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Best Places To Visit in Coonoor

Explore the splendid joy of travelling!

10 Best Places to Visit in Coonoor in 2020

Coonoor is another exotic hill station perched on higher altitudes with beautiful plantations, greeneries set ahead to stamp on the fog falling of and downstream as flaky water what a stunning beauty Coonoor has! It is always the right next option to Ooty for hill station lovers and honeymoon couples. A stunning place in the lap of hills and greeneries making it a famous destination to visit in your vacation and spend your holidays to take home only beautiful memories. Coonoor is situated at a distance of 50km from Ooty which hardly takes two hours of journey, It is one of the must-visit places near Ooty and tourists visiting Ooty definitely visit Coonoor for a peaceful time. Coonoor is a small yet beautiful village with mountain views, beautiful sunrise amidst of the hills, plantations, wooden houses will pamper your soul and make your Coonoor trip a successful fun filled tour.

1. Sim’s Park


Sim’s Park is one of the best places to see in Coonoor featured with variant species of botanical plants and trees sprawling over 12 acres of land in Coonoor. Located in Walker’s hill road, Sim’s park is adjoined by a lake and a special rose garden that houses a variety of beautiful species of plants, flora views in the vast beautifully maintained garden. One must definitely glance at the beautifully carved bushes in the name of ‘Enjoy Sim’s Park’. It is the prime location among the Coonoor best places to see with magnificent views of gardens all around and it is a treat to nature lovers. 

Sim’s Park has different divided areas with widened footpaths to explore every section of these beautiful gardens with lush green lawns, thick short bushes with exotic plants surrounded by pleasant views. A verdant of rare species of plants and trees like very sacred rudraksha tree, bead tree, cinnamon trees, Queensland Karry pine, Araucaria, magnolia, tree ferns, and Camellia. There is a magnificent glasshouse situated in the gardens housing a beautiful variety of flower plants that attract visitors. One must visit their Rose gardens, fruit and vegetable shows that are hosted every year.

The Specialty of Sim’s Park:

  • Largest Park in Ooty with exotic separated gardens spread over 12 acres of land
  • Fruit and vegetable shows of Sim’s Park happening for two days in the month of May
  • It attracts about 25000 tourists every year to visit this magnum opus of Ooty

How to Reach Sim’s Park:

Located on the Cantonment area road in Coonoor, Sim’s park is accessible to every part of the village and can be easily reached by public means of transport by taxis, buses and own vehicles for your comfort. 

Sim’s Park Entry Fee

  • INR 30 for adults
  • INR 15 for kids
  • INR 50 for camera

Sim’s Park Timings: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Sim’s Park Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Sim’s Park:

  • Take a leisure walk along the wide paths of the park to view the beautiful nature beauties
  • Must attend the rose garden shows and the iconic fruits and vegetable show happening in May

* * * * * * * * * *

2. Droog Fort


Droog Fort, the iconic landmark of Coonoor is one of the tourist places to visit near Coonoor holding history from years to the date. The historical fort was once the residence of a dangerous demon Bakasur and so the fort was also known as Bakasura  Malai. The fort was ruined during the 18th century and is now a wall with ruins are remain yet the fort draws tourists all over the world. The fort is located in the foothills of the blue mist Nilgiri hills elevated from the sea level offering most unique picturesque locations to the visitors. The area is surrounded by the tallest eucalyptus trees and wide plantations of green coffee make the place aromatic with the coffee plantations. There is a large clock watch on top of the tower which is a highlight of the fort filled with a pleasing atmosphere offering the best trekking destinations for the trekking enthusiasts. One can spot flying foxes and Malabar squirrels visiting the fort and seashores though one needs to be careful with the bisons roaming around the location.

The Specialty of  Droog Fort

  • The exotic location is famous for giving pleasant eye-catchy locations for pictures
  • It is a popular historical fort back in the 18th century
  • The highlight of the fort though it is ruined is the clock tower

How to Reach Droog Fort:

 Droog Fort is located 13 km away from the Coonoor center and can be reached by traveling in public buses from Coonoor bus station and one can also easily hire taxis and private vehicles to reach without any hustle.

