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Best Places to Visit in Ooty 2022

Explore the splendid joy of travelling!

20 Best Places to visit in Ooty

Ooty, also known as Ootacamund is the beautiful destination for people loving hill stations. In the gloomy days of winter, the weather in Ooty welcomes you for Ooty sightseeing. Blanketed with green tea and coffee plantations, Nilgiri hills look breathtaking throughout the way in Ooty. The Queen of hills is covered with Neelakurinji shrubs which beautifies the hills with its purplish-blue flowers that resemble the hills as Nilgiri mountains. Hill station lovers visit Ooty very often to take a break from their busy rush life and get relaxed wandering in between the tea gardening and smelling the green coffee beans that rejuvenate the soul. Ooty Tourism is covered with many beautiful places gifted by nature like trekking in the hills, viewpoints, a calm walk in tea plantations, parks and lakes to turn your Ooty trip the memorable one.

1. Ooty Lake


Ooty Lake is the first tourist destination in Ooty that strikes in every tourist mind as one of the best Ooty places. The most famous serene Ooty lake is actually a man-made created for fishing. It has now turned out to be one of the Ooty famous places. With the serene clear water, the lake has most beautiful scenic views of blue-toned mountains and Eucalyptus trees in dewy weather, where you can take cycling boats and just go for a view tour of the lake watching all the scenic views of the lake surrounded by the chirping of water birds and beautiful greeneries. 

This is the perfect place to capture the best photos as you can get some best pictures with the beautiful backdrops and there is a boathouse where you can spend a good time and also take paddle boats, motor boats for lake tour and there is a toy train for kids to take on a lake tour and view the beautiful sceneries of lake surrounded by mountains. Many boat races, horse rides are held here during the summer festival once a year which is totally fun-filled with many other activities. One must visit the lake to admire the beauty of Ooty.

The Specialty of Ooty Lake:

  • Lake spread over 65 acres beautifully sprawled for fish rearing surrounded by mountains
  • Boat races are held here during the summer festival in May for two days

How to Reach Ooty Lake:

Ooty lake is situated very near to the Railway station and is about 2km from the Green hills as one can hire local transport such as buses and taxis to reach Ooty lake. You can also reach the place in your own mode of transport or if you are large in numbers you can hire a minibus.

Ooty lake Entry Fees:

  • INR 10 for Indians
  • INR 560 for foreigners

Ooty Lake Timings: 9:00 AM-6:30 PM

Ooty Lake Spending Time: 2 hours

Things to do at Ooty Lake:

  • Go for a scenic tour enjoying the beautiful view of the lake.
  • Take boat rides and wander around the lake.
  • The toy train ride is the best one for kids to have fun watching the view of the lake.
  • Shopping stalls here offer some best snacks and woolen stuff.

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2. Rose Garden


Ooty Rose Garden is one of the Ooty attractions and probably the must-visit place in Ooty. Located in the heart of the city, Rosegarden is awarded by the World Federation of Rose Societies and is popularly known in Ooty as Centenary Rose gardens, Jayalalitha Rose Gardens and also Nootranju Roja Poonga by the locals. Rose Garden is filled with a beautiful variety of roses and many other species of flowers attracting tourists and rose lovers obviously for a reason. 

Located on steeps of the Elk Hills, Rosegarden is maintained by the Horticulture management of Tamilnadu and significantly conducts flower shows every year during summer in the garden that draws a huge crowd. The entire lush green garden is dedicated to the fragrant roses that attract butterflies and bees to suck the sweet nectars and tourists are also spotted in large number to feel refreshed from their busy schedules and you need to climb hills and wander in the gardens as the there are different roses in different level of the hills. The best thing about Rose garden it is a perfect picnic spot to spend your weekend or spend a good time with your loved ones buying a bouquet with your favourite roses from here and surprising them. The fragrance of the roses fills the entire garden and blossoms throughout the day in the beautiful green landscapes.

The Specialty of Rose Garden:

  • Wide range of 20,000 of beautiful roses are sprawled in the huge gardens
  • The flower show is conducted during summer every year which produces a high quantity of flowers and roses every year in the country.
  • Rare green roses, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea roses, Ramblers, Miniature roses and many more varieties of roses are spotted here

How to Reach Rose Garden:

As the rose garden is located in the heart of the city the place is accessible to all parts of the city and one can opt for public means of transportation like local buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis. If you are here for Ooty trip and exploring by our own vehicle then you can reach by taking Coimbatore-Ooty-Gundlupet highway from the church road to reach Rose garden

Rose Garden Entry Fees: INR 20

Rose Garden Timings: 8:30 am-6:00 pm

Rose Garden Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Rose Garden:

  • As the garden is spread over four hectares of sprawling land, you can wander in the rose gardens exploring a variety of roses
  • Attend the flower show conducted annually in the summer of every year.
  • There are rose tunnels in the garden and there is a viewpoint called Nila Maadam where tourists can see the beautiful view of the rose garden.

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3. Botanical Gardens


Botanical Gardens in Ooty is one of the famous places to visit in Ooty and has gained popularity around the world. Botanical Garden is one of its kind in the town with sprawling landscapes and various species of plants and trees are found here. The botanical garden is famous as a movie shooting spot and many popular movies are been shot mainly the romantic duet songs are shot here. Spreading over 55 hectares of land on the hillock, covered with different species of ferns, flora, and trees in the three divided sections of Horticulture departments.

