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Historical Places in Hyderabad

Historical Places in Hyderabad

Historical Places In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana, It’s also called The City of Pearls! And Also known as the City of Nizams. Being the largest city of Telangana this magnificent place is the capital for two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is located in the heart of Telangana Plateau on the banks of the Musi River.

Hyderabad is also famous for tourist places and many other people who come here in search of work every day. You will find many places to visit in Hyderabad right from Its famous Historical monuments, big parks & gardens, Museums, Temples, Sightseeing, Palaces, and many fun activities to do in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is the capital and biggest city of the South Indian province of Telangana. It was administered by the Qutub Shahis, Mughals and the Nizams which formed its history. The city is noted for its landmarks which incorporates the perfect work of art of Charminar and the post of Golconda. There are a huge number of masjids, sanctuaries, holy places and bazaars in the city. The travel industry frames a critical job in the economy of Hyderabad. The travel industry related to fairs is held consistently in the city. In 2010, the city was recorded among the Beta-World City by the worldwide city file created by GaWC, and in 2011 the city was evaluated nineteenth on the planet by The New York Times in The rundown of 41 Places to Go in 2011. It was positioned third Best City to Travel in 2013 by Lonely Planet As of 2011, The travel industry advancement spending plan for the city was expanded to? 520 million. Andhra Pradesh, which is India's best local vacationer goal, gets up to 157 million visits and achieved 1.5 million global visitors, which produced US$23 million in revenue. The city houses renowned chronicled destinations including Charminar, UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage site of the Chowmahalla Palace, Salar Jung Museum (among the world's biggest private accumulation exhibition halls) and also workmanship displays, libraries, sports buildings, historical centers, and theaters.

 Hyderabad is known as The City of Pearls, as once it was the main worldwide community for the exchange of huge precious stones, emeralds and common pearls. Many conventional and recorded bazaars are situated around the city. The Laad Bazaar arranged close Charminar has shops that move pearls, adornments and items, for example, flatware, Nirmal, Kalamkari artistic creations and ancient rarities, Bidriware, finish bangles studded with stones, saris, handwoven materials in silk and cotton. The following is a rundown of vacation spots in Hyderabad.

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10 Best Historical Places in Hyderabad

1. Charminar:

This historic monument in Hyderabad are synonymous to each other. An iconic landmark of the city, it goes back to the 1500s and is now the most popular tourist place of the southern capital. It was originally a mosque and now a piece of art and architecture with carved minarets and arches. The neighborhood of Charminar is also popular for some of the best street food found in the city.

LocationCharminar Rd, Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

2. Mecca Masjid:

One of the oldest religious sites of Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid makes it to the list of best heritage sites of India. The mosque is no short of a spectacle on stone and stands at a height of 23 meters.

LocationCharminar Rd, Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

3. Chowmahalla Palace:

Chowmahalla Palace is a sight to behold! Built between the years 1857 and 1869, it was the seat for the Asif Jahi dynasty. This palace is a delicate work of art consisting of domes, arches, windows, and meticulous designs. It also has fountains, lush gardens clock tower, Roshan Bangla, Council House, and much more. It also has two massive courtyards along with a grand dining hall which is called "Khilawat".

Location: 20-4-236, Motigalli, Khilwat, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

4. Birla Mandir:

This temple was built in 1976 by the Birla Foundation. This temple is dedicated to the god of Venkateshwara Swamy of Tirumala Tirupati. The location of the temple is on the top of a 280 feet tall hill. This hill is named 'Naubat Pahad', and one can see both Hyderabad and Secunderabad from here. This temple is one of the best places to escape the chaos of the city and indulge in prayer and peaceful meditation.

Location: Hill Fort Rd, Ambedkar Colony, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004

5. Golconda Fort:

Golconda fort was constructed on a hilltop in west Hyderabad in 1143. It was originally known as Mankal. Though it was constructed in the 1100s, the fort was fortified between 14th and 17th centuries. The inner structure consists of ruins of courtyards, palaces, pavilions, etc. This one of the coolest tourist spots every day thousands of people visit this place.