Droog Fort Entry Fee: free

 Droog Fort Timings: 7:00 am-6:00 pm

 Droog Fort Spending Time: 30 mins-1 hour

Things to do at Droog Fort:

  • Explore the architecture of the fort along the seaside and spend some amazing time in the fort
  • Go for trekking in the nearby locations

* * * * * * * * * *

3. Law’s Falls


Coonoor tourism is popular to feature the most beautiful nature spots and picturesque locations that make one visit Coonoor every year. One among them is Law’s falls which is the prime beautiful location offering wide streams of the milky flow of water from the height of 180feet that is the most beautiful view for visitors. Law’s waterfall is one of the best tourist places near Coonoor giving the best picnic spot for family and friends. The stunning view of the water from the height hitting the rocks is most viewed and is a feast to watch for the visitors. Surrounded by the thick forests of the Nilgiris these waterfalls look breathtaking forming a natural pool at the ground level for the visitors to play in the water. If you are brave enough to take an adventure, take a careful walk around the rocks as they are slippery due to frequent splashes of water and have fun walking and stepping on the rocks reaching the beautiful views of the waterfalls, capturing them and moving further to have a good time amidst the beautiful location.

The Specialty of Law’s Falls:

  • Most beautiful nature location nearby Coonoor offering a wide landscape of waterfalls 
  • Water from the top of the hill at 18-ft falls on the rocks in the ground level forming a natural pool
  • Surrounded by Nilgiris and thick forests you can spot domestic birds chirping along the trees

How to Reach Law’s Falls:

It is exactly located 5kms away from Coonoor on Mettupalayam road towards the Ooty route and one can reach by taking private taxis or you can on a bike ride to visit exotic waterfalls.

Law’s Falls Entry Fee: No entry fee

Law’s Falls Timings: no timings

Law’s Falls Spending Time: 2 hours

Things to do at Law’s Falls:

  • Just explore the beauty of natural waterfalls and play in the water pool and spend ample time in the location

* * * * * * * * * *

4. Lamb’s Rock


Lamb’s Rock is an amazing place located a few miles away from Coonoor offering breathtaking views of the hills around the location and it is one of the Coonoor places to offer great views of the aromatic tea plantations that rejuvenates tourists mind and soul in the lap of nature. This is a great place to take some fresh air and definitely spending time is worth at Lamb’s rock. There is a viewpoint to check the thick forests surrounded by this famous Lamb rock named after a British collector during their rule. 

The cloud is so gloomy here and the breezy wind makes your soul feel energetic and never miss carrying the best camera to capture the beautiful views of the landmark. Lamb’s rock is the best Coonoor tourist spot offering verdant picturesque views from the top of the hill and is a famous place to go for a picnic with children and a romantic spot for couples to make a surprise proposal. One can trek to the top of the hill to watch the exotic views of the locations surrounded.

The Specialty of Lamb’s Rock:

  • The best tourist place to go around for a picnic to view the beautiful locations around
  • View from the top of the point is eye-catching to capture the moments from the viewpoint

How to Reach Lamb’s Rock:

It is 7kms from Coonoor towards Burliyar and can be reached by the public buses available and also you can take a taxi service from Coonoor which makes it easy.

Lamb’s Rock Entry Fee: Free

Lamb’s Rock Timings: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Lamb’s Rock Spending Time: 2 hours

Things to do at Lamb’s Rock:

  • Go for trekking which is an amazing adventure to take up to experience the best of this location beauty
  • Or simply enjoy the nature sitting on the rock viewing the local spots surrounded

* * * * * * * * * *

5. Dolphin’s Nose


Dolphin’s nose is one of the most visited tourist spots in Coonoor and is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor offering awestruck experiences. The name is assigned as the shape of its peak is in the form of Dolphin’s nose and is the best spot to capture the stunning views of the dense forests surrounded at its best. Having covered by the stunning blue mist Nilgiris the view from the peak of this rock is breathtaking to watch from the other side. The enormous rock is formed unrivalled from the sea level of 1500 meters above which offers the pleasant views of the high mountains covered by the thick forests and the best part of this spot is you can get the splendid view of the tea plantations that spread all over in the air and feels so relaxed refreshed.

Located in Nilgiris district, this is the prime location of Coonoor tourism drawing a huge number of tourists every year. You need to check the weather as it is covered with thick fog in the morning and after sunset so the best time to catch the panoramic views of the gushy mountains and a stunning view of beautiful Catherine falls with the tea plantations surrounded which are the perfect spots to choose when you plan for Coonoor sightseeing.

