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Dakshin Bharat Yatra

About the Tour Package

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"Pilgrimage Special Tourist Train", one of the most affordable all inclusive tour package, covering all the important tourist places in the country. Booking of Pilgrimage Special Tourist Trains is available online on our website. Booking can also be done through our Tourist Facilitation Center, Zonal Offices and Regional Offices.

Destination covered:-  Tirupati - Madurai - Kanyakumari - Rameshwaram - Sri Sailam

Boarding Points: Brajrajnagar, Raigarh,Champa,Bilaspur,Raipur,Durg,Rajnandgaon,Gondia,Bhandara Road,Nagpur,Wardha,Balharshah,Sirpur Kaghaznagar,Ramagundam,Warrangal,

De-boarding Points: Kazipet , Ramagundam, Sirpur Kaghaznagar,Balharshah, Wardha,Nagpur, Bhandara Road,Gondia,Rajnandgaon,Durg,Raipur,Bilaspur,Champa, Raigarh,Brajrajnagar

Package Details:

Package Name Dakshin Bharat Yatra
Traveling Mode Pilgrimage Special Tourist Train
Station/Departure Time Brajrajanagar - 08:00 hrs
Class Standard and Comfort





Important Update:
  • No fare for child below 5 years and children of 5 and above are entitled to pay the full adult fare.
  • *COVID Vaccination (Full dose) is mandatory for Guests of age group 18 or above.
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Fare Details

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Train Service : SCZPSTT06
Adult: Rs.8510
Child: Rs.8510


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Itinerary of IR-Tours :


    Departure from Brajrajnagar -> Morning

    Departure from Raigarh -> Morning

    Departure from Champa -> Morning

    Departure from Bilaspur-> Morning

    Departure from Raipur -> Afternoon

    Departure from Durg -> Afternoon

    Departure from Rajnandgaon -> Afternoon

    Departure from Gondia -> Evening

    Departure from Bhandara Road -> Evening

    Departure from Nagpur -> Evening

    Departure from Wardha -> Night

    Departure from Balharshah -> Night


    Departure from Sirpur Kaghaznagar -> Early Morning

    Departure from Ramagundam -> Early Morning

    Departure from Warrangal -> Morning

    Arrival at Renigunta Railway station.-> Morning

     Transfer to Tirupati. Overnight stay at Tirupati.


    Tirupati ->  After breakfast proceed to visit Tirumala Hills for darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara Return to Tirupati in the evening .Overnight Stay at Tirupati.



    Departure from Renigunta to Kudalnagar(Madurai) 

    After breakfast visit to Srikalahasti, Padmavathi temple. Departure towards Madurai in the evening.


    Kudalnagar(Madurai) -> Arrival at Kudalnagar Railway station (Madurai). After Freshen-up  & breakfast full day visit of Madurai.



    Departure from Kudalnagar (Madurai) to Nagercoil.

    Proceed to Kanyakumari. -> Arrival at Nagercoil Station .After Freshen-up proceed for sightseeing of Kanyakumari. Departure of train to Rameshwaram.

    Departure for Rameshwaram -> Morning


    Arrival at Rameshwaram.After Frehsen up & Breakfast  proceed to Ramnathswamy Temple. Return to Rameshwaram Railway station. Departure of train to Kurnool Town



     Arrival at Kurnool Town Station and transfer to SriSailam. After Freshen-up ,Visit to Mallikarjuna Temple Post lunch return to Kurnool Town Station .Departure of train to Brajrajnagar


    Arrival Kazipet -> Early Morning

    Arrival Ramagundam -> Early Morning

    Arrival Sirpur Kaghaznagar ->  Morning

    Arrival Balharshah ->  Morning

    Arrival Wardha ->  Morning

    Arrival Nagpur -> Morning

    Arrival Bhandara Road -> Afternoon

    Arrival Nagpur -> Afternoon

    Arrival Gondia-> Afternoon

    Arrival Rajnandgaon -> Afternoon

    Arrival Durg -> Afternoon

    Arrival Raipur -> Evening

    Arrival Bilaspur -> Evening

    Arrival Champa-> Evening

    Arrival Raigarh -> Night

    Arrival Brajrajnagar-> Night


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Inclusions of IR-Tours :

Train journey by SL class with Hall/Dormitories accommodation on multisharing basis for night stay/ morning freshening up for Standard Category.
Train journey by 03 AC with Hotels accommodation (Non-A/c rooms) on Twin & Triple sharing basis at places of night stay and Quadruple sharing basis for morning freshening up for Comfort Category.
Morning Tea/Coffee, Pure vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). & 1 litre drinking water per day.
Tour escorts for announcements and information.
Security arrangements for each coach (without arms).
An Bestbus/Our Tour Operator Official on train as train Superintendent
Non AC road transfers on SIC basis.
Travel insurance.

