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Best Places to Visit in Bangalore

Explore the splendid joy of travelling!

Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru, the most popular place in the state of Karnataka and the 5th largest city in India housing a plethora of tourist attractions with their own specialties. It is also known as the silicon valley of India making hub for many technology companies in the city. The best climatic conditions and the facilities available here make your Bangalore tour a memorable one forever. Let’s not delay and quickly jump into the 20 best places to visit in Bangalore and don’t miss visiting these places in the confusion of planning as we will be giving the complete virtual guidance of Bangalore City Tour. Without any further due, let’s dive into the

20 Best places to visit in Bangalore

1. Bangalore Palace


Bangalore palace situated in the city center is the iconic place in the city and is a popular place among the tourist places in Bangalore. Inspired by England’s Windsor Castle, Chamaraja Wodeyar has constructed this palace spread across 430 acres of land in 1884 in Tudor style architecture. With gothic windows, turrets, wooden carvings, and furnishings surrounded by beautiful lush gardens make the palace look more iconic till the date. The palace also has the architecture of the Scottish Gothic style exhibits the royal culture of the opulent Bengaluru.

Many additions and renovations are done inside and outside the palace during the reign of Maharaja Jayachamaraja. With beautiful furnishings, blue ceramic tiles, furnished walls with Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings showcases the essence of Wodeyar royal culture. As the palace is open to the public from 2005, many grand marriages, cultural shows, and events, concerts are held in the palace.

The Specialty of Bangalore Palace:

  • Take a glimpse of the generations of Wodeyar dynasty on the furnished walls of the palace
  • The history of the Bangalore palace is so iconic to know how it was constructed.
  • A merge of Tudor and Scottish Gothic style architecture is the light of the palace

How to Reach Bangalore Palace:

Bangalore Palace is at a distance of 5.5 km from the city center road. One can city buses and private vehicles to reach Bangalore palace located in Vasanth Nagar in Bangalore city.

Bangalore Palace Entry Fee:

  • INR 230 for Indians
  • INR 685 for the camera
  • INR 460 for foreigners

Bangalore Palace Timings: 10:00 am-5:00pm

Bangalore Palace Spending Time:  1.5 hours

Things to do at Bangalore Palace:

  • Enjoy the Bangalore Palace tour
  • Visit the amusement park in the palace
  • The best choice to celebrate events, shows, and concerts

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2. Tipu Sultan Fort


Tipu Sultan Fort, the majestic creation was first started by the king Kempe Gowda with mud bricks in 1537 and was modified by Haider Ali using granite stones in the construction of pillars and the later it was completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791 giving it Islamic style of architecture and used as his summer palace. The fort is designed in Indian and Islamic style as you can witness Ganesh temple and also Islamic tombs inside the fort. This historic palace is open to the public and a part of this fort is made as a museum where one can know more about the historic aspects of the fort and also about the reign of Tipu Sultan. The museum consists of many historical paintings, carvings and many more antique pieces that take you back to the time of Tipu Sultan.

Another attraction of the fort is Tipu Sultan’s Throne which is an amazing artwork with the life size tiger shaped wooden work accumulated with precious stones and golden sheets covered up with small sized tiger heads. The throne is designed in such a way to give the magnificent look as the throne has the Huma bird canopy rested on the top of the throne which is 11feet tall and the magnificent structure was dismantled by the british after the death of Tipu Sultan in 1799.

The Specialty of Tipu Sultan Fort:

  • To know the history of Tippu Sultan and his greatness
  • A glimpse of Indo Islamic style of Fort’s architecture
  • Tippu Sultan’s museum

How to Reach Tipu Sultan Fort:

Tipu Sultan’s Fort is 3kms away from the city center and the feasible way to travel is by metro as the city is connected to all the places. Take the metro and get down at the nearest metro station Majestic and catch local rickshaws to reach the fort. One can also reach the fort by taking buses.

Tipu Sultan Fort Entry Fee

  • INR 15 for Indians
  • INR 200 for foreigners

Tipu Sultan Fort Timings:

  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Tipu Sultan Fort Spending Time: 45mins

Things to do at Tipu Sultan Fort:

  • Fort tour
  • Visiting Tipu Sultan Museum
  • Shopping at the local markets

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3. Lal Bagh Gardens


Lal Bagh Gardens is the most beautiful tourist places in Bangalore and is the main attraction located in the heart of the city. Spread over 240 acres of geographical land these gardens stand as the national and international best-renowned

center for the research of plants, botanical artwork, and the hub for rare species of plants. It was first structured by Hyder Ali and later the artistic botanical mission was completed by his son Tipu Sultan. Homing for the thousands of rare species of plants from French, Persian and Afghani regions Lal Bagh Gardens remains the top among the Bangalore Attractions