The lush green landscapes of the botanical gardens are accompanied by 600 varieties of flowers, plants and trees are planted here 160 years ago since the foundations are laid in 1848 and it takes about 3 hours of time to take the complete tour of the gardens. The gardens have another interesting fact, Toda mund where you can view the livelihood of Toda tribes of Udhagamandalam. Botanical garden Ooty has housed many rare species of flora and fauna for years like monkey puzzle trees, even monkeys can’t climb the tree, paperbark tree, old fossiled tree and many other plants, ferns, flowers, and bonsai trees are found here to attracted botanical students and tourists. This is the perfect place to visit for taking good pictures for your social media profiles and picnic.

The Specialty of Botanical Gardens:

  • Many rare species of flora, ferns and bonsai trees are spotted here for about 160 years in Ooty
  • Highlights of the gardens are monkey puzzle tree, paperbark tree, and old fossilized tree
  • Flower show of the botanical gardens is the highlight of the entire layout

How to Reach Botanical Gardens:

Botanical gardens are located in Vannarepettai at a distance of 2.5kms from the Railway station and one can reach the gardens hiring local transport as such buses and taxis to reach Ooty lake. You can also reach the gardens in your own mode of transport or if you are large in numbers you can hire a minibus.

Botanical gardens Entry Fees: 

  • INR 30 per person
  • INR 50 for camera

Botanical Gardens Timings: 7:00 am-6:30 pm

Botanical Gardens Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Botanical Gardens:

  • View the culture and livelihood of Toda tribes from the viewpoint Toda Munda
  • Take a tour of the entire layout by walk and view the thousands of varieties of ferns, petals, trees and bonsai trees
  • Attend the flower show of the garden

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4. St. Stephen’s Church


St. Stephen’s Church located near Club road in Ooty is the holy place of spirituality and is one of the Ooty best places. The holy church was built in earlier days of the 19th century by the British government. It is indeed in beige coloured walls resembling peace and serenity with the sprawling gardens in its premises looks so aesthetic to be the Ooty tourist spot. The walls of the church are intricately carved that attracts tourists with astonishing architecture. The church is housed with a cemetery in the backside of the church accompanied by the sprawling gardens. The British architecture included many heritage elements of the 19th century like the paintings the Last supper, tinted glass windows, art pieces and many more holy structures that resemble the spirituality are seen inside the church. It is the center of attraction of the Queen of hills with its unique antique British architecture and the gardens that attract tourists all around the country. Tourists coming to visit tourist places near Ooty must pay a visit to  St. Stephen’s Church.

The Specialty of  St. Stephen’s Church:

  • The architecture of the church is in British style with the antique paintings on the walls
  • Gardens in the front yard of the church add more beauty to the church

How to Reach St. Stephen’s Church:

 St. Stephen’s Church is located on the club road of the city towards Mysore highway, so the transport is seamless and can be reached easily by auto, bus or cab and one get the fun of journey by taking their own vehicles to reach the church.

St. Stephen’s Church Entry Fees: No charges

St. Stephen’s Church Timings:

  • 10:00 am-1:00 pm
  • 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

St. Stephen’s Church Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at St. Stephen’s Church:

  • Visit the church and take a tour of the astonishing architecture in British style
  • Offer prayers to God and receive peace
  • Attend the mass during Christmas celebrations in December

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5. Nilgiri Mountain Railway/ Toy Train


Nilgiri Mountain Railway is one of the best places to visit in Ooty built by the British government and gives once in a lifetime experience that attracts tourists all over the world. It was awarded as the World’s heritage site by UNESCO in 2005 offering its riders the most beautiful and adventurous journey in its way with more scenic views of nature. The train journey is about 5 hours covering a distance of 46kms through its way to the Nilgiri hills offering the cascading views of the thick forests, Eucalyptus trees, lakes and the beautiful red sun playing hide and seek in between the mountains and one must stay that the 5 hours long journey is the best and spectacular leaving you with most beautiful and thrilling experience in your life.

The Toy train Ooty journey starts from Mettupalayam the nearest Railway station to Ooty and your journey starts from the plain, steep side of the mountains to experiencing the highest altitude of 4, 363 feet of hills taking you through the panoramic rides covering Coonoor, Wellington, Lovedale and Kellar and other places offering the beautiful views of plantations, trees, gardens, lakes and cultivate along the steep grounds of the place makes the most stunning experience for every rider taking the journey.

The Specialty of Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

  • The steepest Railway in entire Asia taking the journey of 46kms through the mountains
  • Declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO in 2005
  • Offers astonishing journey experience to be remembered for life enjoying the scenic views of nature

How to Reach Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

Nilgiri Railway station can be reached easily from any part of the city by hiring local transport such as buses and taxis to reach Ooty lake. You can also reach your own mode of transport or if you are large in numbers you can hire a minibus.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway Entry Fees:

  • First-class: INR 205
  • Second class: INR 30
  • General: INR 15

Nilgiri Mountain Railway Timings: 

Starts at 7:00 am and leave Ooty by 3:00 pm

Nilgiri Mountain Railway Spending Time: 5 hours

Things to do at Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

  • Take the best ever journey in your life and experience the beautiful scenic views of the mountains, forests, plantations and crops throughout your journey along the beautiful Queen of hills.