The Specialty of Dolphin’s Nose:

  • The shape of the rock is similar to that of the shape of the Dolphin’s nose elevated from the sea level
  • There is a viewpoint from where you can capture the fantastic views of the breathtaking surroundings.

How to Reach Dolphin’s Nose:

Located in Nilgiris district, it is easy to commute to this place, one can catch public and luxury buses available frequently from Coonoor bus station, If you are on your own vehicle you need to follow the Bedford circle road to the west and reach Dolphin’s Nose Coonoor.

Dolphin’s Nose Entry Fee: INR 15

Dolphin’s Nose Timings: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Dolphin’s Nose Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Dolphin’s Nose:

  • Explore the place and rejuvenate yourselves in the lap of nature catching the stunning views of the beauty of this spot and capturing them to cherish them forever.

* * * * * * * * * *

6. Ralliah Dam


Located in Wellington in Coonoor, Rallia Dam is prime among the Coonoor famous places offering the beautiful view of the water and adjoined by the dense forests. As the second-largest hill station in Nilgiris, one of the best things to do in Coonoor is trekking and Rallia Dam is the perfect spot to go for trekking and experience the amazing nature scenes and spots amidst the dense lush green forests. The dam water is clean and bluish turquoise in colour providing drinking source of water to the residents of Coonoor and neighbor places. Ralliah Dam with its beautiful flow of water amidst the gushy mountains is the famous Coonoor tourist spot and the best part of visiting this place is you can get tonnes of peace to revive yourselves from the busy lifestyle. 

You need trek for one km from the entrance of the Dam to the actual scenic spot and your way along is really amazing filled with dense forests, steep rocks and landscapes and also you can spot Bison and Malabar squirrels often visiting this place to drink the water of Dam.

The Specialty of Ralliah Dam:

  • Amazing view of the mountains and forests providing the beautiful backdrop to the Dam 
  • The water of this dam is fresh and used a source of drinking water
  • One of the beautiful dams nearby Coonoor and peaceful place for a weekend getaway

How to Reach Ralliah Dam:

Commuting to Rallia Dam is easy and hustle free, you can travel in buses available frequently and one can also take luxury buses if you are a tourist and for the comfort you can also take own vehicles as the Dam is located in wellington road in Coonoor,

Ralliah Dam Entry Fee: no entry fees

Ralliah Dam Timings: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Ralliah Dam Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Ralliah Dam:

  • Explore the dam and its surroundings serene beauty treating your soul with peace
  • Go for trekking along with the neighbor forests and reaching the famous Dam

* * * * * * * * * *

7. Catherine Falls


If you are fantasized about visiting the beautiful waterfalls then you have to visit the most beautiful place Catherine Falls which is the famous waterfalls in Coonoor. With unrivalled views along the mountains, the beautiful flow of the water from the top of hills hit the rocks and finally reach the ground offers the most beautiful views to the tourists and your Coonoor trip is incomplete without visiting this terrific beauty of nature. The natives of the village named it as Geddehaada Halla which is meant to be Foothills of Dale River, the waterfalls is given another name which is Catherine Falls as a tribute paid to the Cockburn family for the reason they introduced Coffee plantations in Kotagiri.

This is the pristine place among all the Coonoor famous places offering stretching its natural beauty to sky amidst the gushy mountains and lush green landscapes, thick forests in the Nilgiris as the water from Kallar river cut, flow and fall from a height of 250 metres makes the stunning view to watch and a truly natural paradise for tourists. 

The Specialty of Catherine Falls:

  • It is truly a paradise with the cascading flow of waterfalls from the top of the hill
  • The second highest waterfall in Coonoor offering spectacular views of the tea plantations and forests aboding the tourists to heaven
  • Best place to trekking and adventurous though

How to Reach Catherine Falls:

Located in Kotagiri, Catherine falls can be reached by taking a short journey from Coonoor or Ooty via moon road from Araven village to reach the falls, one can reach the falls by buses from Coonoor and get down at the stop and better take a short walk enjoying the nature as the road is very narrow and need to be very cautious. 