The major attraction of the gardens is the ancient Lal Bagh rock of 3000 million years old is situated here and the majestic glasshouse hosts the flower shows annually and the beautiful giant aquarium accompanied by a lake are the best spots to glance in the Lal Bagh Gardens tour. The garden is also home for many species of birds and the beautiful carvings of trees, the fossils of a 20million old coniferous tree and the Lal Bagh House, Lal Bagh west gate guard room, Lecture hall and many other scenic spots of the gardens attract tourists in huge numbers. Your first sight of the gardens gets locked with lawn clock at the entrance of the gardens.

The Specialty of Lal Bagh Gardens:

  • Visiting Glasshouse
  • Glimpses of the rare species of flora
  • Beautiful carvings of the trees
  • Flower shows happening in the glasshouse

How to Reach Lal Bagh Gardens:

One can easily reach Lal Bagh Gardens by local buses and rickshaws and also can hire cabs and taxis for your comfort.

Lal Bagh Gardens Entry Fee:

  • INR 20 for Adults
  • INR 15 for Children
  • INR 60 for camera

Lal Bagh Gardens Timings: 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Lal Bagh Gardens Spending Time: 2hours

Things to do at Lal Bagh Gardens:

  • Flower shows happening in every January and August of the year
  • Training Classes on horticulture
  • Explore and admire the beautiful flora and fauna

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4. Nandi Hills


To explore the hill stations near Bangalore, Nandi hills is the perfect chosen location to admire the beauty of nature on the top of the hills. Situated on the top of the sea level one can watch the best view of the origins of rivers Palar and Arkavathi. Nandi hills are named after the famous renowned Nandi temple on the top of the hill is a scenic spot on the hills. The climate here is so pleasant and calm to rejuvenate your inner feelings and energy. Hence, allowing the tourists to visit anytime throughout the year but there is always a best time lining to visit the spot as in the monsoon early mornings watching the sunrise from the top of the hill is the best experience ever. 

Located in the outskirts of the city, it is best to plan a weekend road trip to Nandi Hills in the early morning to watch the sunrise along with viewing other tourist attractions of the place like Amruth Sarovar, glimpse of Tipu's fort, origins of Arkavathi and Palar, Horse way and a lot of the beautiful nature scenes.

The Specialty of Nandi hills:

  • Best hill station nearby Bangalore
  • Nature views from the top of the hill
  • A pleasant climate with a layer of fog amidst the mountains
  • Nandi temple

How to reach Nandi Hills:

Located at a distance of 45kms away from Bangalore city, Nandi hills, one can reach the place by train as the nearest railway station is Chikkaballapur and there are plenty of buses from Bangalore to Nandi hills

Nandi Hills Entry Fee: No entry fee

Nandi Hills Timings: Open 24/7

Nandi Hills Spending Time: As long as you wish (min 3hours)

Things to do at Nandi Hills:

  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Motorbike rides
  • Beautiful viewpoints from the top of the hills
  • Many activities in the playground for children

 * * * * * * * * * * 

5. Cubbon Park


In the list of famous places in Bangalore, Cubbon Park is the major attraction that holds the story behind its construction. Located in the city center, Cubbon Park is a serene place for the morning walkers spread over 300 acres of green geographical land. It was first constructed in the area of 100 acres by Sir John Meade and hence it was called as Meade’s Park and later, the park was spread over large areas and extended to 300 acres with different species of nature and manmade plants and named as Cubbon Park as the honour of Lord Cubbon. 

Cubbon Park major attractions are the vast spread of green lush nature mats rooted with thousands of plants and trees. The Attara Kacheri is another spot to visit in the park which is a built-in bright red colored stone in the gothic style of architecture, Museum which houses the antique pieces of ancient times and the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall are the major attractions of the park. Do not miss to take a ride on the toy train

The Specialty of Cubbon Park:

  • Relax and morning walk in a pleasant environment
  • Nature and serene environment
  • Beautiful garden with thousands of plants

How to reach Cubbon Park:

Cubbon Park is located very close to every place as it is located in the centre of the city and can be reached by taking rides in buses and rickshaws and can also book cabs. The easy way is to take the metro and get down at Cubbon park stop.

