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About Tipu Sultan Palace

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Tipu Sultan's Summer palace::

Location:: Central Bangalore.
Timings::  8:30 AM-5:30 PM


Transportation:: The nearest metro station is Majestic. Tipu Sultan Palace is 3km away from the station. Many state-city buses are available

The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is one of the places with the same name. The palaces are in Srirangapatna and Bengaluru. We are writing about a palace in BengaluruTipu Sultan Palace stands for the Indo-Islamic architecture also named as "Abode of Happiness" and "Rash e Jannat"(Envy of Heaven). This experience every visitor a glimpse of the royal lifestyle.The Construction of the fort was initiated by Tipu Sultan in 1781 and is completed during the reign of Tipu Sultan in 1791. It is a unique two-storeyed palace with huge wooden pillars.
             During the British Rule, this palace was used as a secretariat till 1868 before transferring to Attara Kacheri. The surroundings are blessed with the green mother and sparkling fountains which makes the palace a perfect tourist spot and is a slice of solitude for the city. The entrance spells the visitor to their era and lifestyle and this continues till the end.


As we know the history of the palace. Here is a short past of our Legend, "Tipu Sultan". Tipu Sultan was born in 1750. He was known for the fiercest rulers of the Mysore Kingdom following his ascension upon his father's death in 1782. History shows him as a polarizing figure, but his fight shows the never-ending rivalry on the British empire. He was killed in the fight at the fort of Srirangapatna(another Tipu Sultan's palace) and was buried next to his father.


Tipu Sultan Summer palace is one of the mesmerizing places. The indo-Saracenic style of architecture of the two-story palace was constructed with materials like wood, stone, teak, mortar, and plaster. As mentioned above wooden pillars support this construction with bases of stones. This building was carved beautifully with brackets and races. The ceiling is modified and the interior walls are beautifully painted with floral art. The outer walls are portrayed with wars, the king's glory, and historical events. Zenana Quarters, the dwelling of royal women are found in the corners of the first floor are designed with elaborate features. The Upstairs leads to the durbar in eastern and western balconies.

Tips Sultan's Throne::

The throne is magnificent art preserved by ASI. This royal seat is 8 feet long and 11 feet tall and 5 feet wide in which a life-size tiger(made out of wood, covered with gold sheets and precious stones) is rested. The throne has sliver steps with some smaller heads of tigers and is covered in golden sheets with sparkling stones. After the death of Tipu Sultan, British Government dismantled the throne and auctioned it in pieces during 1799. 


A museum is displayed in one of the parts of this palace. We can see many antiques and knick-knacks of Sultan and Hyder Ali. It displays war weapons, clothes, and knight armors, coins, etc...It also showcases sketches and portraits of prominent rulers. We can found history in these sketches and paintings.

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Tipu Sultan Palace Address

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Tippu Sultan Palace Rd, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018


Tipu Sultan Palace Timings

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Day Timing
Monday 8:30am–5:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am–5:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am–5:30pm
Thursday 8:30am–5:30pm
Friday 8:30am–5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am–5:30pm
Sunday 8:30am–5:30pm

Tipu Sultan Palace Entry Ticket Price

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Adult Entry Fee: 100.00 per person
Child Entry Fee: 50.00 per person
Foreign Nationals Fee: NA

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