Catherine Falls Entry Fee: Free to visit 

Catherine Falls Timings: Dusk to dawn

Catherine Falls Spending Time: 1 hour at least

Things to do at Catherine Falls:

  • Explore and admire the natural beauty of the serene waterfalls amidst the Nilgiris and forests
  • Trekking is the best things every tourist would try to enjoying and capturing the sceneries

* * * * * * * * * *

8. Lady Canning’s Seat


Lady Canning’s Seat is the beautiful and historic mansion of Coonoor which reminds the heritage of Coonoor offering a wide stretch of steeping lands covered a long green mat of tea plantations. No doubt, with its stunning beauty, it is one among the Coonoor attractions offering a verdant view of the Nilgiris and green valleys surrounded by the mansion. This mansion’s architecture is awes trucking and is a treat for history lovers to study it, research it more to know the story behind it as it is named after Countess Charlotte Canning who is the beautiful British artist and the first vicereine of India. 

Stretching the lands surrounded by the mansion, one can take a tour walking in the tea plantations and capturing the pleasant sceneries of the spot. Offering a panoramic view of the high mountains covered with mist, this is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor. 

The Specialty of Lady Canning’s Seat:

  • The beautiful mansion built during British rule in India named after British artist Countess Charlotte Canning
  • Offering a wide view of the exotic nature spots and tea plantations

How to Reach Lady Canning’s Seat:

It is located about 9km away from Coonoor and can be reached by taking public buses as it is accessible from every place. One can also hire private vehicles for your luxury and reach the spot along the way to Lamb’s rock and you can also trek if you are interested.

Lady Canning’s Seat Entry Fee: No entry fee

Lady Canning’s Seat Timings: 8:00mam-6:00 pm

Lady Canning’s Seat Spending Time: 30 mins-1 hour

Things to do at Lady Canning’s Seat:

  • Take a leisure walk in the tea plantations surrounded by the mansion

* * * * * * * * * *

9. All Saints Church


All Saints Church being one of the oldest churches built in Coonoor is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor. Dating back to 163 years, the foundation to this holy church was laid in Coonoor with stunning architecture and beautiful interiors. It was the Old Anglican church built with wooden interiors and tinted glass windows and makes the beautiful view for the protestants. This church gives the vibes of the British and Goan style of architecture with classic interiors. The large pristine towers like structures on the top of the site make it the most beautiful place in Coonoor. With the best view in Church, beautiful landscapes and tall pine trees the Church is surrounded with a cemetery in its premises scares you in odd hours. 

The Specialty of All Saints Church:

  • Largest church and famous in Coonoor with British architecture and classic interiors
  • Beautiful plantations highlight the church.

How to Reach All Saints Church:

Located on the Kotagiri road, it is easy to travel the church, you can catch the bus available frequently. It is great if you can take a bus or take private vehicles for your comfort.

All Saints Church Entry Fee: No entry fee

All Saints Church Timings: 9:30 AM-5:00 PM

All Saints Church Spending Time: 30 mins

Things to do at All Saints Church:

  • It is great if you can explore the church and offer prayers

* * * * * * * * * *

10. Hidden Valley


Hidden Valley is the most unexplored place in Coonoor with beautiful sceneries with lush green and exotic weather the air is filled with fresh air to revive the soul. Hidden Valley is explored less among Coonoor tourist places but for nature lovers to relieve from stress, this is paradise. Located on the outskirts of the Coonoor, this is the best place for a weekend getaway and spend some good time with your loved ones and pack some memories to cherish. This place is ideal for Trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking are the activities you can give a shot if you love to hit the adventure.

Covered up with a mat of landscapes, plantations, the misty air is so cold you need to keep warm in the weather. Hidden Valley in Coonoor is the best place with picturesque views from the spot for newly wedded couples to spend a good time in nature. This unexplored valley is the best to explore to really experience something best in life.

The Specialty of Hidden Valley:

  • It’s the calm and serene location offering a wide view of the gushy mountains, green valleys
  • Famous to attempt mountaineering, trekkings, rock climbing and many more adventures
  • A perfect getaway for peace lovers

How to Reach Hidden Valley:

Hidden valley is located on the Rolston club road in the outskirts of Coonoor and one can reach the place by booking buses or taxis and you can also get buses from Coonoor station. 

Hidden Valley Entry Fee: No entry fee

Hidden Valley Timings: 9:00 am- 9:00 pm 

Hidden Valley Spending Time: 2 hours

Things to do at Hidden Valley:

  • Explore the scenic views of the valley and rest there
  • Trying out some adventurous activities is the best thing one can do here

* * * * * * * * * *


How to Reach Coonoor

Find your way and escape to the land of travel!


