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Ramoji Film City School Packages

Spectacular surprises for the smiling faces!

 Ramoji Film City School Packages

Ramoji Film City School Packages

Ramoji Film City, the largest film studio in the world is the most popular weekend getaway in Hyderabad. It is the brainchild of Mr. Ramoji Rao, the legendary Telugu Film Producer, who always dreamt of establishing a film studio similar to Universal Studios in Hollywood. It took many years to see the artistic creativity of Mr. Ramoji Rao into reality spread over more than 2000 acres of land. It is a dreamland for everybody to visit Ramoji Film City when they plan a trip to Hyderabad.

Ramoji Film City, the iconic place to glimpse the surreal sets of many blockbuster movies in reality, many adventures, rides, stunt shows beautiful and live shows, beautiful gardens, Luxury Hotels and many more to explore in the magical world of Ramoji. No doubt, it is the best location for an Educational Trip in Hyderabad. Many schools from different parts of India visit Ramoji Film City for an educational tour and learn many things having fun in the Fundustan, the children’s play area.

There are more activities and areas which are specially designed for kids and children, Fundustan is the kids’ play area where you can participate in the funniest adventures, visit Borasura and shake hands with the Dadajin’s who loves to play with children and also the popular Dadajin’s live TV show. School children can also try out many activities in SAHAS Adventures for self-development and self-confidence. 

Apart from this, wings at Bird Park help children to know more Science and interact with the beautiful birds gives them unknown happiness. Say hi to the beautiful water beauties, swans migrated from different parts of the world to make Ramoji Bird park their home. As the day turns to evening, the entire Ramoji is filled with colors and lit with dazzling lights and there the real fun comes when you see large troops of dancers, clowns, and many other artists in vibrant costumes in riots, carnival parade is the beautiful show to watch in the Ramoji Film City. Do not miss the shows in the evening.

There are many customized school packages for children offering lunch, breakfast, many complimentary rides to take the adventure to the next level.

Here are some highlights of the Ramoji Special School Packages:

  • Guided Tour of the entire film city
  • Customized lunch menu that includes:
  • 1 Bottle of Packaged Drinking Water 500ml
  • Roti/Chapati, Veg. Biryani/Flavored Rice, One Veg. Curry, Plain Rice, Sambar
  • Raitha, Papad, Pickle, Sweet [ 01no’s]
  • Ice-cream [cup 01 no’s].
  • Visit EcoZone – Exotic Bird Park – WINGS, Butterfly Park & Bonsai Garden.
  • Fundustan (Child Play Zone), Toyland & Rain Dance, Borasura.
  • Movie Magic show 
  • Enjoy watching cultural shows like Spirit of Ramoji and Wild West Stunt Show in noon.
  • Dadajin’s Live TV show
  • Complimentary Rides - Ranger, Twister, Breakdance, Carousel, Superjet, Frisbee Coaster.

 Ramoji Film City School Packages Ramoji Film City School Packages