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6. Tea Museum


Tea Museum or the Tea factory the must-visit place in Ooty that stands for the cultivation of tea and coffee in India. The museum is surrounded by green tea plantations spread in the geographic land of 1 acre and listen to the process of tea leaves preparation from its evolution beautifully explained by the guide. The Museum displays the process of making different varieties of tea leaves and also the tea leaves that are displayed to tourists. Tourists enjoy the experience of visiting a tea factory viewing the nature spots accompanied by the museum in the steep lands.

Adjacent to the museum there is a tea souvenir shop that offers a number of varieties of tea powders, you can try and purchase your favourite tea powders sold by weight and take as souvenirs to your tea lovers from Ooty. Every tourist visiting Ooty attractions will never fail to visit the Tea Museum.

The Specialty of Tea Museum:

  • Displaying the variety of tea leaves preserved here from ages
  • Explaining the process of tea leaves preparation
  • Offering a number of varieties of tea powders in the souvenir shop in the tea factory

How to Reach the Tea Museum:

Tea museum is located on Doddabetta road in Mel Kodappamund which can be reached by travelling in local transportation and can also hire buses and taxis from any part of the city to reach the tea factory.

Tea Museum Entry Fees: Rs.10.00 per person

Tea Museum Timings: 9:00 am-5:30 pm

Tea Museum Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at the Tea Museum:

  • Taking the tour in the Tea museum and factory viewing the different process of tea manufacturing
  • Purchase your favorite flavors of tea from the factory

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7. Avalanche Lake


Avalanche Lake located in the mid of the Nilgiris district is the famous Ooty tourist spot to be viewed when visited Ooty. This is a more popular and favourite spot for the hiking people and nature lovers who wish to set a tent and spend a day fishing along the lakeside and set fire in the night and just stay relaxed in the lap of nature. Avalanche lake is nature's gift created amidst the sandy slopes of the mountains giving the most picturesque view of nature. The lush green landscapes filled with blossoming flowers of magnolias add more beauty to the lake. 

Since it was created of the landslides, many activities take place around the year especially in summer-like trekking, camping, rafting, fishing and many more revitalizing activities that make the Avalanche lake one of the best places to visit in Ooty. The calm environment of the place surrounded makes it an ideal place for a family to get together and picnics.

The Specialty of Avalanche Lake:

  • The beautiful lake is naturally created by landslides surrounded by landscapes
  • Many activities take place here aside the lake like trekking, camping and more
  • Explore the reserves of wildlife here

How to Reach  Avalanche Lake:

From Ooty, there are many buses and taxis that move to the lake every day which can be reached easily at the Avalanche lake checkpoint. But, if you want to travel by your own or private transportation those are stopped at the checkpoint and can reach near the lake in forest vehicles

Avalanche Lake Entry Fees: Free

Avalanche Lake Timings: 8:00 am-6:30 pm

Avalanche Lake Spending Time: 1-3 hours

Things to do at Avalanche Lake:

  • Just sit relax from the busy schedule and spend a good time in the lap of  nature
  • Try some activities like fishing and set camping
  • Also, participate in other trekking activities and explore the wildlife

* * * * * * * * * *

8. Doddabetta Peak


Dodabetta as the name speaks, it is the highest peak of the Nilgiris in Ooty, located away 10kms from Ooty, Dodabetta Peak is one of the must-visit places in Ooty. Located on the extreme height of 8650 feet high, this is the highest peal and viewpoint where you can glance the entire Ooty from the hill. This is the most thrilling spot giving tourist goals once you visit the place surrounded by mountains, greeneries, and lakes nearby. 

The real charm of the place is brought out by the green landscapes of the mountains with rich flora and can view the whole estate from the telescope house housed with two telescopes which is the best facility offered for the tourists. Dodabetta is a famous destination for trekking lovers because of the highest altitudes and green landscapes. The way is easily accessible to all types of vehicles and a perfect destination for a picnic or a day out on weekends too. To take the adventure or relax in the lap of nature Dodabetta Peak is the famous Ooty tourist spot.

The Specialty of Doddabetta Peak:

  • The highest peak of the Nilgiris locating 8650 feet high from the ground and sea level
  • Offering the most cascading view of nature and can glance the place from the telescope house

How to Reach Doddabetta Peak:

One can reach the Doddabetta peak by travelling in public state buses available from Ooty bus stand and can be reached by hiring private vehicles. The nearest railway station is the Nilgiri Mountain railway and can take taxis from the station to reach the place.