How to reach Coonoor:

By Road: Journey to Coonoor is worth defining as you get to see the beautiful scenic views of nature, landscapes. Green shrubs, you can drop by any picturesque location and take a couple of pictures admiring nature road trip is the best option if you travel by group rent a car or take your own vehicle and just head towards Ooty and then a short journey to Coonoor. You can also take buses from Bangalore to Ooty and then to Coonoor bus station. For hustle free journey book Coonoor packages from the best travel portals and make your journey memorable.

By Train: Train journey to Coonoor is the affordable option and comfortable stay as you need to stay for long hours to reach Coonoor. There are many connecting trains available from Hyderabad, Bangalore and many other places to Mettupalayam which is the nearest railway station in Coonoor. Get down at the stop and take buses and taxis to reach your accommodation.

By Flight: A quick and a bit costly way to reach Coonoor and  Coimbatore is the nearest airport to Coonoor. It is 100kms away from Coonoor and from there take taxis to reach Coonoor. But the train route is the best way to reach Coonoor.


History of Coonoor

There is always a hidden story to tell!


History of Coonoor:

After Ooty, Coonoor is the second largest hill station of Nilgiris, the blue-toned mountains that accommodates the Toda tribes back in the 18th century. After the British invaded Ooty, they traded tea and developed Coonoor as the popular tourist destination in India modifying the nature spots and manmade destinations to be a part of Coonoor sightseeing. Located on the high altitude of 1839 meters high, the British used Coonoor for commercial tea trading and often referred to the place as a small tea garden. Coonoor once was the residence of Toda tribes before it came into control of the British. Located in the southwest part of Tamailnadu, Coonoor is the beautiful hill station of Nilgiris comprised of green valleys, slopes of coffee and tea plantations and more. With a verdant of nature views, parks, mountains, gardens with more than 1000 species, lakes and also Coonoor hill station is famous for hosting fruit and vegetable annual shows in the month of May.


Best Time to Visit Coonoor

Set the clock to wander in the streets of Voyage


Best Time to Visit Coonoor hill station:

Though it is cold in hill stations, the best season to visit Coonoor is in between winter to mid of march as the Coonoor has its own charm in all of the three hill-stations of Nilgiris. Winter is the best time and is the peak season of tourism, visit Coonoor in winter, cocoon up yourself in thermals and take a leisure walk to the gardens to have a cup of tea in the plantation resorts or just enjoy the weather in the cozy corner of your cottage. Coonoor is also best to visit in March to May as you get to see a huge number of flower plants blooming and visit the fruit fest.

Attire Suitable for Coonoor Tour:

Coonoor is a beautiful hill station to be visited in winters to see the real beauty of hill station so in a way to protect yourself from ice-cold weather you need to pack all your warm blankets, shawls, pullovers, sweaters while you leave for the Coonoor trip.  Sometimes, the day time may be a little warmer but the nights in Coonoor will freeze you out especially during winters, so, it is a must to carry woollen clothes. Along with warm clothes, carry all your brightly coloured clothes to go with the atmosphere of the garden and also the pleasant weather of  Coonoor hill station.


Famous Food in Coonoor

Feed your tummy with yummy

Famous Food in Coonoor:

Coonoor is known for serving relishing delicacies to the tourists and people tasting the local cuisine of Coonoor will never forget the taste of food in their life! Mostly, their local cuisine consists of Avare beans and Rajma served with rice available in almost all the local stalls. Most of the bakeries in Coonoor make gourmet chocolates and coffee flavoured cakes which are must be given a try to relish your taste buds. Upper Coonoor, is famous for South Indian restaurants serving authentic delicacies both in veg and non-veg variants some of the best hotels to visit in upper Coonoor are Quality Inn, Rangoli, Bedford Circle, Taj garden retreat, Hotel Velan Ritz serving different cuisines along the south and Indian food.


Travel Tips for Coonoor Trip

Be little safe for the utmost joy!


