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History of Ramoji Film City

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History and important facts of Ramoji Film City

The famous Ramoji Film City located in Hyderabad holds the record of Guinness world as the world’s largest film studio has a remarkable history behind the brick of its foundation laid by the famous Telugu film producer Sri Ramoji Rao

According to history, the famous film city was the dream of Ramoji Rao to built a film studio similar to that of Universal Studios in the United States in Hyderabad and that dream came to life in 1996. The land where Ramoji Film City is created is nearly 30kms away from the city of Hyderabad in Rangareddy district and the land is covered with thick trees and mountains and there is no jeopardy to them as no tree is cut and no mountain is diminished from the land. The magnum opus of the film city was designed in the hands of Mr. Nitish Roy, the art director of Ramoji Film City complex. He turned the sprawling land of 2000 acres into a magnificent magical world of wonders.

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The illuminous Ramoji Film City is the Fairy tale 


The entire film city construction took years to complete and a big figure of 100,00,00,000 (100 crores) was spent for the film production sets, manpower, and resources in the film city. As per the words of the Vice president of the film city, “Ramoji Rao Garu always had a dream to provide a one-stop facility for a movie maker entering the studio with script must leave the studio with film done”.

As said, he made his dream come to true housing the film city with 47 soundstages, 50 studio floors, 12 power substations, preview theatres, prop warehouses, outdoor movie sets, movie laboratories, a huge central kitchen and green landscapes. The studio also provided with all the post-production work of the movies like dubbing studios, musical theatres, post-production theatres, editing, and processing labs. 

Apart from the film production, there is a lot more to explore in the Ramoji Film City like luxurious hotels, green landscapes, stunt shows, delightful food, gardens, shopping stalls, evening parades, activity parks all together makes Ramoji Film City a fairy dreamland for all ages of people visiting the studio.

During the early days of the Ramoji Film City, many Hollywood movies were shot here like Crocodile 2 and Nightfall. It is a filmmaker choice for any kind of movie to take at any point in time. It also attracted the famous Bollywood hero like Hrithik Roshan to shot his movie Krishh 3 in the Mumbai road set of Ramoji Film City. Many popular movies in Tollywood are been shot here like the world-famous blockbuster Bahubali and the famous Mahishmati sets are found here.

Many television shows, TV series, program shootings take place in the studio every year. During the start days of the film city, 60% of the total revenue was generated from the movie shootings and the remaining from the people tours in the film city and now it is vice-versa.

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Awards and Achievements of Ramoji Film City

  • Guinness World of Records- For the Largest Film Studio in the world
  • Golden Pony Award- For Excellence and Innovation
  • Department of Tourism- For Excellence
  • All the hotels in Ramoji Film City are highly rated and verified for Hygiene by FSSAI

Peep into the magical world of Ramoji!

Employees and Management of the Ramoji Film City

Employees in Ramoji Film City follow a specific strategic schedule as they have to work for long hours and they are very friendly to the environment and very polite to the tourists at the movie sets. The work culture in the film city is very punctual and disciplined, they all work according to their shifts and be energetic throughout the day in the film city. The hierarchy levels are changed depends on the performance and work ethics every year. 

They have the best teams allocated for every department in the studio, hence, there is no mess found anywhere in the studio. Employees working here have a lot of patience, great skills in time management and in artwork and most of the employees found her are working for years and they have built a good relationship with the management of the film city. They have great scope for the employees working here like providing facilities for their families and children.

Ramoji Film City has impeccable management staff trained under professional event management systems. They are very professional and polite to the client requirements and arrange everything in time with spreading smiles. The management people at the studio are very strategic in multitasking as they have to manage different events, tours, tourists, programs and shootings taking place in the film city. They design the work of employees, guide the hospitality team and check on the queries and complaints received on the online portal Ramoji film city. The very first task of management is to train the employees and allow them to their daily work routines and take up their work in managing the departments of the entire film city. The largest Ramoji Film City provides employment and livelihood to thousands of people and became an entertainment place in Hyderabad.

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