Doddabetta Peak Entry Fees:

  • INR 6 per person
  • INR 10 for camera

Doddabetta Peak Timings: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Doddabetta Peak Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Doddabetta Peak:

  • Go for trekking to experience the adventurous moments 
  • Just sit back and relax the serene atmosphere of the mountains
  • View the entire mountain ranges from the telescope house

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9. Pykara Lake and Waterfalls


To visit the most beautiful place in Ooty just to enjoy within the greeneries and serene atmosphere Pykara lake is one of the best tourist places near Ooty. Pykara lake stands by the name of the village Pykara situated near 21km from Ooty amidst the green valleys and lush green forests there exists a beautiful place Pykara Lake. The beautiful lake was formed by the backwaters of the dam constructed in the village for irrigation purposes and that has led to the beautiful creation of Pykara Lake

This is the best place in Ooty to visit with your family and friends for a day out at the weekend or holidays. In summer, due to typical weather people come here in large numbers to view the scenic locations surrounded by the Pykara river. The lush green Nilgiri valleys surrounded by the beautiful lake which also houses a power plant by its name. Tourists visiting this place to view the lake will pay a visit to the dam and the powerplant adjoining the dam which is very famous in the village. The river created in the mountain valleys flows through the middle of the mountains as waterfalls which are known as Pykara Waterfalls. These downstream of the river fall into two divided sections and these are the famous waterfalls in Ooty. With beautiful picturesque locations of the valleys, dam, river, and waterfalls this is prime among the places to visit near Ooty.

The Specialty of Pykara Lake and Waterfalls:

  • The one only tourist place in Ooty adjoined with the dam, river, and waterfalls
  • The boating facility is available here with the boathouse along with Restaurant maintained by Tamilnadu Tourism Ooty
  • The scenic views of the lake are majestic and that is the reason why tourists flock to this place in Ooty Sightseeing.

How to Reach Pykara Lake and Waterfalls:

As Pykara village is located at a distance of 21 km and takes an hour’s drive, so, it is the best idea to take a road trip in your vehicle or hiring private taxis. There are a lot of KSRTC buses available from Ooty as well.

Pykara Lake and Waterfall's Entry Fees: Free

Pykara Lake and Waterfall's Timings: 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Pykara Lake and Waterfalls Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Pykara Lake and Waterfalls:

  • Plan for a picnic with your family to spend a good time within nature beauty
  • Try boating and also do check out the boating house restaurant that serves delicious food
  • Horse rides and battery car facilities are also available to take a tour on the spot.

* * * * * * * * * *

10. Wax World Museum


To distract you slightly from the Ooty tour guide narrating the scenic views of the hill stations including plantations, waterfalls, Parks in the lap of nature, let’s check the iconic place of Ooty and popular Ooty tourist spot, best getaway for kids to attract with lifelike wonders is the World Wax Museum. The museum is the concept of Mr. Shreeji Bhaskaran, who is an IT professional planned to create it in Ooty and the museum was housed in the famous historical mansion during colonial ruler 130 years ago. The inauguration of the museum was done by the Ooty collector Sri. Santosh K. Mishra in 2007.

The museum is famous for portraying the life size statues of famous politicians, historical leaders around the world. You can witness the wax statues of Dr. APJ. Abul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Gopala Krishna Gokhale, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mother Teressa, Obama and many other famous Leaders that are carved out of wax are displayed in the museum. Wax Museum Ooty is one of the best places to visit in Ooty to beautifully portray the traditional living of the Ooty tribal household their lifestyle, cultivation which is the highlight of the museum.

The Specialty of Wax World Museum:

  • Famous for depicting the local lifestyle and tribal household and you can witness the wax statues of their livelihood
  • A beautiful creation of lifesize wax statues of famous political leaders and Indian personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa, Gopala Krishna Gokhale can be spotted here

How to Reach the Wax World Museum:

Wax museum is located very near to the Railway station approximately 1km away from it and tourists can get a number of buses, taxis from the station to reach the museum and you can also come in your own vehicle.

Wax World Museum Entry Fees: 

  • INR 30 for adults
  • INR 20 for kids
  • INR 50 for camera

Wax World Museum Timings: 9:00 am- 8:00 pm

Wax World Museum Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Wax World Museum:

  • Take a long tour of observation of the wax statues of the famous leaders and the beautiful depiction of the Ooty local lifestyle and the tribal livelihood.

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* * * * * * * * * *

11. Needle View Hillpoint


Needle View Hillpoint also is known as Oosi Malai is one of the best places to visit in Ooty to go one for a weekend getaway with your loved ones or for a picnic with your family. This place is a destination for all the height lovers and hill station lovers to hit the adventure and hit the fear in you, sitting here will revive the soul as the fresh air wind beats you to declutter your way of living. Standing by its name, the hill is shaped in the form of a needle and is the best place to get the beautiful view of the entire scenic spot. This prime place is best to view the sunset as the beauty of this location enhances during sunset as you get to see the splendid creation of nature, the beautiful houses built along the hills amidst the lush green landscapes, the picturesque locations of the hill. To get the best out of the joy, you can climb the hill and get the magnum opus view of this hill station.

The Specialty of  Needle View Hillpoint:

  • The famous hill stands by its name as it is shaped in the form of a needle is the major tourist attraction in Ooty.

  • The best place to spend a pleasant and calm day in the lap of nature offering beautiful scenic spots from the hill station

How to Reach Needle View Hillpoint:

Needle View Hillpoint is located in Gudalur from Ooty and can be reached easily by taking a journey in private buses and state buses. You can also get a number of taxis and private vehicles from Ooty to reach the point.

Needle View Hillpoint Entry Fees: No entry fee

Needle View Hillpoint Timings: 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Needle View Hillpoint Spending Time: 1-2 hours or a half-day is you are here for a picnic

Things to do at Needle View Hillpoint:

  • Just take a week off and spend your day in the lap of nature. A serene place to get out of the everyday hustle and cluttered lifestyle.
  • Climb the hill and view the scenic spots of the location from the top of the hill.

