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About Nilgiri Tea Plantation

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Nilgiris the blue mountains sweep up from the southwestern edge of Deccan Plateau along Tamil Nadu as part of the Western Ghats along with the states of Kerala and Karnataka. The lush green beauty is not just known for their natural biosphere but also many ancient tribes like Todas, Badagas, and Kurumbas are still preserving the old heritage and cultural beauty of the hills. Home to natural herbs and many spice plantations, the Nilgiris hills are famous for their tea and coffee plantations. One cannot go without having the aromas of myriad spices and coffee while traversing through the lanes. Chocolate lovers can have a variety of home-made chocolates, which has their own authentic and fresh flavors. With plenty of things to do and explore in the Nilgiris, there are few Nilgiri experiences, which one can have only here and nowhere else in India!


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nilgiri plantation,kodaikanal


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