Location: Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008

6. Qutub Shahi Tombs:

A memorial built within the famous Ibrahim Bagh, these tombs serve as the burial grounds of the seven rulers of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty. But it is the architecture of these tombs and the natural environment that makes this site special and worthy of a visit. For those who love ancient art, the mix of Indian and Persian artistry of these cenotaphs is the best place to visit in Hyderabad.

Location: Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008

7. Salar Jung Museum:

One of the three National Museums in the country, this place of heritage is a must visit in Hyderabad. It is also one of the largest in India. The location of the museum is on the River Musi, which also makes it an interesting place to visit. The museum is dedicated to ancient arts and houses paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, carvings, artifacts, and more, not only from all over India but from different parts of the world. Hyderabad City Tour Covered all these places

Location: Salar Jung Road, Near Minar Function Hall, Darulshifa, Hyderabad

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8. Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad:

Lying close to Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace was the important place where the Nizam of Hyderabad entertains their guest during the Asaf Jahi Dynasty. The elegance and unique architectural style of the Chowmahalla palace takes you back to the period of Nizams. Dating back to 200 years, the palace is well maintained and pedantically restored. At night time when laminated with glittering lights, the palace is a feast for our eyes. There are four palaces within the complex. The Palace also entitles the most prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Merit award for cultural heritage conservation.

You can see nearly 19 crystal chandeliers are reinstalled to enhance the beauty of Durbar Hall. The halls also house 250 years old clock in the clock tower.

Location: 20-4-236, Motigalli, Khilwat, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

9. Falaknuma Palace:

There was a pre-conceived impression in my mind when you think of hotels- there is an entrance where first you’ll see the reception! But please leave all the cliche hotel thoughts behind as you enter. Book  One Day Hyderabad City Tour Just Rs 425/- only

There is a narrow lane where you see the board reading ‘TAJ FALAKNUMA PALACE’.. the serpentine lane leads you to a gate where the car is checked for security purposes.. The security person has a walky-talky and he informs someone of that device about us coming in..

Location: Engine Bowli, Fatima Nagar, Falaknuma, Hyderabad, Telangana 500053

10. Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum

Both the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are known for their tribal heritage. And being the joint capital, Hyderabad houses the twin states’ cultural heritage at this tribal museum. There are documents, artifacts, archeological findings, documents, and cultural references of major tribes like Hill Reddy, Bogata, and Kondareddy persevered in the museum.

Location: Owaisi Pura, Masab Tank, Hyderabad

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List Of Historical places in Hyderabad:

  • Golconda Fort
  • Char Minar
  • Ramoji Film City
  • Hussain Sagar Lake
  • Shri Jagannath Temple
  • Birla Mandir
  • Mecca Masjid, Old Hyderabad
  • Qutub Shahi Tombs
  • Birla Science Museum
  • Sri Rama Chandra Swamy Temple, Ammapali Village
  • Nehru Zoological Park
  • Salar Jung Museum
  • Snow World
  • Biggest Baobab - The Cave of 40 Thieves
  • Chowmahalla Palace
  • Laad Bazar
  • Osman Sagar lake
  • Purani haveli
  • Mount Opera Theme Park resorts
  • Nagarjuna sager Dam
  • B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science & Technological Museum
  • Begum Bazaar
  • Durgam Cheruvu
  • City Shopping
  • Chilkur Balaji Temple
  • Mecca Masjid
  • Iskcon temple
  • Madina Market
  • The Sky Lounge
  • 10 Downing Street
  • Toli Masjid
  • Begumpet Mosque
  • Mix - The Westin
  • Amaravathi
  • Nizamabad
  • Khammam
  • AP State Archaeology Museum
  • Nalgonda
  • Wonderla
  • Papi Kondalu

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