* * * * * * * * * *

12. Deer Park


A few meters distance from Ooty Lake, Deer Park is located which is a must-visit tourist spot among Ooty sightseeing places. This park is a goal to all the animal lovers especially for the wildlife lovers, you can find many varieties of deers in present in different sections of the sanctuaries. Located near just Ooty Lake, people visiting the lake surely take a walk into this Deer park to see the beautiful deers playing, running and wandering in their own boundaries created in different sections according to their species.

You can find different varieties of deers in large numbers like the Sambhar deers, Chital deers, Barasingha deers, Hog deers, Barking deers, Sangai deers, Blackbucks, Chinkaras and many other beautiful deers are sheltered under this sanctuary. Along with deers, there are many other wild animals like hares, rabbits and many other this makes the place a fun day for kids. The park is well and decently maintained by the Wildlife sanctuary Ooty. If you are planning an Ooty trip, then this is among the must-visit places in Ooty.

The Specialty of Deer Park:

  • Housed with a wide variety of deers in large numbers like Sambhar deers, Chital deers, Barasingha deers, Hog deers, Barking deers, Sangai deers, Blackbucks, Chinkaras.

  • Many other animals are also sheltered in this wildlife sanctuary safely

  • The most visited tourist place in Ooty

How to Reach Deer Park:

Deer Park is very near to the Ooty lake and hence the place is well connected to every part of Ooty. One can reach here by public transport or can hire private taxis.

Deer Park Entry Fees: Free

Deer Park Timings: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Deer Park Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Deer Park:

  • Take a leisure tour in the park visiting all the types of deer, feeding them if you take some eatables and also visiting other animals in the sanctuary. Have fun in the park.

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* * * * * * * * * *

13. Thunder World


Who said Ooty is just a honeymoon destination or a place for hill station lovers? There is a lot to explore within Ooty as the world wax museum, Deer park, we have Thunder World, the popular among Ooty famous places. Thunder world is a theme park created to enthrall every age of people especially kids. The park is popularly known as Dinosaur park where you get to see many statues and models of different dinosaurs extinct, This is the best place to bring your kids to have fun to the fullest and educate them about the dinosaurs. Usually, the park is divided according to the themes into three sections of which are Jurassic Jungle, the Vortex, and the Haunted house. The entry tickets to these themes are taken separately other than entry tickets. Every visitor entering these theme houses will be filled with wonderful experiences surprising and scaring them every moment.

The Jurassic world contains the forests filled with dinosaurs and statues with sound and special effects enthralling kids and adults, whereas Haunted house is completely designed to scare tourists to the fullest with planned 5D experiences which are breathtaking obviously. The Vortex themed house consists of creative and themed 3D paintings and illusion effects look eye-catchy for people. Besides these themed houses there is more to explore in Thunder World that shows 5D theatre and a camera museum to entertain the audience and live with wonderful experiences in the park. No doubt, this is a fascinating place in Ooty Tourism.

The Specialty of Thunder World:

  • About 20 models of dinosaurs are displayed in different sizes with special sound effects
  • Three themed houses like Vortex, haunted house and the Jurassic world are the highlights of this park
  • 5d experiences in thunder world is an addition that lifts up the entertainment in this amusement park

How to Reach Thunder World:

It is best to take buses from the Ooty bus station to reach Thunder World without any hassle and one can also hire private taxis for their convenience.

Thunder World Entry Fee:

  • INR 300 for entrance
  • Prices are separate for other rides and themed houses

Thunder World Timings:

  • April to October: 10:00 am-7:00 pm
  • November to March: 10:00 am -5:30 pm

Thunder World Spending Time: 3-4 hours

Things to do at Thunder World:

  • Explore the Jurassic world, vortex and haunted house to get a thrilling experience 
  • Taking dry and wet rides in this amusement park is worth a try.

* * * * * * * * * *

14. Kamaraj Sagar Dam


Kamaraj Sagar Dam which is formed by the lake is the best picnic spot and a popular one of all the Ooty places to see when you visit the town. This dam is also known as the Sandynallah Reservoir with icy cold water which serves the purpose of drinking water to the neighborhood places and the lake is famous for fishing. The dam is surrounded by many beautiful scenic views of nature with lush green landscapes, shrubs, dense forests makes it a place where birds migrate here to drink water and chirping here you can spot them if you are lucky enough! 

Kamaraj Sagar Dam is one of the best places to visit in Ooty offering the most serene atmosphere for nature lovers and is the best place to come for a short trip with your family and friends to spend good time in the lap of nature enjoying the fresh and best seafood delicacies famous here, the local food of the place is fish curry serves with hot steamed rice. Take a break from the daily hustle and visit the dam.