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Exclusions of IR-Tours :

Package Exclusions:

Items of personal nature, i.e., laundry, medicines.
Entrance fee for monuments.
Service of Tour Guide.
All services not mentioned in the Package Inclusions.

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Package timings

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Package Timings of Train :

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Important Information

Please Read Below Information

Terms and Conditions:

Online Transactions in bestbus are 100% Safe & Secure and your transaction details were encrypted.

Food: Morning breakfast with tea/coffee, lunch, night dinner/tiffin.

Transport: 55 Seater Non-push back-Non AC/similar bus for pick up from station and sightseeing will be arranged. Where buses are not permitted, the tourists have to make their own arrangements on alternative modes. Entrance fees, Pooja, Special Darshan charges, Horse-ride and Boating-charges are to be borne by the tourists.

Items to Bring:

  1. Pillows, bed-sheet, lock and key with chain to secure luggage, torch-light, umbrella, medicines, etc.
  2. Clothes: Light Woolen clothes, etc.

Terms & Conditions

  • Passengers have to board and de-board the train at nominated stations as per the final Railway order and local transportation expenses to be borne by tourists on their own.
  • The package tour decided by the Bestbus/Our Tour Operator which will include Sleeper Class/Third A/c Train Tickets, Pure Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Hotel/Dormitory/Hall accommodation in respective categories and Bus for local sightseeing only. Cost value package.
  • At Destinations, only Dharamshala accommodation (Dormitory/ Hall) will be provided. The bed rolls will be provided and laid on the ground, beds will not be provided for standard category and hotel accommodation on Single/Double and triple occupancy for comfort category. However, if guests want, they can request the Tour Escort/Train Management for the booking of hotel rooms on extra cost to be paid by the guest as per the feasibility and availability. (There is no commitment of providing beds and room to Clients booked under standard category).
  • Being a cost value package, personalized service is not viable; hence kindly converge with the group. In case of any assistance required, do contact our group representative.
  • Passenger should get full briefing about the tour from Bestbus/Our Tour Operator before/after the booking to avoid any confusion.
  • One Glass of Packaged drinking water will be provided during lunch and dinner per day. Drinking water for due course of journey except during lunch & dinner have to be managed by the guest directly, Bestbus/Our Tour Operator is not bound to Provide unlimited usage of Packaged drinking water.
  • Normal room temperature water will be served on board whereas Bestbus/Our Tour Operator will try to serve cool water (Subject to availability of Ice during the journey. Serving cool water on board is not mandatory.
  • Passengers before boarding the train should ensure the proper Check up of their body/ health from their Doctor in order to be fit for travelling, Bestbus/Our Tour Operator will not be responsible for any mishap due to unfit condition/ health problem such as restlessness/ anxiety/ Unusual breathing problem of Asthmatic clients/ any other physical problems and Natural Death of the passengers.
  • No rude behavior will be entertained, further to which you will be forced to drop from the tour.
  • Avoid any unlawful arguments and disquieting the beauty of tour programme.
  • Kindly queue while boarding the buses and don’t rush at the accommodation centre. Our representative would allot accommodation as specified.
  • It is the duty of the co-passenger to provide seats first for the Handicapped and old people.
  • You should adhere to the time announced by the tour representatives. Failing which you will have to come to the next destination on your own expenses.
  • While traveling, there might be some delay in providing food, so old people and diabetic passengers should carry some refreshments.
  • There might be delay in train arrivals and departures and the train may not be able to follow the train timings for which you will have to bear with us.
  • There may be changes in the sightseeing itinerary that may be caused due to arise of situations that have to be adhered.
  • Announcement made in the train should be followed strictly to have pleasant travel.
  • In case any problem arises during the journey, the company’s decision will be final.
  • The tourist should follow the instruction given by the tour representative and should not interfere in the administration.
  • No smoking and consuming alcohol in the train.
  • Please carry ID card at all items (like Driving License, Voter ID card, Ration Card, Pan Card) as proof of Identity for cross verification by Railway Authorities and the same has to be borne by the tourist.
  • If any stamped/accident/drowning in Sea/River happened at the destination due to negligence of the passenger/s or situational factor, Bestbus/Our Tour Operator will not be responsible.
  • Alternate arrangements will be made for disruption of tour on account of natural calamities and the cost to be borne by the tourist.
  • Arrangements will be made for medical attention during sickness and the cost to be borne by the tourist.
  • The tourist will have adhere by the periodical guidelines issued by the authorities during the tour through announcement and should not intervene in their working and cause any inconvenience to co-passengers.
  • The tour programme may be subject to alterations due to late running of the train. The final timings will be as per the railway order.
  • The decision of Bestbus/Our Tour Operator/South Central Zone will be final on account of problems arising in the conduct of the tour.