Cubbon Park Entry Fee: No entry fee

Cubbon Park Timings: 

6:00 am-6:00 pm

Closed on Mondays and also on second Tuesdays of every month

Cubbon Park Spending Time: 1-2hrs

Things to do at Cubbon Park:

  • Relax and morning walk in a pleasant environment
  • Toy Train ride
  • Museum tour
  • Visit to the Cubbon Park Aquarium

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6. ISKCON Temple


ISKCON temple in Bangalore is one among the largest temples in tribute of Lord Krishna and is situated in Rajaji Nagar is the most beautiful spiritual structure to cultivate the consciousness of Krishna and today Lord Krishna is everything - Humanity, Spirituality, Harmony. ISKCON temple was started by the charitable society and approached Government to allot land for the construction of temple and later 7acres of vast area is allocated for the construction and the temple architecture was designed by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa who himself is a member of the charitable society took the responsibility of the construction and it took 6years to see the magnificent structure of the spirituality.

The astonishing fact of the temple is the 17metered gold plated flag post and also the gold Kalash Shikaras of 8.5 meters. Many festivals like Gauri Purnima, Garuda Panchami, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, and many festivals are celebrated with great merriment. Many other activities are also held in the temple with the support of the Government. The Prasadam distributed to the devotees is delicious and also attends the Nitya Annadanam between 11:30 am-2:00 pm. 

The Specialty of ISKCON Temple:

  • Festival celebrations 
  • Beautiful classic architecture
  • Lord Krishna sayings from Bhagavad Gita

How to reach ISKCON Temple:

The temple is located in North Bangalore at a distance of 6kms from the city center and can reach easily in many ways of transport like the bus is the cheapest way of transport. If you travel by metro get down at the Mahalakshmi metro station and walk for 5 minutes to reach the temple.

ISKCON Temple Entry Fee: Free

ISKCON Temple Timings: 4:15 am-5:00am, 7:15 am-1:00 pm, 4:00 pm-8:30 pm

ISKCON Temple Spending Time: 2-3hrs

Things to do at ISKCON Temple:

  • Purchase Lord Krisha books and Bhagavad Gita
  • Attend Nitya Annadanam
  • Collect Souvenirs

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7. The Government Museum


Government Museum is popular among Bangalore tourist spots located in the Kasturba Road in Sampangi Ramanagar. The museum houses numerous historical antiques, collectibles during the period Chandravalli, Vijayanagar and ancient Mohenjodaro. Visit the 18 different galleries allocated with different specimens of history, this is the best place for the people who research for our ancient history. You can view many historical arts, crafts, clothing, coins as every department is separated as geology, textiles and there is also a dedication section of 600 historical paintings known as Venkatappa Art Gallery to inspire the art lovers.

The Specialty of Government Museum:

  • Visit to Venkatappa Art Gallery 
  • Historical antiques like coins, Articrafts, weapons, and sculptures
  • Architecture

How to reach Government Museum:

It is easy to reach Government museum by buses, cabs, and rickshaws and notes the landmark as Chinnaswamy stadium and Karnataka High court.

Government Museum Entry Fee:

  • INR 15 for Indians
  • INR 200 for foreigners

Government Museum Timings:

Opens every day from 9:30 am-5:00 pm except on Mondays

Government Museum Spending Time: 2-3 hrs

Things to do at Government Museum:

  • Visit Venkatappa Art Gallery 
  • Have fun and spend ample time in the gardens around the museum
  • Exploring the museum for historical antiques

* * * * * * * * * * 

8. Shivasamudram Falls


Shivasamudram waterfalls is one of the picnic spots in Bangalore and are very popular as the first Hydroelectric power station in Asia. This is the best option to plan for a picnic for a weekend getaway with your children near Bangalore. Enjoy the beautiful nature watching the flow of waterfalls from the midst of cliffs of mountains listening to the chirping of birds hiding in the branches of trees. River Kaveri formed these waterfalls while it was turning into the Deccan plateau region. These waterfalls hold the records of the second largest waterfalls in India and the best time to visit the place to enjoy to the fullest is monsoon season as you can see the terrible flow of the waterfalls.

The Specialty of Shivasamudram Waterfalls:

  • Beautiful twin waterfalls
  • Scenic views of nature

How to reach Shivasamudram Waterfalls:

These waterfalls are situated at a distance of 132kms from the main city Bangalore, one can take a road trip in your vehicle or hire cabs and there are many buses available from Bangalore to reach the place and take 2kms trekking to reach the falls. The nearest railway station is Maddur from where you can take other means of transport to reach the falls.

