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The historical backdrop of this lovely city has landmarks that keep recollections dating down to hundreds of years prior. Truth be told this city is as old as time can be. It goes back to the astounding legendary stories of Mahabharata. It was re – planned when the Mughal Rule assumed control in the fifteenth Century. The Mughal ruler called Sultan Sikander Lodi is the fundamental author of the world acclaimed vacation destination called Agra. This delightful city was established path back in the year 1504. 

Mahabharata Start to Agra: Though formally acknowledged as being established and created by the Mughal Empire, there are joins that go back to the fanciful occasions.  There are no explicit dates about its starting point of the fanciful occasions. The following is a littler, less difficult and short breakdown of the History of Agra at each formative stage.

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