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Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Price, Address, Contact Number, Amenities

Complete Details of Telangana Tourism's Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta

Keesaragutta is one of the branches of Haritha Hotels. It is the best place for devotees planning to visit temples with rooms to freshen up before darshan. It is 550m away from Keesaragua. This hotel has all essential facilities and AC rooms and non-AC rooms. 

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Address

The Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta is located atGMJP+XM3, Keesaragutta, Telangana 501301 

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Price

The AC, non-AC and non-AC Dormitory rooms are available with a total of 16 rooms and have a starting price of Rs. 1150 per non-AC room, Rs.1600 per AC room and Rs.1050 per non-AC Dormitory room.

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Persons Per Room

The non-AC and AC rooms have a maximum capacity of 2 adults and 2 children. Whereas, the non-AC Dormitory rooms have a maximum capacity of 4 adults and 2 children. 

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Timings

The check-in and check-out is standard in this hotel in which check-in is scheduled for 0800 AM and the check-out is set for 0700 AM. 

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Contact Number

Connect with us at 9811872515 for hotel room booking and for any other related queries.

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Amenities

The Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta has a restaurant,rooms with double beds and a seating area with a table and two chairs, LED TV and attached bathrooms.

Keesaragutta Haritha Hotel Photos

The gallery is presented here representing the views of Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta.

Famous Places near Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta

Keesaragutta Hotel is near famous attractions like temples, parks, lakes and resorts.

  • Keesaragutta Rama Lingeswara Swamy Temple - 800m

  • Dammaiguda Lake - 14.6 km

  • Pride Resorts - 18.4 km

  • Moula Ali Dargah - 19.8 km 

The Haritha Hotel Keesaragutta is nearest the prime locations and has all essential amenities in a healthy and clean environment surrounded by greenery.


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