Shivasamudram Waterfalls Entry Fee: Free

Shivasamudram Waterfalls Timings: Suggest to visit from Sunrise to Sunset 

Shivasamudram Waterfalls Spending Time: Best time to spend is 2-3 hrs

Things to do at ShivasamudramWaterfalls:

  • Trekking 
  • Beautiful nature spots
  • River Cauvery wildlife sanctuary
  • Visit Hydroelectric power station

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9. St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore


It is located at a distance of 2kms from the city center, St. Mary’s Basilica is accessible to every part of the city and is the oldest church in Bangalore. The church was built during the 17th century and it regained its original classic structure again in the 18th century since then it celebrated festivals of St. Mary’s feast during the month of September every year. Every year a huge number of visitors come to visit the festivities during this feast and the whole city spreads the elegance of festive season. This is the only church in India attained to the level of minor basilica and there is history still remains in the walls of the church is during the construction of the new church in 1875, the artisans tried to remove the Mary statue and place it inside the church but it became impossible as the Mary statue remained stable at the place that spreads the Lady’s miracle.

Every year, St. Mary’s Basilica church celebrated the main feast on 8th September and the whole city brightens up during the feast with the blessings of Lady St.Mary.

The Specialty of  St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore:

  • The serene ambiance of the church
  • Gothic style architecture
  • Feast of the year 

How to reach  St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore

Bangalore city is well connected to every place in the city and one can reach the church by taking a route or else take the metro to get down at Cubbon park and take a rickshaw or a taxi to reach the destination. There are also many direct buses available to reach the church.

St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore Entry Fee: No entry fee

St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore Timings: 6:00 am-9:00 pm

St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore Spending Time: 30mins-1hr

Things to do at St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore:

  • Must attend the main feat of the year
  • Attend the prayers and mass

* * * * * * * * * * 

10. Ulsoor Lake


Ulsoor lake is the very oldest lake in Bengaluru constructed by king Kempe Gowda in the 2nd Century. It is the largest lake in Bangalore and is one of the most famous places in Bangalore spread over 50 hectares of land. The former ancient lake was created by king Kempe Gowda who reached the place to take a rest under the tree where once Rishi Mandava worshipped the God Someshwara and as he falls asleep God Someshwara appeared in his dream and explained him about the treasure hidden inside the tree. Then the king woke up and found the treasure true to his dream with which he God Someshwara temple.

Later the lake took many modifications to regain its original beauty in the modern days. Many improvements to the lake took place to keep the water clean in the lake. Nurture yourselves in the lap of nature and spend the best time in the surroundings of the lake.

The Specialty of Ulsoor Lake:

  • Nature
  • Largest lake 
  • Recreation of the lake to regain its former beauty

How to reachUlsoor Lake:

Ulsoor lake is 3kms away from the city centre and it is easy to commute to the lake by taking public transport. If you are traveling by metro, get down at Ulsoor or Trinity metro station.

Ulsoor Lake Entry Fee: No entry fee

Ulsoor Lake Timings:

8:00 AM-6:00 PM 

Closed on Wednesdays

Ulsoor Lake Spending Time: 1-2 hrs

Things to do at Ulsoor Lake:

  • Boating in the serene lake watching the scenic views of nature
  • Walking to relax in the morning

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* * * * * * * * * * 

11. Bull Temple


Bull Temple is located 4kms away from the city centre of Bangalore is the biggest Bull Temple in the world and is also known as ‘Nandi Temple’. This is the most sacred temple in Bangalore and your Bangalore tour is incomplete without visiting this temple. The people in the village refer to the temple as ‘Dodda Basavanna Gudi’. Every Shiv Bhakth feels so devotional when visiting this sacred Bull Temple in Bangalore.

According to the history, the land of the temple is very fertile to grow groundnuts and there was a bull which wildly enters the field during the harvest of the crop and used to consume all the crop which resulted in a huge loss for the farmers. One day, all the farmers decided to catch the bull and one farmer hit the bull with a stick on his head and that moment the bull sat on the ground became a statue. From then on, the bull started growing its size rapidly every day. The villagers got terrified with it and worshipped Lord Shiva to save them from this situation and Lord shiva placed a small metal plate on the bullhead and then it stopped growing. This story is so sacred and fascinating that attracts many visitors to view the bull statue in the temple. The bull is applied with butter, coconut oil and ghee that turned the grey bull statue into black ones. 

The Specialty of Bull Temple:

  • Biggest Bull temple in the world, the bull in the temple is carved from a single granite rock and is now 4.5 meters high and 6.5 meters long.
  • Famous Ganesh temple where the idol of Lord Ganesh is made out of 110kilos butter for every four years
  • The famous festival of the village ‘Kadalekai Parsihe’ is celebrated to offer their first crop to the Basava, the sacred bull.

