip-Trex, Space Jam, Boomerang, Maverick.

Additionally encounter excite on rides like Twin Flip-T Rex, Space Jam, Boomerang and Maverick.

Night-time is back at Wonderla, Hyderabad

After Hours at Wonderla Hyderabad:

Wonderla Hyderabad has a special facility for the people who are late and out of Wonderla timings, now can visit Wonderla and buy ‘After Hours’ tickets at the Ticketing counter at the park.

Getting Closer, Safer :

  • These fundamental clues can help make your best events together moreover the most secure!
  • Wear UV defensive shades and sunscreen with SPF15 or higher.
  • Keep yourself hydrated consistently
  • On the off chance that you're joined by children, guarantee that they understand how to connect with you
  • Keep up control in the ride line zone
  • Pools are shallow. Try not to jump
  • Pregnant women, heart patients, people who have encountered medicinal systems in the continuous past, people with hypertension and those slanted to epilepsy are urged to avoid speedy/high-energize rides
  • Wear nylon or built pieces of clothing inside the entertainment focus. Do whatever it takes not to wear free vestments like sarees, dupattas, burqas, etc., for your own one of a kind prosperity
  • You should hold fast to security rules of lifeguards, ride managers and headings demonstrated near the rides.

Wonderla Dress code for safety measures:

Strict dress code of nylon or 100% synthetic apparels is only allowed to take rides in Wonderla, to ensure the safety of people and the hygiene of water.

Sarees, Chudidars, Pyjamas, Dupattas, Burkhas, Purdas, Formal pants and shirts, denim and any other long and loose garments are not accepted to take water rides as every ride includes the body motion.

If you didn’t bring the garments compatible to take rides, then you can buy the nylon/ synthetic clothes prices that start at 150 INR available near the changing rooms at the Wonderla Hyderabad Park.

Meanwhile Binge on these Restaurants:

Park View Restaurant: You can get a wide variety of South Indian breakfast specials

Chillies Restaurant: When you take a little walk from the entrance of the park, you can find Chillies which serves delicious meals and quick bites.

Waves Restaurant: You can have delicious Multi-cuisine with an incredible view of the wave pool, also serving the best kebabs and biryani with other combos and Chinese cuisine.

Galaxy A/C Restaurant: Located nearby mission Interstellar serving mouthwatering food choices.
Food Court: Besides providing the best cuisine Restaurants we also food court which has amazing options of Pizzas, Burgers and street food of your choice.

Few Tips to make your best visit to Wonderla:

Here are a couple of indications to enhance your Wonderla experience even!

  • Fastrack: To skip long queues at every ride, upgrade to Fastrack ticket to make your rides quicker.
  • EZ Pay: Better to pay with EZ Pay at Wonderla and save your wallet.
  • Lockers: Keep your valuables safe in the lockers and enjoy rides.
  • Wheelchair/ Pram: We provide wheelchairs/prams when required, we are pleased if you bring your own
  • Lost & Found: It's really easy to find your things lost here.
  • First Aid: Rest ensured, we're set up to manage all emergencies at any depiction of time. 

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