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Bahubali Set at Ramoji Film City

Beautiful majestic creation of Ramojuli

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Majestic Creation of SS Rajamouli is now a tourist attraction @ Ramoji Film City

SS Ramojuli’s spectacular creation in the era of Cinema is now open to the public to view the tremendous sets created during the movie shooting, precisely the sets of Mahismati is a dream to watch in real and that dream will be fulfilled by visiting Ramoji Film City. The mystic entry of the Mahishmati kingdom is so pleasuring to watch. The entire set of Bahubali is created with an immense budget of 60 crores spread over 100 acres of land in Ramoji Film City.

It took so much hard work, time and manpower to build the kingdom of Mahishmati and the beautiful majestic creation is preserved by Ramoji Film City and turn it into a tourist attraction.

Bahubali has become a trademark movie of the entire Indian Cinemas and has achieved huge fan clubs to remember for decades. A big step has taken the Film City officials and the producer of the movie Mr. Shobu Yarlagadda is really worth as the film lovers are getting a chance to view the marvelous sets of Blockbuster movie Bahubali in the locales of Ramoji Film City is a dream to live. Daily more peoples are visited for Bahubali Set at Ramoji Film City 

Getting into the artistic creations of Shivagami, the dynamic lady of Mahishmati, Kattappa’s a trusted soldier of his kingdom and the villain Bhallaladeva and his fierce statues found in the kingdom are really magnanimous creations and a dream to see the structures of the movie in real-time at majestic Bahubali. The life of the movie Bahubali iconic giant statue is situated in the set of Bahubali and its a goosebump feel to watch such a big statue of our favorite Indian cinema hero.

The historical drama of the ancient period, visual effects of the movie and the powerful script of the movie had imprinted in the minds of people and get hitched with the movie effect for days. The iconic view of the giant Bhallaladeva’s head crown burnt set, majestic walls of the kingdom, chariots, majestic staircases and pillars of the kingdom. The indelible part of the movie which u can witness in reality is the coronation ceremony of the Bahubali happened at the end of the movie along with his throne is the magnum opus of SS Rajamouli.

You will be surprised to know that you can witness the entire Bahubali Set Tour in a mere amount of INR 1357 (for adults) and INR 1121 (for child) along with the entire tour of Ramoji Film City. You can also get star experience package for INR 2771 (for adults) and INR 2535 (for children) with which u can avail the entire Ramoji Film City tour with Bahubali set tour along with chocolate box as a souvenir, food, and beverages is an ultimate deal. Add a cherry on the cake as you may also get some complimentary rides in the star package and access to Fundustan and express entry at movie magic. There are multiple buses in the film city to take you to the Bahubali set and the last bus leaves at 4:00 pm and don’t miss the chance to catch it to view the iconic Bahubali set. 

Do not miss the incredible opportunity to witness the imaginary world of cinemas and view behind the scenes of light, camera, and action!

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