How to Reach Bull Temple:

The bull temple is very near to the main city buses are available from every place and the bull temple bus stop is 600 meters away from the temple. A number of taxis and rickshaws are available all the time to reach the sacred temple.

Bull Temple Entry Fee: No entry fee

Bull Temple Timings: Everyday 6:00 am-8:00 pm

Bull Temple Spending Time: 1-2hrs

Things to do at Bull Temple:

  • Basava darshan
  • Visit during the festival of ‘Kadalekai Parsihe’ to attend the celebrations
  • Lord Ganesh Darshan 

* * * * * * * * * * 

12. Vidhana Soudha


Vidhana Soudha is the iconic structure of the entire city and is the state legislative building and is popularly known as ‘the temple dedicated to the nation’. The former prime minister of the country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of the majestic monument in 1951 and completed its construction in 1956. It is the largest legislative building in India and it has four entrances in four directions and also has four floors above the ground level of the building and one floor below it, the entire monument is architectured in Neo-Dravidian style and is popularly known as ‘Taj Mahal of South India’.

Vidhana Soudha is the popular structure among the famous places in Bangalore and your trip is barely complete without visiting the monument. Lighting in Vidhana Soudha is a spectacular view to watch, the entire building is lit up with millions of colourful lights and people from different places come to witness this majestic light show happening on every Sunday evening from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. The government of Karnataka has agreed to lit up the entire monument at least for two hours in the evening as it is a popular attraction of the city and to save power, the entire building is lit up with solar energy.

The specialty of Vidhana Soudha:

  • It is the landmark and the popular attraction of the city
  • The largest legislative building of the nation
  • The architecture of the monument 

How to reach Vidhana Soudha:

If you want to travel by train, Vidhana Soudha is only 5kms away from the railway station and you can take rickshaw or cabs from the station. There are also many buses available to the building, Kempe Gowda bus station is the nearest stop to the monument. Vidhana Soudha also have a metro stop named after it which can be reached by a short walk.

Vidhana Soudha Entry Fee: No entry fee

Vidhana Soudha Timings: opens at 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Vidhana Soudha Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Vidhana Soudha:

  • View the majestic architecture of the monument
  • Attend the evening light show of the building

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* * * * * * * * * * 

13. Bannerghatta National Park


Bannerghatta National Park is one of the famous places to visit in Bangalore and is the first biological recreation centre to house the butterfly farm in the country. The concept behind the National Park is to conserve the wildlife and teach the younger generations the importance of wildlife and save the wild animals from becoming extinct. This is the best place for people who love wildlife and is a treat for wildlife photographers to get the best shots of the animals. There are many other additions to the national park like Butterfly farm, Snake Park, Children’s Park, Crocodile Park and reserve forests of the Bangalore division and many other wild animals you visit while Jungle safari are Wild boar, Sloth bear, fox, India Gazelle, Porcupine, Spotted deer and many other wild animals are housed in the Wildlife sanctuary in the national park.

The Specialty of Bannerghatta National Park:

  • Adventurous wildlife sanctuaries
  • Many rare wild animals
  • Butterfly farm

How to reach Bannerghatta National Park:

Bannerghatta National Park is located at a distance of 22kms away from the city and can easily reach the park by using public transport buses numbering 365, 366 or G-4 available for every 20 minutes in the bus station. Bangalore Cy Jn is the nearest railway station to the park.

Bannerghatta National Park Entry Fees: 

  • INR 160 for adults
  • INR 130 for children
  • INR 400 for foreigners

Bannerghatta National Park Timings: 9:00 am-5:00 pm every day

Bannerghatta National Park Spending Time: 2 hours

Things to do at Bannerghatta National Park:

  • Jungle safari is the best thing to do at the park
  • Wander in the zoo visiting different animals
  • Butterfly farm
  • Boating

* * * * * * * * * * 

14. UB City Mall


UB City mall in Bangalore city is popular and the luxury mall which is located in Central Business District spread over a vast area of 13acres of land. The mall is architectured in a modern style with all the luxury amenities and lightings to give the look of foreign malls. It is the one-stop destination for all your needs, be it shopping, dining, spa, beauty, grocery, what not you get everything this mall.

You can get all the international fashion brands in the mall right from Burberry, Gucci, Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton and many more to be named. Get all your shopping buzz done in the mall.

