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Welcome to Wonderla Hyderabad


The most extreme, craziest, and the most shocking bit of town. This basically isn't just a stimulation mecca, yet a vast expanse of shocking intrigue. It's a place to adulate the more diminutive minutes and offer enormous wonders. Get on one of the 40+ gladdening rides, or basically laze by the pool under the splendid sun. In any case, whatever you do, here, everybody gets to some degree closer. Likewise, that is the reason we are the Amazement Park.


The Rides of Change :


There's no better place to encounter something new together. Guarantee you take a gander at our most energizing attractions, our water rides and land rides. Pay special mind to timings of various other fun tasks over the amusement focus – be it the accompanying wave at the Wave Pool, or the accompanying move at the Rain Disco, or the accompanying show at the Adventures of Chikku. Your visit should be a consistent fun ride.


The Unmissables :


We're sure you'll treasure all of our rides, yet there are some that HAVE to association. Guarantee that experience energize at it's peak with these rides.


RECOIL - Experience another element of excite, resist gravity at 80 kmph


EQUINOX - Going ahead and in reverse doesn't beat that.


Additionally encounter excite on rides like Twin Flip-T Rex, Space Jam, Boomerang and Maverick.


Night-time are back at Wonderla, Hyderabad


After Hours are back at Wonderla, Hyderabad


On understood intrigue, we're showing to 'Nightfall's come back to Wonderla, Hyderabad!


Remember all of those events when you started organizing out for your day-out late in the initial segment of the day and after that were left with no choices? Wonderla animals to you a response for all of those time!


Look at the ticket costs here or visit the ticketing counter at our park for more subtleties. [Note - 'Twilight's tickets must be bought at the ticketing counter at the park]


Getting Closer, Safer :


  • These fundamental clues can help make your best events together moreover the most secure!

  • Wear UV defensive shades and sunscreen with SPF15 or higher.

  • Keep yourself hydrated consistently

  • On the off chance that you're joined by children, guarantee that they understand how to connect with you

  • Keep up control in the ride line zone

  • Pools are shallow. Try not to jump

  • Pregnant women, heart patients, people who have encountered medicinal systems in the continuous past, people with hypertension and those slanted to epilepsy are urged to avoid speedy/high-energize rides

  • Wear nylon or built pieces of clothing inside the entertainment focus. Do whatever it takes not to wear free vestments like sarees, dupattas, burqas, etc., for your own one of a kind prosperity

  • You should hold fast to security rules of lifeguards, ride managers and headings demonstrated near the rides.


Dress Up for Wonderla :


  • To ensure that the water used in our distinctive water rides is immaculate and clean, we maintain a strict attire control.

  • Consistently wear garments made of Nylon or 100% designed material (shirts, shorts, bermudas, three-fourths, or swimming outfits)

  • Sarees, churidars/salwars, dupatta, formal jeans, shirts, burkhas/purdahs, school garbs, denims (pants and three-fourth pants), loads and so on are not allowed in the water rides. All our rides include movement/moving parts. That is the reason we ask for our visitors to cease from wearing long or free pieces of clothing like Saree/Dupatta/Shawls/Scarves/Hijab/Mafta/Habit and so forth in any of the rides, as it could provoke potential harm to themselves or others.

  • If you are not wearing or passing on bits of apparel that fit the bill, we have elective blueprints. You could purchase Nylon/Synthetic pieces of clothing (some Tshirt and Shorts start at INR 150. All outfits are available at apparent expenses) at stores in the diversion focus close developing room/locker zone at an apparent expense.




Get your morning shock of vitality agreeable path! Value a standard spread of South Indian Breakfast specials to say the very least.




Discovered a leave the path, Chillies presents to you an assortment of quick eats and superb whole dinners. Offer the best suppers with your best people.




An uncommon point of view of the Wave Pool underneath is just the start. Swindle multi-sustenance specialities at Waves. Acknowledge combo meals with Kebabs and Biryani close by other superb Chinese combos


Sustenance COURT


Pass on your taste buds closer to the widespread spread at our sustenance court.From Pizzas and Pastas to Mexican Nachos to the nearby faves – Chaats, Kebabs, North Indian suppers and so forth. Complete the process of everything off with some delightful sundaes from Swirls.




Arranged near the Mission Interstellar serving you dynamic choices of multi-cooking buffet.


Helpful Tips, only for You


Here are a couple of indications to enhance your Wonderla experience even!


  • FASTRACK : Buy/move up to a Fastrack ticket to skirt the long line and get to the rides quicker.

  • EZ PAY : Keep your wallet safe and pay with battery-fueled EZ Pay at Wonderla.

  • LOCKERS : Keep your having a place and resources safe and acknowledge rides with no anxieties.

  • WHEELCHAIR/PRAM : We give wheelchairs/prams as and when required, yet you are always free to bring your own.

  • LOST AND FOUND : It's really easy to lose things when you're lost in energize. Assurance your lost resources here.

  • FIRST AID : Rest ensured, we're set up to manage all emergencies at any depiction of time.



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