The specialty of Kamaraj Sagar Dam: 

  • Beautiful place to plan for a picnic and day out
  • Fishing is the prime livelihood of the residents of the village and many food stalls surrounded serves the best seafood
  • Many film shootings have happened here near the dam and on the highway road

How to Reach Kamaraj Sagar Dam:

The dam is constructed near Gundlupet on the Coimbatore-Ooty-Gundlupet highway, so, it is best to reach by road and take buses or taxis to reach Kamaraj Sagar Dam.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam Entry Fee: Free

Kamaraj Sagar Dam: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Kamaraj Sagar Dam Spending Time: 2-3 hours

Things to do at Kamaraj Sagar Dam:

  • Go for a picnic with your family and enjoying the delicacies of seafood
  • You can also go fishing

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* * * * * * * * * *

15. Stone House


Stone House revives the heritage of Ooty to the modern era, preserving the ancient wealth. Stone House serves as the most famous spot in Ooty attractions built by the British with skillful ancient architecture that still remains sturdy and strong even after two centuries in Ooty. The house is a home for many art crafts, coins, stamps, weapons, clothes used by then people of Ooty and British. This is a great place for the people who love to discover the historical monuments, their used things, and research about it. Stone house is a beautiful mansion that is completely made out of stone with majestic architecture designed by John Sullivan. The walls of the mansion are intricately carved and furnished with ancient paintings. 

The mansion portrays the weapons, utensils, coins and agricultural methods used by the Toda Tribes of Ooty. 

The Specialty of Stone House:

  • The beautiful mansion that presents the rich heritage of Ooty for two centuries to the modern era
  • The mansion consists of used things by Toda tribes and British like art crafts, utensils, stamps, coins, and weapons.

How to Reach Stone House:

Stone House area is a landmark in Ooty and can be reached from any part of the town easily by public and private means of transport. One can reach the mansion in their own vehicle also for your comfort.

Stone House Entry Fee: INR 5 per person

Stone House Timings: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Stone House Spending Time: 30 mins-1 hour

Things to do at Stone House:

  • Take a tour of the Stone house architecture and its interiors
  • Learn about the history of Udhagamandalam and art crafts, coins, utensils, weapons, and many other things.

* * * * * * * * * *

16. Kalhatty Waterfalls


Kalhatty waterfalls are the popular ones among the tourist places near Ooty giving the most beautiful vacation goals for nature lovers. Situated on the Sigur Plateau, Kalhatty falls are in Bellikkal village adding more beauty to the village of this region. The downstream of the waterfall slides from the rocks of Nilgiri hills from a great height of 400 feet which gives a spectacular view for the tourists visiting the spot. The downstream of the falls form into a lake and used a source of drinking water by the nearby villagers. It is believed by the locals of the village that water is said to have the medical properties that cure diseases and hence, many people visiting the lake take a gulp of this water.

Kalhatty waterfalls offer the most picturesque views and beautiful nature backdrops in its location for the photography lovers. Surrounded by lush green forests and greeneries it is the place where many birds flock here and caught in camera lovers and also you can spot elephants occasionally coming here to drink water in this serene lake. This is the most beautiful place in Ooty attractions which definitely demands a visit from every tourist.

The Specialty of Kalhatty Waterfalls: 

  • The beautiful streams of Kalhatty fall from a height of 400 feet from the hillock
  • Many birds and elephants are spotted here as part of their natural habitat
  • Offering many scenic views, the water is used as drinking water and believed to have medicinal properties

How to Reach Kalhatty Waterfalls: 

Kalhatty waterfalls can be easily reached by road probably by a road trip in your own vehicle or by means of public transport.

Kalhatty Waterfalls Entry Fee:  Free

Kalhatty Waterfalls Timings: 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Kalhatty Waterfalls Spending Time: 2-3 hours

Things to do at Kalhatty Waterfalls

  • Plan for a picnic here and just enjoy breathing fresh air playing games and have your favorite food
  • Meanwhile, spot some monkeys, birds, elephants, and tigers visiting the lake to drink water which is the best moment for every tourist visiting Kalhatty waterfalls.

* * * * * * * * * *

17. Emerald Lake


Emerald Lake is the best place to visit in Ooty hill station offering picturesque nature views for nature junkies. Located in the emerald village, it is adjoined with the silent valley national park with beautiful landscapes and clean water. Emerald Lake is one of the best places to visit in Ooty offering a calm and serene atmosphere to relieve from the busy whacked out life. It is the best place located in the lap of blue-toned Nilgiri hills surrounded by admiring locations which are a goal for the photography lovers and the best place to get new thoughts for storytellers. Emerald lake is completely about beautiful and cleaner landscapes with soothing climate giving a perfect reason to spend your weekend. The water of the lake is clean and blue spotted with beautiful birds chirping around the branches of trees making home to themselves. Trekking and mountain biking are things to do in Ooty Emerald lake.

The Specialty of Emerald Lake:

  • A serene and solitary place just to relax
  • Beautiful lake with cleaner surroundings and freshwater of the lake allowing natural habitat for domestic birds
  • Sunset and sunrise gives the best experiences as the sun rays reflecting on the water waves

How to Reach Emerald Lake:

The bus route is not available direct to the Emerald village, hence you can take a long drive in your vehicle. It may be a car or a bike taking the route from the woodcock route you reach and then the lake road in 40 minutes to 1 hour of the journey.