The Specialty of UB City Mall:

  • Exclusive for all the human needs
  • All international fashion brands are available
  • Lot of options to choose from shopping, relaxing, entertainment and dining
  • Many events are organized in the mall

How to reach UB City Mall:

UB City Mall is located in the heart of the city and can reach the mall easily by using taxis, rickshaws and own vehicles

UB City Mall Entry Fees: No Entry Fees

UB City Mall Timings:

Store Timings are 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Restaurants Timings are

11:00 am-11:30 pm on weekdays

11:00 am-1:30 am on weekends

UB City Mall Spending Time: 3-4 hours

Things to do at UB City Mall:

  • Luxury shopping at international brands
  • Open-air lounge and the high-end diner
  • Karaoke machines
  • Gaming zone, art gallery, and spas.

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* * * * * * * * * * 

15. Shiva Temple


Shiva Temple is the famous tourist spot in Bangalore beautifully located 7kms away from the city centre. The 65 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva is carved out of the monolith marble stone and is situated in an artificial pool to represent the natural habitat of Lord Shiva. A small shrine of Lord Ganesh, beloved son of Lord Shiva is constructed on the premises of the temple. Mantras, Aartis, and chantings are done by the priests on a daily basis.

The Specialty of Shiva Temple:

  • Tallest statue of the Lord shiva carved from white stone
  • Best view of God during the festivals.

 How to reach Shiva Temple:

Shiva Temple is located at the old airport road and is 7kms away from the main city. One can reach the place by commuting through autos, cabs and own vehicles.

 Shiva Temple Entry Fees: 

 INR 150 per person

 Shiva Temple Timings: 9:00 am-7:00 pm

 Shiva Temple Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Shiva Temple:

  • Participate in the rituals of the temple
  • Abhishekam to the Lord Shiva
  • Best time to visit the temple on the eve of Maha Shivarathri

* * * * * * * * * * 

16. Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum


Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is located near Kasturba Road in the city of Bangalore. The museum is constructed in honour of Sir M Visvesvaraya, the recipient of the Bharat Ratna award. The museum is built in the land of 43,000 sq.ft in the serene surroundings of the Cubbon Park. The former prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the museum and is constructed on a mission to educate the students on the development of science. You can view the practical experiments of the principles of Science and Electricity. Many displays of the scientific machine, tools, stimulators can be seen in the museum. This is the best option for Children’s educational tour to plan a one day trip from Bangalore.

The Specialty of Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum:

  • Practical experiments of the theories of Science
  • Real displays of Machines, stimulators

How to reach the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum:

  • INR 50 for general visitors
  • INR 25 for school groups
  • INR 10 for Govt school groups

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum Entry Fees:  No entry fee

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum Timings: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum: 

  • Practice various experiments in the museum

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* * * * * * * * * * 

17. Sankey Tank


Sankey Tank is a famous spot in Bangalore is located in the heart of the city. Sankey tank is the man-made lake to enhance the beauty of the city and it draws a huge number of visitors everyday and perfect for an evening outing. The lake is spread over 37 acres near Vyalikaval and is the best place for the people who choose to hang out in nature spots to revive from the busy life.

The specialty of Sankey Tank:

  • Best view of the lake in the evening
  • Nature scenic views

How to reach Sankey Tank:

Sankey Tank is located in the city and connected to all places and can reach the place by any means of transport and also several BMTC buses are also available from the city centre.

Sankey Tank Entry Fees: 

  • INR 10 for adults
  • INR 5 for children

Sankey Tank Timings:

  • 6:00 AM-8:00 PM and closed on Fridays
  • Boating- 6:00 am-10:00 am & 12:00 pm-5:00 pm

Sankey Tank Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Sankey Tank:

  • Enjoying the nature munching on eateries
  • Boating 

* * * * * * * * * * 

18. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium


Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is the most popular tourist attraction in the city commissioned with an aim to educate about the Universe, the evolution of the stars, planets and the entire solar system. The planetarium is authorized by the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE). Many educational institutes visit the planetarium to get knowledge of Solar Science and also every year huge crowd of tourists visit the planetarium. 

This is the best place to educate kids and learn about space and something different from the classroom study and it is as much as a well-spent or an effective day out with your kids. Try attending the Sky Theatre shows, Mirror Dome shows, Science Park, Exhibition Hall, Know your stars, Our Solar System are the shows which quite popular in the planetarium which will be played in two languages Kannada and English.

