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Yadagirigutta Darshan

Yadagirigutta Darshan

Yadagirigutta Lakshmi Narasimha Temple:

Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple or Yadagirigutta is a famous Hindu Temple given to Lord Narasimha Swamy, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. It is arranged over a hillock in the Nalgonda locale, Telangana at a separation of 6 km from Riagir Railway station, 13 km from Bhongir and around 60 kilometers from the capital city of Hyderabad.

Yadagirigutta is an extraordinary and wonderful hillock that appreciates moderate atmosphere in all seasons. The place observers a substantial surge of lovers, at the very least 5000-8000 travelers all things considered every day for offering their pledges, performing pujas, kalyanam, abhisekam and so forth while the group develops generously amid ends of the week, occasions and celebrations.

As indicated by legend in Tretayugam, there was a sage called Yadarishi, who was child of the incredible sage Rishyasrunga and Santa Devi and performed atonement inside a give in with Anjaneya's endowments. Satisfied with his dedication Lord Narasimha apparently showed up before him in five unique structures to be specific Sri Jwala Narasimha , SriGandabherunda, Sri Yogananda, Sri Ugra and Sri Lakshminarasimha which later showed into finely etched structures and subsequently it is loved as Pancha Narasimha Kshetram. As per Skanda Purana, there is a buckle sanctuary of Lord Vishnu where quite a while back the invulnerable Sudharshna chakra moved toward the path like a compass directing them towards this sanctuary. Here Aaradhana and Puja are executed according to Pancharatra Agamam. The puja vidhanam here is done as recommended by Late Sri Vangeepuram Narasimhacharyulu who had filled in as Sthanacharya of this acclaimed sanctuary. In fifteenth Century, the Vijayanagara ruler Sri Krishnadevarayalu had referenced about the sanctuary in life account that before doing battle he generally visited the sanctuary imploring the master for triumph. The sanctuary town has offices for settlement of travelers while many tonsure their heads after satisfaction of a desire. The town is all around associated by a ghat street to the capital and close-by key towns. There are numerous eateries here for lovers while the devasthanam board keeps on making different enhancements accessible for the general population including uncommon darshan, kalyanam, giving prasadams and so on. The sanctuary is profoundly

Yadagirigutta Darshan Fare Details:

Athi sheegra Darshnam: 

will be allowed from 07-15 am to 07-00 pm And from 08-15 pm to 09-00pm by collecting fees at Rs 100/- with (2) laddu prasadam.V .I.P Darshan on peak day is arranged at Rs-150/- with two laddu prasadam.

Argita Sevas Timings     Fare Details
Suprabhata Seva 4.00 4.30 A.M Rs.51/- (Per Head)
Nijabishekam 5.30 A.M to 6.30 A.M Rs.250/-(Per Head)
Nijabishekam 5.30 A.M to 6.30 A.M Rs.500/-(Per Couple)
Sahasra Namarchana 6.30 A.M to 7.15 A.M Rs.216/-(Per Head)
Kunkumarchana 8.30 A.M to 9.00 A.M Rs 100/-(Per Head)

At Yaga Shala:

Sevas Timings Fare Details
Kalyanothsavam 10.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M Rs.1016/- (Five Members)
Jodu Seva 6.00 A.M to 6.45 P.M Rs.316/- (Two members)
Pavalimpu Seva 9.00 P.M to 9.30 P.M Rs.51/-(Per Head)


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