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Hyderabad City One day Tour

Hyderabad City One day Tour

Hyderabad City One Day Tour

Teeming with history and heritage, Hyderabad draws visitors from all over the world with its old Indo-Islamic buildings, forts, and museums. The Musi River splits the city into the chaotic historic part, complete with narrow alleyways and quaint teahouses, and the modern area, where shopping centers and high-end restaurants line the streets. Sightseeing in Hyderabad isn't complete without a visit to one of its vibrant bazaars, some of which have been standing for centuries, while the city surroundings boast a variety of national parks, zoos, and wildlife reserves. Hyderabad is in Hyderabad District. With our Custom trip Planner, India vacations can be built around trips to Hyderabad and other destinations in India.

Itinerary For One Day Hyderabad City Tour:

1. Birla Temple
2. Golconda Fort
3. Salarjung Museum
4. H.E.H Nizam Museum    
5. Charminar
6. Sudha Cars Museum    
7. N.T.R Gardens    
8. Lumbini Park    
9. Hussain Sagar    
10. Golconda 3D World   

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Note 2:  We also provide Telangana Tourism's 1 Day Hyderabad City Tour by A/C & Non-A/C Buses, Hyderabad Weekend Packages, Hyderabad Night-Life Packages and more .

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