The Specialty of Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium:

  • Explanation of the evolution of the Universe
  • Mirror Dome Show

How to reach Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium:

It is located at a distance of 2 km from the city centre and plenty of buses and rickshaws are available to reach the planetarium.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Entry Fees:

  • INR60 for adults
  • INR35 for children up to 16 years

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Timings:

10:00 am-5:30 pm closed on Wednesdays and Tuesdays

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Spending Time: 1-2 hours

Things to do at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium:

  • Attending the theatre shows and knowing about space science

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* * * * * * * * * * 

19. Innovative Film City


Located a few kilometers away from the city, the place stands to its name in every aspect of the city. This is one of the weekend getaways from Bangalore and is the best place for a day out with friends and family. The film city is spread over 56 acres of land covered with a very large amusement park, many crazy rides for adults and children, museums. Enjoy the world of movies in the studios designed and kids enjoy cartoon city to the fullest. Wild west wind is also another attraction added to the film city.

The Specialty of Innovative Film City:

  • Large film city to experience the funniest rides and movie studios
  • Cartoon city designed for kids
  • Amusement park 

How to reach Innovative Film City:

Innovative Film City is located on the outskirts of the city at a distance of 40kms from the city and there are plenty of buses and private vehicles to reach the innovative city.

Innovative Film City Entry Fees:

  • INR 600 per head before 3:00 pm
  • INR 300 per head after 3:00 pm

Innovative Film City Timings: 10:00 am-7:00 pm

Innovative Film City Spending Time: 5-6 hours

Things to do at Innovative Film City:

  • Enjoy trying out every park ride in the innovative city
  • Visit cartoon city and also museums
  • Visit the Bigboos set of Kannada 

* * * * * * * * * * 

20. Maha Bodhi Society Temple


This is the best place to visit if you are a person who seeks to meditate in the serene atmosphere. Being added to the attractions of Bangalore, Maha Bodhi Society Temple is the setup constructed to house a huge number of books, teachings, and education on Buddhism. On specific days, programs are conducted to teach people about peace, Buddhism and spread tranquillity. This place has a separate library for visitors to read books and purchase them at affordable prices.

The Specialty of Maha Bodhi Society Temple:

  • Huge collection of books on Buddhism
  • Best place to meditate

How to reach the Maha Bodhi Society Temple:

It is very easy to reach the Bodhi society from the city center as you gt many buses and rickshaws.

Maha Bodhi Society Temple Entry Fees: No entry fee

Maha Bodhi Society Temple Timings: 9:00 am- 7:00 pm

Maha Bodhi Society Temple Spending Time: 1 hour

Things to do at Maha Bodhi Society Temple:

  • Learn Buddhism and practice meditation
  • Reas books and purchase them

* * * * * * * * * * 

21. Lumbini Gardens


Lumbini Gardens is the most popular place in Bangalore located on the banks of the famous Nagawara lake. It is 8kms away from the city centre and can be reached easily by means of public transport. It is the main attraction of the city with lush greeneries and lavish landscapes accompanied by the sprawling fountains amidst the carved trees is a treat to watch.

Apart from these, Lumbini Gardens also houses many activities for children to play and also there is a boating club to have full fun in the serene environment on the banks of the lake. Evening in the gardens is a feast to watch as one can view the musical light show. Lumbini gardens are also famous for a variety of food stalls to attract visitors and are the best place to end your Bangalore city tour with all the fun and entertainment.

The Specialty of Lumbini Gardens:

  • Serene environment in the gardens
  • Beautiful landscapes spread over vast areas on the bank of the lake
  • Fountains and delicious food
  • Evening light show in the gardens

How to reach Lumbini Gardens:

As it is located in the heart of the city it can be reached easily by any means of transport like buses, trains, and rickshaws. The nearest Railway station to the gardens is Yesvantpur station from where you can reach by rickshaw or cab.

Lumbini Gardens Entry Fees: 

  • INR 50 for all above 3 years
  • Wave pool fee: INR200

Lumbini Gardens Timings: 11:00 am-7:00 pm

Lumbini Gardens Spending Time: 2-3 hours 

Things to do at Lumbini Gardens:

  • Wave pool
  • There are many rides specially designed for kids
  • Boating facility in the Nagawara lake

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* * * * * * * * * * 


How to Reach Bangalore

Find your way and escape to the land of travel!


How to Reach Bangalore

By Road: Being the center hub for every city in India, traveling to Bangalore is very easy and one can get plenty of direct buses to Bangalore from any place in India as Bangalore is connected to many places in India. To make your Bangalore city tour the best one without any disturbances, book Bangalore sightseeing packages available at very affordable prices online. After reaching Bangalore one can book cabs or else private vehicles from the central Bus station to the main city.

By Train: Bangalore railway station is connected to many places and one easily can travel to Bangalore by train and is the most comfortable and economical to travel by train. After reaching Bangalore one can book cabs or else private vehicles from the central Railway station to the main city.