Travel Tips for Coonoor Trip:

  • If you want to travel Coonoor without any hustle it is better you book Coonoor sightseeing packages prior to your travel date so that you can avail good offers
  • Coonoor is a hill station, so you need to keep warm yourselves as the temperature will be very low during winter 
  • Most of the Coonoor sightseeing places comprises of viewpoints and lakes, trekking points so, it is best to follow safety measures at these spots.
  • Prefer wearing dark coloured clothes paired with simple accessories is best at hill stations like Ooty
  • Plan your itinerary and save money for shopping as you get to shop a lot in the stalls
  • Carry eatables in your journey and follow safety measures at every tourist spot.
  • Also, keep your belongings safe when you visit crowded tourist spots.

Mandatory Items to be Carried to Coonoor Trip:

  • Carry winter wear like woollen clothes, fleece materials, and thermals to Coonoor especially if you visit Coonoor in the mid of December and February as the temperature will go down rapidly
  • Due to climate changes, you may fall sick so carry the first-aid box and basic medicine.
  • Do not forget to carry the best digital camera to lock your memories spent in Delhi forever.


Students and Family Tours

After all, the best moments of life are explored with friends and family


Students and Family Tours:

For students, this is the ideal place to visit Coonoor famous places and try many activities like trekking with a group is best to try something adventurous and pack loads of memories and also together sit on a campfire and interact with people, Coonoor is a wonderful destination for students who are group of friends, plan for a road trip is the best way to reach Coonoor.

For Family, this is the best place for a holiday vacation offering a wide range of viewpoints, parks to attract children, there are lakes that have boating services. Coonoor is the best choice to visit with family.


Photoshoot Places in Coonoor

Lock your memories and cherish them for the rest of your life!

Photoshoot Places in Coonoor:

Coonoor, the second-largest hill station, has everything stored beautifully for photography enthusiasts offering a wide range of picturesque locations with lakes, waterfalls, mountains, what not everything is a beautiful gift of nature in Coonoor. Law’s falls, Lamb’s rock, Sim’s park, Catherine falls every location has its own charisma offering best backdrops for photoshoots.


Shopping Centers in Coonoor

Shopping buzz on!

Shopping centers in Coonoor:

Coonoor is also famous for shopping unique stuff which you can’t get elsewhere, Coonoor is famous for selling gourmet cheese, chocolates, cookies and tea. You can shop for various types of authentic tea flavors at tea estates or in the local stalls. You can visit Acres wild cheese-making farm to buy different delicious cheese and you can also buy cheese from ‘Nilgiris store’ and many other local bakers. You can also buy unique and classic interior decors from the ‘Vrikish shop’. Coonoor is famous for selling homemade fresh jams, warm clothes, jewelry, handmade linen clothes and other art crafts found in local stores.


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Coonoor

Stretch your time to visit the best places in the city


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Coonoor:

October to December, January and February are the peak seasons of Coonoor tourism and tourists will visit Coonoor in high numbers to spend their holidays and get memorable moments remembered in life. Spring season from the start of February to Mid March is also the best season to visit Coonoor as the temperature will be awesome to locate all the Coonoor attractions. Coonoor has its own charm during this season and people do visit Coonoor at this time and gain the utmost enjoyable memories. It is advised to book your tour packages prior to the date of travel to enjoy the seamless efforts of travel to Coonoor sightseeing as the prices are high in the tourism month.

Days to Spend for Coonoor Trip: 1-2 days


Conclusion of Coonoor Tour

Here we conclude Bon Voyage!

Conclusion of Coonoor Tour Guide:

Hope we have covered all the best places to visit in Coonoor included with their specialties, itinerary, transport, timings, entry fees, things to do and many other important facts related to Coonoor sightseeing. Now, to make the process of visiting Coonoor more easy and quick we have introduced a dedicated tour and travel website. Bestbus is an online portal providing various tour packages and bus booking facilities to various places nationally and internationally. Bestbus provides exciting tour packages and transportation services to Coonoor from various places. Book your favorite package with an itinerary tour at very affordable prices along with many amenities. Do not delay to grab your deal and check out the various Coonoor packages available to Coonoor Trip. We have specially designed packages available now are like

  • Coonoor Tour Packages,
  • Coonoor Packages from Hyderabad
  • Coonoor Tour Package from Bangalore
  • Coonoor Family Packages
  • Coonoor Honeymoon Packages
  • View All Coonoor Tour Packages for your trip in Coonoor and book your cabs prior for your trip

Now it’s your turn to shoot down in the comments your experiences visiting Coonoor attractions


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