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Hyderabad was built up in 1591 CE by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, fifth Sultan of the Qutb Shahi tradition of Golkonda. It stayed under the standard of the Qutb Shahi administration until 1687, when Mughal head Aurangzeb vanquished the district and the city turned out to be a piece of the Mughal realm. In 1724, Asif Jah I, a Mughal emissary, pronounced his sway and shaped the Asif Jahi administration, otherwise called the Nizams of Hyderabad. The Nizams ruled the august province of Hyderabad in an auxiliary union with the British Raj for over two centuries. The city remained the capital from 1769 In 1948, when the Nizam marked an Instrument of Accession with the Indian Union because of Operation Polo. Somewhere in the range of 1948 and 1956 Hyderabad city was the capital of the Hyderabad State. In 1956, the States Reorganization Act blended Hyderabad State with the Andhra State to frame the cutting edge province of Andhra Pradesh, with the Hyderabad city as its capital.

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