By Flight: Though it is a little pricy compared to travel by road and train if you want to save time and spend the most time in Bangalore sightseeing, the best option is to travel by flight from various places where airways is available to reach Bangalore. Many private taxis are available at the airport to pick you and drop at your destinations for better prices or can even book cabs from the authorized travel portals.


History of Bangalore

There is always a hidden story to tell!


About City of Bangalore - Garden City

The word Bangalore came into existence from Bengaluru which actually originated from the Kannada word “Benda Kalluru” which actually means “land of boiled beans” where the land holds a story of gratitude, once upon a time when King Hoysala Veera Ballara had lost his way during hunting and there he met a humbled old lady and she offered him boiled beans meal. The king was so inspired by the respect shown by the lady and to pay his gratitude he named the land as ‘Benda Kalluru’ which apparently became Bengaluru with modernization.

Bengaluru is known for its technological and industrial growth since the city was founded 400 years ago. With many picnic spots in Bangalore, it is also known as the Garden City of India.


Best Time to Visit Bangalore

Set the clock to wander in the streets of Voyage

Best time to Visit Bangalore:

Bangalore is very climate-friendly and the temperature in the city is always moderate which is an advantage for the tourists who plan for Bangalore city tour. As usual, the monsoon season is the best time to enjoy the weather in Bangalore. Most of the tourists visit the place in monsoon season in huge numbers to enjoy the weather in the lap of nature.

Attire suitable to Bangalore City Tour:

Bangalore is a city where you can enjoy the weather irrespective of the season, as the weather here is moderate it is advised to carry casuals for your comfort. To be on the safe carry winter wear if you are traveling in the mid of December.


Famous Food in Bangalore

Feed your tummy with yummy


Famous Food in Bangalore:

Lie not, the best food is always to be chosen from the street food saving your pockets yet enjoying the yummy delicacies. Whoever visits Bangalore will fall in love with the south Indian breakfast especially the Idli and vada with sambar combination, famous spot to taste this soft Idli is where you find Brahmins Thatte Idli in Malleshwaram,  the sweet-sour soup of lentils combined with the soft Idli gives the best feel of first meal to your stomach. Also, do not forget to try kebabs in the Johnson market, chaat in Sri Sairam’s chaat in Malleshwaram, Bhajji at Shivraj bajji cart, and the famous Halbai, a sweet made out of jaggery and coconut mixed with rice give the smooth and silky texture to the sweet that melts in your mouth. Take lots of Halbai sweet to your friends and family as a souvenir from Bangalore.


Travel Tips for Bangalore Tour

Be little safe for the utmost joy!


Travel Tips for Bangalore Tour:

  • Hydrate yourself as you have stay energized the whole when you visit tourist places.
  • Most of the places in Bangalore are historical follow the instructions at each spot
  • Carry comfortable clothes or casuals during a visit to waterfalls and activity spots
  • While visiting temples prefer traditional wear as some temples have strict dress code.
  • Maintain silence and peace at ISKCON temple to represent peace
  • Follow safety measures during Trekking and Boating at mountains and waterfalls.
  • Carry eatables in your journey and follow safety measures at every tourist spot.
  • Also, keep your belongings safe when you visit crowded tourist spots.

Mandatory Items to be carried to Bangalore Tour:

  • Carry the first-aid box and basic incase of falling sick
  • Carry winter wear if you visit Bangalore in the mid of December as it will be very cold in the evenings.
  • Do not forget to carry the best digital camera to lock your memories spent in Bangalore forever.


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Bangalore

Stretch your time to visit the best places in the city


Busy Timings and Days to Visit Bangalore

The best and busy time to visit Bangalore is during monsoon as the weather is cool and it is the perfect time to visit Nandi hills and few other nature locations nearby the city. Though the temperature is moderate in the city we cannot predict, so it is advised to book your tour packages prior to the date of travel. Enjoy your trip to the dewy rains munching on the famous street food in Bangalore.

Days to spend in the city for Bangalore Darshan: 2-3 days


Conclusion of Bangalore City Tour

Here we conclude Bon Voyage!


Conclusion: (Tour Packages, One Day Tour, Hotel Booking, Transportation)

Bestbus is an online portal providing various Tour Packages and bus booking facilities to various places nationally and internationally. Bestbus provides exciting tour packages and transportation services to Bangalore from different cities. Book your tour with itinerary and guided tour at very affordable prices along with many amenities. Do not delay to grab your deal and check out the various packages available to Bangalore Tour

Hope we have covered every important aspect of the Bangalore city and its itinerary in this blog, shoot down in the comments your experiences visiting Bangalore City Tour


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