Emerald lake Entry Fees: Free

Emerald Lake Timings: Sunrise to sunset

Emerald lake Spending Time: 2 hours

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* * * * * * * * * *

18. Elk Hill Murugan Temple


Elk Hill Murugan temple located on top of the elk hill is one of the must-visit places in Ooty and is the famous pilgrimage in Ooty, tourists visiting Ooty definitely visit this iconic temple to take lord Murugan darshan. Statue of ord Murgun of 40 feet height is positioned on the top of the elk hill in the temple which can be seen from wider distances adds more charm to the place. In the middle of hills and beautiful landscapes and bountiful nature views to the tourists with the coolest temperature in Ooty. The temple along with the long statute of lord Murugan painted in gold color is constructed with bricks and mortar and has given a beautiful architecture to the temple attracts a large number of tourists.

People visiting the temple have to take the steps in 108 number barefoot to take Murugan darshan which tests your devotion towards and is fun if you climb the steps with a group of people. This place is a landmark of nature views and spirituality attracting tourists in large numbers giving the most memorable moments here. The temple also has idols of other deities Lord Ganesha, lord shiva, Navagrahas, Nava Kanika, Goddess Shakthi. Every year in the mid of January and February months the temple celebrates the Thaipusam festival with processions starting from Mahamariamman temple to the elk hill with Kavadi Attam which is a traditional dance performed along the way in the fest. During this festival, devotees carry milk in large amounts in Kavadis decorated with flowers and peacock feathers as an offering to Lord Murugan. With beautiful views and spirituality, this temple is a famous Ooty tourist spot.

The Specialty of Elk Hill Murugan Temple:

  • The temple is located on top of the elk hill hence the temple is named as the name of the hill
  • The tall statue 40 g=feet high is perched on the hill of the temple which is the icon of the temple
  • Thaipusam festival is celebrated in a special way every year offering milk to Swamy in large containers or carriers called Kavadis

How to Reach Elk Hill Murugan Temple:

The temple is very near to Ooty bus stand and is just 3 km away from the station one can reach the temple by taking buses and auto from the bus station.

Elk Hill Murugan Temple Entry Fee: No entry fee

Elk Hill Murugan Temple Timings: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Elk Hill Murugan Temple Spending Time: 30-60 mins

Things to do at Elk Hill Murugan Temple:

  • Clim 108 steps on barefoot to take Lord Murugan darshan and worship him 
  • Visit the temple during Thaipusam festival to witness all the events happening during the festival

* * * * * * * * * *

19. Wenlock Downs


Wenlock Downs is popular among the Ooty best Tourist places to plan for a weekend getaway or a picnic with your kids. This stands as the most soothing place for nature lovers to get free from the running lifestyle as it is fully occupied with cool and calm weather surrounded by greeneries, Nilgiri mountains touching the clear blue sky that clams your mind and soul. Wenlock Downs is the name of a British soldier Baron Wenlock, the spot covering an area of 20,000 acres served as a hunting point back in the British rule. Now the spot is a serene place covered with beautiful landscapes, bushes, flora which is a sure shot place for photography lovers for planning a photoshoot for events, weddings. This is the tourist spot in Ooty famous for movie shootings mainly for duet songs many Tollywood movies have been shot here on the beautiful landscapes.

The specialty of Wenlock Downs:

  • Covered with beautiful landscapes and meadows this is one of the best places to visit in Ooty
  • Famous for movie shootings and an ideal place for planning picnics and weekend getaways

How to Reach Wenlock Downs:

Wenlock Downs is located on the way to Pykara village and can be reached by catching a bus from the Ooty bus stand heading towards Pykara and get down near the spot. One can also hire taxis, private vehicles and come by their own vehicle for their comfort.

Wenlock Downs Entry Fee: INR 10 per person

Wenlock Downs Timings: 9:30 AM-6:00 PM

Wenlock Downs Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Wenlock Downs:

  • Plan for a weekend getaway take your own food sit and relax at the spot enjoying beautiful nature
  • Explore the beautiful landscapes and nature locations in the surroundings
  • Plan for a photoshoot if you are a photography enthusiast.

* * * * * * * * * *

20. Mudumalai National Park


Mudumalai National Park is one of the best places to visit in Ooty and is the prime location to visit in


How to Reach Ooty

Find your way and escape to the land of travel!


How to Reach Ooty:

By Road: The best way to reach Ooty is by taking the road so that you can enjoy the journey, the fields, the weather watching the blue sky covered with hills gives the utmost joy. Probably, if you love riding then you take your own vehicle as the way from Bangalore to Ooty is heaven and if you don’t want to get tired and feel relaxed yet enjoy the trip, then book Ooty tour package from Bangalore available online for best rates or take the private taxis and public states buses to reach the Queen of hills.

By Train: The train journey to Ooty is worth taking as it will be a memorable journey yet comfortable as u have to sit for quite a long time. Well, the nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam and enjoy the journey viewing the cascading mountains and picturesque landscapes throughout your way to Ooty.

By Flight: The nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore, about 100 km of the journey takes you to Ooty and can be reached by private taxis and local buses. Opt for flight journey only if you are on a high budget and don’t want to travel by train or bus.


History of Ooty

There is always a hidden story to tell!