Bestbus/Our Tour Operator’s DO’s & DON’T:

Please go through the following points to make your journey better and comfortable:

  • Installation & use of Aarogya Setu App. by all (Staff & tourists).
  • Tourist should wear face mask and hand gloves.
  • Practice frequent hand washing with soap (for at least 40 – 60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty .Use of alcohol – based hand sanitizers(for at least 20 seconds) can be made wherever feasible.
  • Tourists are advised to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with their hands. All tourists have to abide the mandatory health advisories issued by the Central government, States government and local administration which they are visiting.
  • Social distancing to be followed during boarding / de-boarding of train /any other transport ,monuments &pilgrim places of  visit , group lunches, dinners etc.
  • Loitering and crowding should be avoided in train corridors, gates, cabins, hotels /Dharmashala etc.
  • All tourists are advised that spitting is strictly prohibited in train, tourist places, buses, hotels /Dharamshala etc.
  • Avoid physical contact while greeting each other.
  • Please DO follow guidelines of the Tour Manager at all times. Your Tour Manager is your source of information.
  • Please Do carry a Photo Identity Card indicating proof of age such as Voter’s ID, Passport, PAN Card etc. for Security reasons.
  • Please Do take complete and personal care of your belongings during the tour.
  • Please Do maintain decency of language as a courtesy towards your fellow passengers in the train and other visitors at the shrines/places you visit.
  • Please Do bear Entry Fee, if any, at the monuments if not specified in Inclusions.
  • Please Do stay in groups and follow scheduled timings at the places you visit as per instructions of the Tour Manager.
  • Please Do adheres to the revised itinerary if the situation so arises by following the instructions of Tour Manager. The itinerary provided to you may change due to unavoidable circumstances either before start of tour or during the tour.
  • Please Do leaves the contact details of person(s) to be contacted in case of any Emergency with the Tour Manager.
  • Please Do ensures switching off the Lights and fans in the compartments when not in use.
  • Please DO NOT consumes alcoholic beverages, bidis, and cigarettes during the tour. Bestbus/Our Tour Operator does not provide, promote or sell alcoholic beverages/cigarettes/bidi etc. and condones the use of all such items in its programs. Consumption of such items while on train is an offence punishable under law.
  • Please DO NOT carry any valuables like jewellery, antiques, electronic equipments etc., on the tour. Clients carrying the same shall do so at their own risk. In case of any theft or any law & order issues leading to loss of passenger’s property, Bestbus/Our Tour Operator shall not be responsible for the same.
  • Please DO NOT Carry any Prohibited articles in person or in your baggage. The client alone shall be responsible for the cost and consequences that follow in the event of the client carrying the same.
  • Please DO NOT be rude while interacting with locals and Please DO NOT indulge in any arguments. In case of any doubts on any matter, you may please communicate with the Tour Manager.
  • Please DO NOT indulges in Photography if the same is restricted at certain places.
  • Please DO NOT offend the local regulations.
  • Please DO NOT pull the chain while traveling on train as it is a punishable offence when done without a valid reason.
  • Please DO NOT cross Railway Tracks but instead Use Foot Over Bridges.
  • Please DO NOT waste any water unnecessarily in the train.

Tour Manager:

  • Your Tour Manager is your source of information. Please follow guidelines of the Tour Manager at all times.

In the train

  • Do not pull the chain while traveling on train as it is a punishable offence when done without a valid reason.
  • Do not cross railway tracks. Use over foot bridges.
  • Do not waste any water unnecessarily in the train.
  • Lights and fans in the compartments should be switched off when not in use.


  • Please ensure that your attire does not offend the locals/visitors at the places you visit. At holy shrines, you may be required to remove your shoes.


  • Please maintain decency of language as a courtesy towards your fellow passengers in the train and other visitors at the shrines/places your visit.
  • Do not be rude while interacting with locals and do not indulge in any arguments. In case of any doubts on any matter, please communicate with the Tour Manager.
  • Please be in groups and follow timings at the places you visit as per instructions of the Tour Manager.
  • Photography may be restricted at certain places. Do not offend the local regulations.
  • Bestbus/Our Tour Operator reserves the right to remove any passenger that it feels is creating discord on the tour.
  • Bestbus/Our Tour Operator does not provide, promote or sell alcoholic beverages/cigarettes/bidi etc. and condones the use of all such items in its programs. Consumption of such items while on train is an offence punishable under law.
  • Bestbus will not be responsible for any natural or social calamities.

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