About City of Ooty:

Ooty, located in the mountain ranges of Nilgiri hills, is the popular tourist destination in South India giving goals for hills station lovers and honeymooners. Ooty was derived from the word Udhagamandalam which means Queen of hill stations as the place is located in the blue-tinted mountains, the Nilgiri hills and later in British rule, it was changed to Ootacamund and then to Ooty which is the current name. Udagamandalam originally belonged to the hill tribes Todas and Badagas. Evidently, Today's livelihood is rearing buffalos and Badagas to live on cultivation namely Coffee and tea. The beautiful wooden houses built across the hills and the green coffee plantations spread over the land, with cool temperature every time, Ooty is no less than Switzerland and is known for many best places to visit in Ooty,  do not miss visiting these places when you plan for Ooty trip.


Best time to visit Ooty

Set the clock to wander in the streets of Voyage


Best time to Visit Ooty:

Ooty is all about just simply enjoying the pleasant weather, wandering in the hills and tea plantations, in the lanes of flora and fauna. The peak season where tourists swarm to enjoy the weather is between October and early March, which is the best season to visit Ooty. The temperatures will be very cold during this time and the beauty of Ooty increases more as the fog falls in the morning and also from March to June is also the best time to visit Ooty as the spring season will be amazing in Ooty and rains in monsoon is quite enjoyable to go for Ooty sightseeing. Tourists can plan for Ooty trip in their budgets as the prices of hotels and fares will be less during the season.

Attire suitable for Ooty Tour:

Pack all your warm blankets, shawls, pullovers, sweaters while you leave for the Ooty trip. Sometimes, the day time may be a little warmer but the nights in Ooty will freeze you out especially during winters, so, it is a must to carry woolens. Along with warm clothes, carry all your bright colored clothes to go with the atmosphere of the garden and also the pleasant weather of Ooty hill station.


Famous Food in Ooty

Feed your tummy with yummy

Famous Food in Ooty:

Ooty is famous for coffee and tea plantations, you can visit the famous Tea factory in Ooty where you can taste and buy plenty of tea powders in different flavors, the factory manufactures more than 50 varieties of tea sold by weight. Most of the tourists take these as souvenirs in the largest quantities. Ooty is also famous for freshly handmade chocolates that are served with love can be found in any of the local bakeries sold by weight. You can choose from dark and milk chocolates added with a variety of flavors. The best chocolates to taste can be found in King star confectionaries. Varkey is an ancient traditional snack of Ooty made with wheat, sugar, and butter found in the local bakeries of Ooty, this Varkey is delicious when served with tea.


Travel Tips for Ooty Trip

Be little safe for the utmost joy!


Travel Tips for Ooty Trip:

  • As Ooty is a hill station, the temperature will be very low and if you visit in peak season make sure you book your Ooty tour package days before you plan to travel.
  • Most of the Ooty sightseeing comprises hill stations, viewpoints, and lakes, so, it is best to follow safety measures at these spots.
  • Prefer wearing dark colored clothes paired with simple accessories is best at hill stations like Ooty
  • Try activities in the supervision of tourism management at wildlife sanctuaries
  • Plan you are itinerary and save money for shopping as you get to shop a lot in the traditional markets in Ooty
  • Shop at the Tibetan market which has a good collection of leather stuff, woolen clothes, and accessories at cheaper prices
  • Purchase gourmet chocolates and tea from the factory and stalls as souvenirs 
  • Carry eatables in your journey and follow safety measures at every tourist spot.
  • Also, keep your belongings safe when you visit crowded tourist spots.

Mandatory Items to be Carried to Ooty Trip:

  • Carrying winter wear like woollen clothes, fleece materials, and thermals to Ooty especially if you visit Ooty in the mid of December and February as the temperature will go down rapidly.
  • Due to climate changes, you may fall sick so carry the first-aid box and basic medicine as Ooty is a hill station
  • Do not forget to carry the best digital camera to lock your memories spent in Delhi forever.


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Ooty

Stretch your time to visit the best places in the city


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Ooty:

Obviously, December and January are the peak seasons of Ooty tourism and tourists will be flocking to the Ooty hill station to spend their holidays and get memorable moments remembered in life. Spring season from the start of February to Mid March is also the best season to visit Ooty as the temperature will be awesome to locate all the Ooty attractions admiring the flora and fauna of Ooty. Ooty has its own special charm during this season and people do visit Ooty at this time and gain the utmost enjoyable memories. It is advised to book your tour packages prior to the date of travel to enjoy the seamless efforts of travel to Ooty sightseeing as the prices are high in the tourism month.

Days to Spend for Ooty Trip: 4-5 days


Conclusion of Ooty Tour

Here we conclude BonVoyage!


Conclusion: (Tour Packages, One Day Tour, Hotel Booking, Transportation)

Hope we have covered all the best places to visit in Ooty included with their specialties, itinerary, transport, timings, entry fees, things to do and many other important facts related to Ooty sightseeing. Now, to make the process of visiting Ooty more easy and quick we have introduced a dedicated tour and travel website. Bestbus is an online portal providing various tour packages and bus booking facilities to various places nationally and internationally. Bestbus provides exciting tour packages and transportation services to Ooty. Book your favourite package with an itinerary tour at very affordable prices along with many amenities. Do not delay to grab your deal and check out the various packages available to Ooty Trip. We have specially designed packages available now are Ooty sightseeing packagesOoty packages from Hyderabad, Ooty tour package from Bangalore and Ooty packages for couples, Ooty honeymoon package and many other packages available on our site.

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